Fortunetelling Yes No: A Variety of Ways

There are various versions of fortune telling, one of them is called "yes-no." Where did this way of knowing the future come from. Some believe that this prediction appeared relatively recently, others argue that fortune telling came from ancient Egypt. Some are of Roman origin. In any case, the yes-no fortune-telling is the prototype of the Eagle and Tails manipulation, and is intended to provide an unambiguous answer to the conceived question.

The process itself is very simple and does not require the possession of any special skills. In order to tell fortunes, you just need to ask something in your thoughts.

It should be remembered that you only need to ask specific questions to which a definite answer can be obtained. For example, will the weather be good next week? Questions can be asked about anything, and the answer will be given almost instantly. You should concentrate and mentally ask the oracle about something. But to get the right answer, you need to clearly formulate the question. You should not use options like: What to do? What to do?

It is recommended to use the yes-no fortune telling no more than 3 times a day. You should not get carried away especially, because during the process a special connection is established between the questioner and the world of the dead, which can cause consequences. The more often fortune-telling is used, the stronger the person's dependence on the other world becomes. And a feeling may arise that is connected with the fact that as if someone is constantly interfering in life from the outside. Therefore, the yes-no fortune-telling is often not worth using.

If the answer is yes, then what the person has in mind, he does right. Therefore, guesses in most cases are justified. If the answer is β€œno,” then you should carefully consider and remember everything: maybe something is wrong. If silence is received in response, then you should try to ask a question later, while you do not need to make hasty conclusions and make responsible life decisions.

Very important: do not abuse divination. It should be remembered that asking the same question, the correct answer will be received only for the first time.

There are various yes-no options.

For example, fortune telling on yes-no cards. To do this, take a deck of cards, shuffle it, and, concentrating on the issue, draw any. If the red suit has fallen, then the answer is yes or the desire will come true. You can also think of a question, and get involved in playing solitaire. If the cards fold, the answer is yes.

Still arrive in a simpler way. They take two identical cards, write β€œyes” on one of them, and β€œno” on the other. Then, making a wish, they mix and, stretching out one, they find out the answer.

Guessing the desire "yes-no" can be done with the help of improvised means. A chamomile or other flower with petals is taken. A question is asked or a wish is made, then tearing out the petals, it says: it will come true - it will not come true. The word that came to the last petal will be the answer.

In the same way, you can count beans or peas taken in rye, etc.

Ways similar to yes / no fortune telling.

Ten sunflower seeds are taken from the sunflower. Make a wish and see if the seeds are with kernels, then the plan will happen soon. If you hit an empty seed to fulfill the desire will have to make some effort. And if a large half is empty, then the answer will be negative.

Also a tool of fortune-telling can be a bouquet of lilacs. If you can find a flower in which there are five petals, then desire will come true necessarily.

When there is ringing in the ears, you should make a wish, and ask a person nearby: "In which ear rings?" If he guesses, then everything will come true.

There are also many online services where asking a question and clicking the necessary button, you can find out what will happen.


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