How to delete an account in Odnoklassniki?

The Internet has become commonplace today. Many start the day with communication on the network, continue at the office while working, and end up almost in bed with a laptop.

Not surprisingly, more than half of Russian companies prohibit their employees from accessing social networks while they work. Moreover, some of them go even further - managers require employees to delete an account. Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook and other social networks, for their part, are trying to keep users by any means. There are new games, interesting tabs, the ability to make calls and watch movies. After all, the more users, the greater the profit. The revenue of Odnoklassniki alone in 2001 almost reached 4 billion rubles. So it turns out either to quit work, or figure out how to delete an account in Odnoklassniki.

On the other hand, stories about hacked profiles, invisibles viewing photos posted on the network and other information are at least alarming. Aggressive advertising, constant intrusive invitations to groups, requests for authorization of a profile using a cell phone come constantly.

Everything becomes much worse if your explicit ill-wisher appears on the network. He changes profiles, writes all sorts of nasty things on the forums, not only to you personally, but to all friends registered on the Odnoklassniki website. Delete an account in this case is often the only way out. After entering the "Black List" annoying visitor will start coming under a different name. Even a change of personal name on the site will not work. Your profile will still pop up in the search under the initial data. Perhaps, after applying to the administration with a complaint, the profile will be blocked, but what again prevents this person from registering again?

At the same time, most profile closing services become paid. Many say that they previously considered their online account a personal corner, posted photos, corresponded, found lost acquaintances and friends. Now the situation has changed, and thoughts appear on how to delete an account in Odnoklassniki.

But before deciding to take such a step, it is necessary to consider all the possible consequences. First of all, along with deleting the profile, permanently downloaded photos, contacts, correspondence, forum posts, and other useful information will disappear. It only at first glance it seems that it is easy to control and duplicate all the nuances. Something will be lost or forgotten at the very last moment.

In addition, if a phone number is assigned to the profile in Odnoklassniki, then it will be possible to re-register with this number only after three months. As they say, measure seven times, once remove.

So, all the pros and cons are considered. The decision to leave is made. It remains only to take the last step. And then it turns out that on the Odnoklassniki website there is no button to delete a profile. How then to act? How to delete an account in Odnoklassniki? Here is a simple instruction.

  • First, on the main page of the profile at the very bottom, you need to find an item called "Regulations" and enter this section.
  • A page with a description of services, terms, rules, etc. will be displayed. None of this is necessary to read. Scroll to the end and find the section “Opt out of services”, click.
  • A new window will appear “Indicate the reason why you want to delete your profile.” It is necessary to enter a password in it and confirm the deletion with the button “Delete forever”.
  • After that, the profile will be deleted.

Of course, I want the situation when you have to decide on how to delete an account in Odnoklassniki to be as rare as possible. After all, most retired users return back to their friends on the site of this social network.


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