DIY beads: where to start

Jewelry is such a wonderful thing that with its help you can transform even the most familiar outfit, giving it a new sound. Depending on the stylistic orientation of the accessories, the same dress may become appropriate both in the office and at the party, so there are not many of them. This is the main reason that many girls have a weakness for such things and spend considerable money on them - after all, really unique and beautiful beads, bracelets, earrings are worth a lot of money, but when you see them in the store once, forgetting about their existence can sometimes be decisive impossible, and from the first salary we run to this very store. The price of favorite beads, perhaps, will not be a reason for any normal girl to refuse to possess them - after all, if we do not treat ourselves, then who will do it for us?

Of course, you need to pamper yourself, moreover, it is necessary, and expensive purchases are one of the best ways, but in some cases it is quite possible to get by with "little blood", for example, make the same or very similar beads with your own hands. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance - in our age of space technology, finding similar, or even the same materials that were used in our dream stuff is not a problem, you just need to know where and how to look.

Do-it-yourself beads are a particularly grateful type of needlework: they are made in an elementary way, and all of their raisins are not in any special manufacturing techniques or sophisticated designs, but in colors and unusual materials. If you need to search the Internet properly, you can find anything you like to make them, including exactly what was used to create the original. In principle, this is not necessary: ​​sometimes it happens that, starting up with the desire to make such beads with your own hands, so that they look exactly like those seen in the store, you end up with a completely new thing, and it remains to be seen which one is better. This is because human thinking does not stand still, and clinging to one idea, the mind will begin to develop it one way or another, new ideas appear on its basis, and as a result, something new appears that has a very conditional similarity to the original project . Those who like to cook, probably had the opportunity to make sure of this: there are very few people who, having taken note of some recipe, have been observing it exactly all their lives. The same is true with the handmade: no matter what the initial desire to exactly repeat what he saw earlier, the creator’s personality still makes itself felt, and something completely new, but no less beautiful, is obtained.

The simplest beads can be made from ordinary beads sold at any needlework store. The required number of them can be calculated according to the length of the product you need and the diameter of each bead: this is important, since the highest quality elements are expensive and sold individually. The clasp can be purchased there, but you can do without it at all. Beads are usually strung on a fishing line, but any other strong thread, preferably synthetic, is also suitable. You can also use a metal structure of a predetermined shape, decorative cords and even fabric: it will turn out very fresh and unusual.

How to make a necklace with your own hands? There is only one difficulty - to move from desire to action. Unfortunately, most of us are limited to viewing the relevant sites with admiration for unfamiliar craftsmen and a slight envy of their skill. I wonder what prevents us from trying to do something similar. Never mind! As a rule, these resources contain links to websites of manufacturers of elements for jewelry, and if you don’t like anything there, masters often share information about the materials of which manufacturers they use, if not in the public domain, then they can easily be sent in a personal message can tell you exactly what they use in their work. Enter the name in the search engine and select the elements you like. If you decide to make beads with your own hands for the first time, and you will like the result, then in the future with a high percentage of probability this will become your hobby. Creating jewelry is such a fascinating and creative process that it is simply impossible to love it, especially if you are a girl: after all, not only do you do things of amazing beauty, you also express yourself, and this is also important. Who knows, maybe what started as an attempt to make beads with your own hands will eventually grow into a life-long affair, or at least a nice hobby that allows you to bring yourself to harmony with the world, while making it a little more beautiful.


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