Where to sleep on Feng Shui: choice of direction, head position, tips

There are few lucky ones who can fall asleep seconds after their head touched the pillow. Insomnia can break out for many reasons. One of them is that when planning a sleeping place, people rarely seriously think about where they should sleep with their heads in Feng Shui. Typically, the bed is placed, based on the layout of the living area.

We sleep for healing or wealth?

need to sleep head for feng shui

Feng Shui is popular not only in Asian countries. In Russia and in the West also sometimes listen to the wise advice of the supporters of this doctrine. Moreover, many felt from their own experience that the correct position of the body during a night's rest helps not only to strengthen the resting forces, but also to improve its health and well-being in general. Proper orientation (around the world) plays a significant role in the overall well-being of a sleeping person. Depending on what a person desires in his fate, he must arrange all the objects in the house, based on this teaching. In general, by choosing where to sleep on Feng Shui - east, west, south or north, the subject helps higher powers to make him richer or healthier.

Briefly about Feng Shui

Before you start looking for the best place for your bed and other furniture, we will find out what Feng Shui is. This is a practice that came from the Middle Kingdom. She appeared a very long time ago, several millennia ago.

Two short words from which the name appeared, translated from Chinese, mean "wind" and "water". The main idea of ​​the doctrine is the presence of favorable energy points and flows. The position of energy centers, according to the teachings of the Chinese, is tightly connected with the cardinal points. Considerable attention is also paid to leveling harmful flows. There are simple techniques that significantly improve the energy of the home.


where to sleep with your head for health

Experts studying the ancient philosophy of China have their own point of view about where to sleep on Feng Shui head. According to the doctrine, each person, like the planet, has a familiar polarity plus or minus, or north-south. If you are in the direction of the energy, then it will freely circulate in the human body. But if you do not listen to the teachings and lie down (sit down) with your head in the opposite direction, then real chaos will begin in the field of the individual. In turn, such a malfunction in the directions of the peaceful flow of energies will lead to a bad mood, well-being, or worse, human diseases. It is also believed that the situation during sleep and rest directly affects the attraction of good luck in the life of the subject and the attraction of finance. Fans of Feng Shui claim that the way in which you sleep is capable of influencing events in life.

Standard Guidelines - Overview

So where do you need to sleep with your head in Feng Shui? The exact direction of the head of your bed can be chosen based on general brief recommendations. So, we begin to move a berth and turn, as if a compass needle. We bring positive moments to life. By the way, in addition to jokes, it is better to use a real compass and navigate it. In modern cities (and not only) it is difficult to calculate the cardinal directions with maximum accuracy.

North side

where to sleep with your head for love

The headboard is facing north. Stability will come into your life. You will be able to find ways to harmonize your relationship with the second half. Especially good position for the matrimonial bed. It is believed that it is more important to choose the position of the bed to the north. This is the answer to the question of where to sleep head on Feng Shui to harmonize relationships. This arrangement of the bed extinguishes conflict situations, develops warm feelings. If you and your spouse have started to make fun of it often, pay attention to how the bed is located in the bedroom. And, having noticed an error, make a small permutation. In the near future, a lot in personal relationships will improve. You will begin to see your other half in a more favorable light, and it will penetrate you with more tender feelings.

Also, the northern position of the head promotes the harmonization of psychological and physical processes in the body. This is important for people who are not in a relationship and own a lodge individually. The answer to the question of where to sleep head on Feng Shui for health will be: the northern part of the bedroom.

West side

where to sleep with feng shui

Head to sleep west? And this means that in the real life of a person, eventful times are coming. If you are tired of the monotony and suddenly want to shake yourself, move the bed so that the headboard looks into this part of the world. Where do you need to sleep with your head in Feng Shui to attract new events, acquaintances and even sexual contacts? Of course, to the west. It is believed that energy flows awaken the libido. But if you are already too hot in this regard, this position in bed is capable of introducing into your life anxiety and problems associated with the sexual realization of your desires.

The situation is suitable both for people free from relationships, and for couples in love.

Headboard south position

Feng Shui head east

The South is an increase in wealth. From here it becomes clear where to sleep on Feng Shui to attract money into your life. Favorable energy flows will attract finances into your apartment and into the lives of those who live in it. However, the focus will turn out in only one case: if you will make efforts to achieve your goal. Remember one thing: no matter how you crown your head to the southern part of the world and mentally call for big finances, they themselves will not come. Feng Shui is a wise teaching.

Head east

Where do you need to sleep with your feet in Feng Shui to get fresh ideas and energy from space? To this question, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom and adherents of the ancient doctrine answer: to the west. Accordingly, the center for the adoption of creative ideas (head) will be on the side of the ascending daylight.

This situation provides the body with additional energy and also gives success in new achievements.

But if you already perfectly generate ideas and are also beautiful in every way - a great friend, a chic boss and, in general, a crystal clear person, then you should not have your bed at the head of the sunrise. The fact is that people with increased self-conceit and ignoring the needs of others, such a situation will only aggravate their situation.


It will be useful to calculate the position for those who are not very confident in themselves, clutched and tormented by excessive self-digging and self-flagellation. The southeastern part of the bedroom is the side where you need to sleep with your head in Feng Shui for mental and general health. Some time will pass, and a person will notice how the complexes soften and come to naught. Also, the sleeping person is left with psychological problems.


Sleeping on the north-eastern side means faster making the right and necessary decisions in your situation in life. This is facilitated by the correct direction of energy flows during sleep. A person is more confident in his own abilities and begins to plan his life and actions in accordance with a hint of intuition. From here comes even a certain luck.


where to sleep

If you yourself and those around you tend to speak of you as a frivolous and unreliable person, rearrange the bed with your head in a south-westerly direction. Soon, thanks to the flow of necessary energies, you will improve for the better, become more focused and responsible. And all this is due to the fact that you know where to sleep with your head in Feng Shui in order to develop the necessary qualities in your character.

Headboard Northwest

This position of the bed contributes to the development of leadership qualities. If you are modest, but feel the strength and inclinations of a leader in yourself, sleep so that your crown looks at the northwestern side of the world. Over night, the Universe will feed you with positive currents aimed at developing these abilities. Of course, it is unlikely to become a leader in 8-9 hours (sleep time), but with patience and effort, you can direct the flows in the right direction. In addition, you will begin to think of yourself as a future leader and, accordingly, make movements aimed at developing leadership abilities.

Tips for boosting your sleep energy

sleep with your head to raise money

Having figured out where to sleep with your head in Feng Shui to attract love, money and health, we will touch on additional points.

A full recovery of the body is important for everyone. In addition to the correct direction of the head, Feng Shui recommends using the following techniques in order to improve the atmosphere in your bedroom and the general well-being of everyone who is in it at night.

A room intended for sleeping will meet the requirements of feng shui if it is square or rectangular. Fashionable bedrooms of various shapes can confuse the positive and negative flows of energy.

It is worth making all the bulky and sharp objects that contribute to the unconscious restlessness of the sleeping person. Regardless of which side of the world you will direct your head during sleep, there should not be many pillows. Do not make confusion excesses. Chinese philosophy does not welcome this moment.

Open the windows to disperse the stagnant energy of a berth. Frequent airing is important, and with this not only this direction, but also the modern world.

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