What are bodybuilders in old age?

Unfortunately, age does not spare anyone. You can struggle with old age for a long time, postpone its arrival, but as a result, still no one remains forever young. Different people experience aging differently, but special attention should be paid to aging bodybuilders. The fact is that they very much transform their body through physical exertion, and, of course, this cannot but affect how they will look when their best years pass. Bodybuilders in old age are faced with several major problems that are simply inevitable. Therefore, before starting a career as a bodybuilder, you should familiarize yourself with what awaits you when this career comes to an end.

Joint problems

The most common problem bodybuilders face in old age is joint wear.

bodybuilders in old age
The fact is that any person carries out a serious load on his joints all his life, even in the process of the most ordinary walk. The more often we have to bend our arms and legs, the more weight we load on them, the faster the joints wear out. In most people, joint problems begin after 60 years. Someone in their entire lives has not the slightest difficulty on this issue, while someone begins to have difficulty walking after 50 years. As for bodybuilders, their problem concerns them much earlier. Former bodybuilders often begin to experience joint problems after 40 years, and some have to retire at 30, because in the process of training, when muscle mass is built up and maintained, athletes load joints several times more than ordinary people.
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The result is faster wear on the joints. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to avoid this, one can only hope that the joints will withstand as long as possible.

Back load

Another source of problems for bodybuilders is their back. It is she who has a heavy load, so she can not suffer. In the process of training, an athlete can pluck his back more than once, and if he is not lucky, a hernia can become the result of intensive training.

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Bodybuilders in old age often suffer from all possible diseases associated with the back. If you reduce the exercises associated with the load on the back, that is, for example, squats with a lot of weight, then you can reduce the likelihood of a breakdown of the back or hernia in youth, as well as serious consequences in old age.


Strange as it may seem, bodybuilders in old age are often obese. This is due to the fact that over many years of gaining muscle mass they get used to the fact that they need to eat tightly and constantly. In old age, they cease to engage in bodybuilding, but the habit remains, and bodybuilders continue to eat, resulting in overweight and even obesity. But even if the athlete follows a diet, the muscles are not saved forever. Over time, they lose their external data, become unattractive. Even well-known bodybuilders, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, try not to demonstrate their muscles that have lost their shape by acting in films or appearing in public.

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