Healthy lifestyle: definition. What is a healthy lifestyle and its components

The definition of what a healthy lifestyle is is quite broad. It includes a lot of interconnected moments, which together help a person to feel active, strong and happy.

Definition of the concepts of "health", "healthy lifestyle"

Health is the state of the body, all the functional systems of which fully fulfill their functions. This phenomenon can also be described as the absence of diseases and physical defects.

It is also worth paying attention to the definition of what a healthy lifestyle is. This is human behavior aimed at strengthening immunity, the prevention of diseases and the formation of a satisfactory state of health.

If we consider this concept from the point of view of philosophy, then this is not just a way of life of a particular person. This is a public problem. If you look from the perspective of psychology, then the healthy lifestyle is considered as motivation, and from a medical point of view - this is a way to improve health.

definition of what is a healthy lifestyle

Prerequisites for the development of the concept of healthy lifestyle

Among other things, it is necessary to find out exactly which prerequisites helped the named phenomenon to give a definition. A healthy lifestyle began to be of particular interest to society in the 70s of the last century. This was due to the fact that the development of scientific and technical progress radically changed a person’s life, due to which the issue of strengthening immunity and increasing life expectancy was urgently raised.

As for the present, the doctors sounded the alarm. Given the improvement of working conditions (compared with previous centuries), the expansion of the possibilities of obtaining high-quality nutrition and the availability of a sufficient amount of free time, life expectancy is nevertheless constantly decreasing. This is due to the fact that people have become more passive and susceptible to harmful influences. The number of diseases is growing rapidly.

Based on the foregoing, HLS is important not only for a specific person, but also for society as a whole. Only a healthy person who feels well can be active and do his job in a quality manner. Following the principles of healthy lifestyle helps a person become a valuable member of society.

healthy lifestyle definition

Definition of a healthy lifestyle and its components

HLS is a systemic phenomenon that consists of many components. These include several components:

  1. Teaching the basics of health and a good lifestyle from early childhood (in the family and educational institutions).
  2. Creating a safe environment that promotes the full development of the body and does not harm health.
  3. Refusal of bad habits and the formation of a negative attitude towards them.
  4. The formation of a food culture, which involves the use of healthy foods in moderation.
  5. The need for regular physical activity, the intensity of which corresponds to the age and general condition of the body.
  6. Knowledge and observance of hygiene rules (both personal and public).

define a healthy lifestyle

Main aspects

It is worth noting that HLS has a fairly versatile definition. What is a healthy lifestyle, we can confidently formulate, given the combination of several aspects:

  1. Physical means maintaining good health and strengthening the body's defense mechanisms.
  2. Emotional - the ability to control emotions, adequately respond to problems.
  3. Intellectual - the ability to search for the necessary information and its rational use.
  4. Spiritual - the ability to set life guidelines and follow them.

healthy lifestyle definition

How is healthy lifestyle formed?

The definition of “healthy lifestyle” is not limited only to physical condition and satisfactory well-being. This is a multifaceted phenomenon, the formation of which occurs at several levels.

So, on the social, propaganda is carried out, which is carried out by educational institutions, the media and public organizations. The infrastructural level implies changes in living conditions, material and physical capabilities, carrying out preventive measures, as well as monitoring the environmental situation. And personal - personal motives of a person, his life values ​​and organization of life.

Useful Tips

The desire of man to self-improvement in the physical plane has a specific definition. What is a healthy lifestyle, you can answer by listing the whole range of targeted actions that are aimed at improving the functional state of the body. If you want to follow this philosophy, start following these guidelines:

  • Every morning, start with a charge. Physical activity allows you to activate the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Plan your diet to consume as many nutrients as possible. In winter and spring, when there are no seasonal fruits and vegetables, drink a complex of vitamins.
  • Practice hardening, which will protect you from colds and strengthen your nervous system. Start by washing with cool water, gradually moving to wiping and dousing.
  • Be sure to eat protein, which is found in meat, fish, dairy and cereal products. It is this substance that is responsible for the formation of the immune system.
  • Nutritionists recommend consuming 5 cups of quality black tea daily. It saturates the body with theanine, which strengthens the body's protective barriers.
  • Watch your emotional state. Protect yourself from negativity and stress. Listen to calm music, watch funny films, admire nature.
  • Take time for meditation. Even if you are not familiar with this practice, just relax for a few minutes, immerse yourself and try not to think about anything.
  • Give up bad habits. Smoking and alcohol destroy the immune system. Nevertheless, a moderate amount of quality alcohol, for example for a holiday, will not harm you.
  • Every day, 7-8 hours should be given to sleep in order to fully restore the body's strength for further fruitful work. But sleep too long is also not worth it.
  • Do not forget about hygiene. Washing your hands before each meal and after visiting public places is a must.

definition of a healthy lifestyle and its components

Compliance with the daily routine

As you can already judge, a healthy lifestyle consists of many elements. The basic concepts and definitions of it are the numerous components that make up the complex structure of healthy lifestyle. Perhaps the most important role is played by the correct regime of the day. If there is a clear schedule, the body begins to work automatically. Thus, less resources are spent on the fulfillment of certain tasks. Stressful effects are also significantly reduced.

The human body is a complex mechanism in the work of which interruptions can begin if you treat it carelessly. The first thing you should pay attention to is a full sleep. Lie down to rest and wake up at the same time. In addition, sleep and wakefulness should coincide, respectively, with dark and light time of day.

For labor activity should be allocated no more than 8 hours a day. At the same time, active work should be accompanied by short, but regular periods of complete relaxation. This applies not only to the performance of professional duties, but also to homework.

healthy lifestyle basic concepts and definitions


Nutrition plays a decisive role in such a task as the formation of a healthy lifestyle. Determining the right diet helps saturate the body with all the necessary substances that will ensure its smooth operation. Healthy eating implies the following:

  • reduction in animal fats;
  • rejection of fatty meats (preference should be given to poultry);
  • refusal of fast carbohydrates (sweets, fast food, muffin);
  • fractional nutrition (frequent, but in small portions);
  • refusal of late dinner;
  • Intensive fluid intake
  • eating fresh products that have undergone minimal heat treatment (or without it at all);
  • matching the amount of energy consumed and consumed.

definition of concepts health healthy lifestyle


To ensure the smooth functioning of all body systems, as well as well-being, it is necessary to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle. To take this path will require serious willpower. Nevertheless, after a while this will become a habit, and the healthy lifestyle rules will be implemented on an automatic level. You will work productively and look younger.


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