Who created Odnoklassniki?

The social network Odnoklassniki today is perhaps one of the most popular in the world. It originally arose as a site for graduates of schools and other educational institutions. Her goal was to help people find those with whom they studied together.

An analogue of such a network already existed on the Internet. This is the Classmates website. However, residents of Russia and Ukraine could not communicate there.

After the birth of the “Wait for me” program, which seeks out people who, due to various circumstances, have lost contact with family and friends, the country faces another problem. After all, citizens more and more often began to come to the program with a request to find their colleagues, former graduates of various educational institutions. This distracted the presenters from the search for those to find for family and friends is the work of a lifetime.

Thus, the prerequisites for creating a new social network required the birth of such a site on which people could find and establish contacts with former friends and classmates, classmates and classmates.

And such a site finally appeared in 2006! Very soon, he firmly took one of the first places on the Internet. But who created the Odnoklassniki website remains a mystery to many. Some users claim that the network works closely with the FSB and was created at his command. However, this is not the case!

The project for creating this social network belongs to Albert Popkov, a native of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, who, by the will of fate, ended up outside of Russia. Everyone who gets to this site, it becomes clear that the one who created the "Classmates", did not set a goal to help the federal services, but simply suffered from nostalgia.

After all, the registration system of Odnoklassniki implies freedom of choice: whoever wants to can report “all the ins and outs” about himself, others are registered under an assumed name. Providing the correct complete user information for registration is not required at all. No one sets himself the task - to verify the reality of the data that the user publishes on the network.

Albert Popkov, the one who created Odnoklassniki, shares with site users: “Today the site cooperates with law enforcement agencies, but only because scammers of different grades and levels appeared on the Internet, and maniacs often go on the hunt” pedophiles to find their victims. "

Albert has an interesting fate. He is also called a millionaire who came out of the slum. And this is the true truth! Therefore, it is worth telling more about this.

So, on the 26th of the month of September 2012, the “father” of Odnoklassniki celebrated its fortieth anniversary. The year of his birth is 1972.

At the age of nine, the boy with his family moves to Moscow from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Who has not heard of these difficult eighties? How many they broke, how many ruined their lives!

Popkov’s difficulties did not go around. Money in the family was sorely lacking, so fourteen-year-old Albert decides to go to work. Indeed, before the eyes there is always a picture: a tired mother, exhausted at two jobs, constant shortages of one or the other ...

But the teenager managed to get a job only at the Moscow Pencil Factory with a dryer for boards for the production of pencils. The work took a teenager a lot of time and energy, so Albert did not have time to study well.

And in the tenth grade, it became clear: the young man would not be allowed to take exams for admissions. It's funny, but the one who created Odnoklassniki in the twenty-first century and thanks to this became a millionaire, was an uninteresting lagging student in the early nineties.

Why did no one discern the talents of a young man? This fact remains in question. But nevertheless, already at the age of sixteen Popkov became a programmer.

Seven years of work at the Scientific Research Institute of Accounts Engineering made it possible for Albert Popkov to become a leading engineer from a junior employee . But in the 90s it was unrealistic to exist on the salary of an engineer in Moscow. Therefore, Albert had to leave the research institute and become a temporary supplier, he even traded on the market in Luzhniki.

But still he did not leave his programming lessons, making remarkable progress in this area. Thanks to his perseverance and talent, Popkov received an invitation to London in 2000, where he takes part in the creation of two major UK help systems and a large-scale social network in Spain and Germany.

And in 2006, Popkov created the beloved Odnoklassniki website with his own personal money. The stunning success of the social network interrupts Albert's career in England. He returns to Moscow and is completely immersed in work on Odnoklassniki.

But today, the one who created Odnoklassniki suddenly decides to leave his brainchild. He begins work on a new project - the site "Compare.ru". This new project is planned as a service for choosing insurance and banking services.

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