How to whiten your nails at home: some tips on the note

Not every girl can boast of strong, not exfoliating, white nails. Unpleasant yellowness is not only the result of insufficient care, but also a beacon indicating problems in the body. What could be the reason for such a misfortune and how to deal with it? There are many ways to quickly whiten your nails, but they will all be short-lived if you do not get to the bottom of the problem.

Negative effect on the condition of the nail plate is caused by the frequent use of varnish, especially with bright pigments, as well as liquid for its removal containing acetone. Arrange at least a few days of respite before applying a new painting. In this case, you no longer have to guess how you can whiten your nails.

how to whiten your nails at home
Much more unpleasant problems requiring the attention of doctors are diseases of the liver, kidneys and lungs. Any of them can lead to yellowing of the nails. Therefore, seriously think about a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke or abuse alcohol. Long-term use of antibiotics can also make you think about how to whiten your nails at home, as they can change their color.

The most unaesthetic problem is the fungus. Because of it, the nail plate not only turns yellow, but also changes shape, exfoliates, an unpleasant odor appears. Remember: the sooner you start treatment, the smaller the area affected by the fungus and the better the effect. Before you think about how to whiten your nails at home, take care of getting rid of the scourge. Modern medicine offers many drugs that will definitely help you.

how to whiten nails
Having understood what problems lead to unpleasant yellowness, you can go on to ways to whiten your nails at home without high financial costs. The first remedy from grandmother's recipes that comes to our aid is lemon. Rub it daily into your nails to notice a clear result after 12-14 treatments. Add olive oil to it at the same time to improve the nutrition of the nail plate. You can make baths with lemon juice and sea salt before each manicure. For the same purpose, you can use the infusion of pharmacy chamomile. Two tablespoons of the dried plant is poured with boiling water, insisted for half an hour and hold hands for 10-15 minutes. A good effect will give pink water, if you add glycerin and 3% hydrogen peroxide to it. In the baths for hands, you can mix whitening toothpaste or denture care products. Yes, yes, they bleach everything they fall on.

how to quickly whiten your nails

There are less extravagant ways to whiten your nails at home. They suggest the use of a special whitening pencil or base coat that will protect against the negative effects of varnishes. Their assortment is very large. Some of them additionally strengthen nails, nourish them, protect them from delamination. Just choose the tool that is most suitable for you. The most important thing is the regularity of care. Do not let yellowness spoil the whole impression of your manicure.


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