Svetlana Besfamilnaya: the writer's work

Svetlana Besfamilnaya - a writer who fell in love with readers thanks to her books. A simple syllable, good jokes, a bit of magic and, of course, an interesting plot - this is what is found in all Svetlana's books.

Svetlana Besfamilnaya: “Samizdat”

The writer is the author of seven books, each of which was first published in the journal Samizdat. Svetlana Besfamilnaya writes all her books in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, and romance.

Svetlana Nameless

At the very beginning of her hobby for writing, Svetlana received excellent marks for her work, which undoubtedly indicates that her books are pleasant to readers. A sharp plot, unforgettable adventures, passionate love - all this can be found on the pages of her books.

Svetlana Besfamilnaya: all the books that readers liked

Most of all, readers liked the book "Shards of the Artifact", which refers to the literary genre of fantasy. In the center of the plot is a girl who fell into the world of magic and sorcery. The background tells the reader how a power artifact was broken thousands of years ago, and its fragments were scattered across various magical worlds. And since then, every hundred years, the strongest magicians go in search of these fragments. So what kind of adventures can the main character wait for by chance to be among these magicians?

svetlana nameless all the books

Another highly rated book, authored by Svetlana Besfamilnaya, was “Instructions: How to Train Your Dragon”, which is also written in the fantasy genre. Events unfold around a girl who constantly finds herself in awkward and ridiculous situations. Having decided to flee, the main character finds herself in another empire, in which terrible and selfish dragons dwell and rule. However, the girl is not lost - she is looking for ways to tame them and gain respect from such proud creatures.

Also among the most famous and loved by readers of the book include the novel "Academy of General Magic." The work of the genre is a mixture of a romance novel with fantasy. It describes the life of a magical sorceress, who, by setting prohibitions on specific actions, violates all her principles and thereby radically changes her life. As change leads a series of difficulties, various obstacles stand in the way of a quiet life.

Other books of the writer

Svetlana Besfamilnaya has a work that she wrote together with Ekaterina Bogdanova. The book was called “Bastards. Training and practice. " It differs from others in that it contains many jokes that create a positive atmosphere while reading. Written work in the genre of humor, romance and fantasy. The writers themselves, instead of annotating the work, write one word that clearly explains the entire content of the book: "banter."

Svetlana Nameless Samizdat

Another work that carries the features of fantasy and romance at the same time, was the book “Bride for three days.” In the center of the plot is a girl who graduated from the Tea Rose boarding house. The fate of the main character has long been predetermined: a worthy future in which there will be no magic, no love - only marriage and procreation. However, even before the destiny begins to be realized, the young graduate of the boarding house meets a mysterious stranger who manages to drastically change her fate.


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