Application of gel polish at home: step by step instructions

All the fair sex to one degree or another monitor their appearance. Every morning, women apply decorative cosmetics on their faces, do styling, choose a suitable wardrobe, as well as accessories. In addition to all these procedures, ladies visit hairdressers and cosmetologists, do manicures and pedicures.

It is worth saying that hands are a female business card. A well-groomed woman with dirty nails looks rather casually . Representatives of the fair sex paint the nail plates in various colors, choosing a design for the style of clothing.

gradual application of gel polish

Nail polish

Conventional nail polish can be classic and super durable. Manufacturers of varnishes do everything for women's convenience. Recently, quick-drying coatings for the nail plate, which last up to two weeks, have been very common.

However, with constant contact with water, food and household chemicals, the varnish peels and dims. Also, bright shades can change the color of the nail plate and make it yellowish. All these phenomena are rather unpleasant. That is why the newest coating was created - gel nail polish.

manicure gel polish at home

Application of gel polish at home: step by step instructions

Many women prefer to visit beauty salons and trust their hands to professionals. It is worth saying that this is quite an expensive pleasure. That is why, if you want to save money, then the instruction that describes the step-by-step application of gel polish is created just for you.

Necessary tools

To work at home, you need to have the following:

  • Initial coating for nails.
  • Suitable color for gel polish.
  • Topcoat that will fix the result.
  • Degreaser or nail polish remover (can be replaced with ordinary alcohol).
  • A few cotton pads.
  • Tools for manicure.
  • Several different brushes for applying the gel.
  • Lamp for drying coatings with ultraviolet.

When everything is ready, you can begin to create a manicure, but before that, you are still recommended to attend a lesson in applying gel polish. If this is not possible, then use the information presented below, and do everything in accordance with it.

applying gel polish at home

Step One: Nail Preparation

Before applying a color coating to the plate, you need to do a neat manicure. Treat your nails before each manicure. Otherwise, even the brightest and most fashionable shade will look sloppy on your nails.

Make a manicure in the usual way. It does not matter what type of treatment you prefer: dry, wet or hardware. Be sure to sand the surface of the nail plate with a special file. This is necessary so that the gel polish lay down evenly.

Step two: applying the basic foundation

Application of gel polish at home should always begin with a degreasing of the plate. Moisten a cotton pad in a special solution and wipe them alternately all the nails. After that, thinly coat the nails with the base. Place your hands under the lamp for drying and hold them in this state for five minutes. If you have a sufficiently powerful device, you can reduce the time to three minutes.

applying gel polish on nails

Step Three: Apply Gel Polish On Nails

When the base dries well, you can begin to apply the color layer. Take care not to damage the resulting coating. Before applying varnish, you can not wipe the nails and touch the plate to various objects. It is also necessary to be careful and not allow dust to settle on the coating. Otherwise, the color will fall unevenly, and you will have to do it all over again.

Application of gel polish at home should take place in two layers. Only then you will get a rich beautiful shade. If you need a light manicure, then you can do with one layer.

Using a special brush, cover one fingernail and place your hand under the lamp. Hold your fingers in this position for three minutes, then proceed to cover the next nail plate. This phased application of gel polish will help to obtain a uniform, well-dried manicure.

step-by-step gel polish application

Step Four: Finish

After the color layer dries, it is necessary to apply a protective layer. Only then will your nails be able to maintain the created manicure for a long time, despite contact with water, cleaning and cooking.

After applying the color coating, the same precautions must be followed as before. Using a special brush, apply an even, thin layer of protective agent. It must also be dried under the lamp.

The technique of applying gel polish should be applied when finishing the nails. Treat your nails alternately, drying each under a lamp for several minutes. When all the fingers have been processed, it is necessary to place both hands under the apparatus for drying for another five minutes. This will allow all applied layers to firmly grasp among themselves.

gel polish lesson

The final stage

After your nails shine with new colors, you need to remove the upper sticky layer of protective coating. To do this, moisten a cotton pad with an alcohol-containing solution and wipe the nails one at a time. Next, treat the cuticle with a special emollient oil, and apply a nourishing cream to the skin of the hands.

Gel polish lasts on the nails for about one month. After this time, a correction should be made. After it, you can repeat the application of the color you like or leave the nails uncoated.

Before a new manicure

The technique of applying gel polish is now known to you. But how to remove the old layer and carry out the correction? In specialized salons, appropriate means are used for this. The master prepares the liquid in a special bath, in which the representative of the fair sex immerses her nails. After that, gel polish is easily removed with a special device.

What to do at home? To remove the old coating from the nails, you will need a nail polish remover containing acetone, several cotton pads and regular foil. Dampen the cotton wool in the solution and wrap it on each nail. After that, wrap your fingers in foil and wait 10 minutes.

gel polish technique

After the specified time, remove the “compress” and carefully remove the gel with a wooden stick. After this, it is necessary to polish the nail plate. Next, you can carry out a new application of gel polish at home.

If you wish, you can use several shades, creating a unique design for your nails. Remember that a manicure should always match the style of clothing. Be beautiful!


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