Bright nail design ideas: how to draw a dragonfly

Neat and well-groomed nails will become an adornment of any girl. But so that they look not only neat, but also beautiful, it is worth learning how to make an unusual manicure with original drawings.

Nail designs should be done with taste, with skillfully selected colors and an original plot. For a beginner, a single motive is better to decorate with one or more fingers. You can draw a dragonfly on the nails - it will give the image brightness, lightness and freshness.

How to draw a dragonfly

Nail preparation

To make the nail design look stunning, you should initially put your nails in order, choose a certain length and shape. It is worth considering that it is more convenient to carry out drawings on long nails. It is necessary to remove the burrs and to remove (cut) the cuticles, after moistening them with emollient liquid.

Before you draw a dragonfly, you need to align the nail plate with a polishing buff. The smoother the surface of the nail, the more accurate the drawing will come out.

How to draw a dragonfly on nails

Step-by-step dragonfly design

Before starting work, you need to prepare all the tools and materials that you may need. This is the basis in the form of a base coat, varnishes of selected colors, top coat, rhinestones, thin brush and dots. When everything is ready, you can safely proceed to decorate the nails:

  1. First, apply a base coat to all nails.
  2. After that, the nails are coated with a varnish base.
  3. When the base is completely dry, dots will be required. It needs to be dipped in black polish and put a few dots on the side of the nail plate. The remaining points are drawn towards the center of the nail. As a result of such manipulations, the body of the future dragonfly appears on the nail. One important point should be taken into account - each next point should be less than the previous one. Thanks to this, the dragonfly will look more elegant.
  4. Now we should proceed to work on the wings. With the help of dots, they turn out to be rough, so it is best to use a thin brush. Just a few easy movements, and the wings in the form of droplets are ready.
  5. When the drawing is completed, you need to fix the manicure with a top coating.
  6. If desired, nails are decorated with rhinestones or broths.
    How to draw a dragonfly on nails step by step photo

Above was an instruction on how to draw a dragonfly on the nails step by step, the photos also clearly demonstrate the result. However, do not blindly follow the instructions. You can experiment by flipping the dragonfly or bending its body to the other side.

How to draw a dragonfly on a classic french manicure

The dragonfly originally depicted on the base in the form of a French manicure looks original. Such a non-standard design will emphasize the originality of its owner and distinguish it from others.

Draw a dragonfly on the nails

How to draw a dragonfly on a french:

  1. Initially, it is necessary to perform a French coat, applying colorless varnish to the prepared nails and staining the edge of the nail plate with white varnish with adhesive strips.
  2. Now you need to go to the drawing itself. It is best to apply it near the edge without stepping over a white strip.
  3. After that, the body of the dragonfly is drawn in the form of dots and wings. Additionally, the picture can be decorated with gold varnish.
  4. At the end, the manicure needs to be fixed with a top coating.

Nail Design Tips for Beginners

Before you draw a dragonfly on your nails, you need to familiarize yourself with some tricks. They will allow you to make a luxurious manicure:

  • to visually lengthen nails, it is recommended to use a French manicure;
  • too dark or too light tones make nails shorter;
  • Before applying the picture, you need to wait until the varnish base is completely dry;
  • performing any nail art, you should definitely use the base and fixer;
  • on short nails you need to draw small drawings, on long nails - large ones.
    How to draw a dragonfly on nails: tips

Thinking about how to draw a dragonfly, you need to remember the sense of proportion, step-by-step recreation of the picture and the right color scheme. It is equally important to pay attention to details, because a manicure should be in harmony with clothes, accessories and correspond to the time of year, because with the help of a correctly selected color scheme you can create unique designs for nails.


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