Who are VKontakte subscribers? How to dial them?

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Every year, the popular Russian social network VKontakte is updated and gives its users many new opportunities. In this article, we’ll talk about who are VKontakte subscribers, how to remove them, and how to remove them.

Initially, users who can see the news from the page of a particular person and are not on the list of friends were called fans. Later a new definition of this category of persons appeared - subscribers.

Who are they?

So, who are Vkontakte subscribers? Let's say you decide to add a user to your friends list. However, he, for example, is now offline. Immediately after sending the request, you automatically become a subscriber. What is it for? We cannot give an exact answer. Probably in order not to lose contact with this person after the end of the Internet session. The same situation will occur if the user to whom you sent a request to be added to the contact list canceled the offer. That is, you will again be among the subscribers. Thus, not being in friends, you can track the news added by this user.

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How to retire from subscribers?

If a person has not accepted your "friendly request" and you do not intend to remain in subscribers, then in order to remove yourself from this list, you need to do the following.

  1. Go to the page "My friends" on your page. Next, select "Friend Applications".
  2. Click on the tab "Outgoing requests."
  3. Here is a list of people to whom you sent a request to add, and next to each of them there is a button "Delete application and unsubscribe." We click on it. Done!

How to remove from subscribers?

We know who the Vkontakte subscribers are, and now we can figure out how to get rid of them. On the main page of your account under the avatar there is a link "My subscribers". In the window that opens, all those people whom you did not accept as friends or whom you removed from the contact list are displayed. When you hover over their images, a cross appears in the corner. Click on it. Next, a window opens in which it is proposed to add the user to the black list. Accordingly, if we confirm, then the contact from the subscribers is sent to the blacklist, otherwise it remains in the same category.

How to get a large number of "fans"?

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You probably noticed that some users have a lot of Vkontakte subscribers. This is beneficial if you are a media personality and have exceeded the limit of the allowable number of friends (10,000 people); if you are advertising something on your page; if you have your own community in which you want to attract as many readers as possible. So, how to recruit followers?

  1. If we are talking about a regular page, you can delete some of your friends, and they will go into the category of "subscribers". There are also many groups in the social. networks that help increase the number of friends.
  2. If we are talking about the community, you need to actively engage in advertising or use the services of special agencies to attract subscribers.

Now you know who Vkontakte subscribers are and how to get rid of them or, conversely, acquire them.

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