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In motion, parallax means changing the location of an object against any background relative to the observer who is in place. This term has gained popularity on the Internet. In particular, the site looks interesting in the design of which there are dynamic elements. Parallax is a way to design a page on the Internet, used by webmasters to attract a large number of visitors.

What happens parallax

Parallax scrolling can be used vertically as well as in a straight line. As an example, Nintendo is most suitable. Many of us with nostalgia recall computer games, represented by the movement of the main characters from the left of the screen to the right. It is also possible to move down, carried out in a vertically straight line. The parallax effect on the network is often used. You can use JavaScript or CSS 3 to create a vertical slider.

For them, the three-dimensional spatial effect described is just characteristic. Game creators used several background layers. They differ in texture, while the movement is carried out at different speeds.

You should not think that parallax is exclusively an opportunity to create a 3D effect. On the page you can move the available icons. Moreover, it looks quite attractive. A particularly successful option is to use an individual trajectory for each of them. In this case, various icons are used that move along different paths. This design attracts attention.

parallax is

Lively picture

It is difficult to find a site without images. Qualitatively executed and indicative drawings attract visitors. But most attention is paid to all sorts of dynamic images. Indeed, if movement is observed when visiting the site, then this attracts attention. Significantly increases the likelihood of a visitor returning to a dynamic image. Did it seem to move or not? Therefore, to attract visitors to the site it is worth exploring such a thing as the parallax effect.

Examples of sites with moving images:


As shown in the examples, perception improves the drop-down menu for sub-items. Such an element saves visitors time and is therefore attractive to them.

JQuery library

The term jQueryParallax defines the library of the same name. Thanks to her, it is easy to achieve the effect of movement in 3D format. In the jQuery library, three-dimensional perception is created in various ways. One of them consists in the horizontal simultaneous movement of background objects at different speeds. This library is characterized by the presence of a large number of various properties. And the displacement described here is only a small part of its capabilities.

The site looks attractive enough for the creation of which various modern elements were used. One of them is parallax. Examples of sites may look like this:


jParallax is represented by layers moving when the mouse moves. For dynamic elements, absolute positioning is characteristic (position: absolute ;). Each of them is characterized by its own size and movement with individual speed. It can be text or image (at the request of the creators of the resource).

parallax scrolling

Visitor Perception

After that, a person usually pays attention to the fact that the page is designed efficiently, conveniently and competently. This fact is usually respected. It happens that there is a curiosity to experience other elements. On the Internet there are a huge number of identical sites. How to make your resource special?

If you like the design, the visitor will stay for a longer period. Thus, the likelihood that he will be attracted by the posted information increases, he will show interest. As a result, a person will use the offered service, product or advertising offer.

Favorite old games

The concept of "parallax" should be familiar to all fans of consoles of the 80-90s. This applies to games:

  1. Mario bros
  2. Mortal Kombat.
  3. Streets of Rage.
  4. Moon Patrol.
  5. Turtles in Time.

That is, parallax is a technique that uses a fairly long period. These games are really remembered with some nostalgia. After all, they seem to be imbued with the character of that period.

Images on the screen are created using techniques such as parallax scrolling. There is nothing surprising in the fact that this technique has gained well-deserved popularity. This design concept is warmly received by those who played in the 80-90s or watched friends' leisure time.

how to do parallax

Parallax scrolling

Marketers of leading world brands have long been using various kinds of technical achievements. Thus, it becomes possible to interest even an occasional visitor to the site.

Parallax scrolling has been used quite successfully at Nike. Designers of Weiden and Kennedy engaged in the development of the company's original website. But this design has not survived. The resource was gradually updated, in accordance with the trends of our time. is an example of a site whose design resembles that used by Nike marketers of the specified period.

parallax examples

There should not be many speakers

Do not forget that the design of the site often acts as a key criterion that guides the visitor. A poorly executed resource usually leaves the user with the impression of frivolity of the owner company. But the site with various attractive design elements indicates the desire of the owners of the organization to interest visitors.

Here it is worth remembering about parallax. This is a great tool. But even they should not get carried away very much. Because the page, on which there is a large number of various kinds of moving elements, is quite difficult to perceive. It is best to make the design moderately stylish and understandable.

Dynamic should be individual elements that require selection. There may also be a drawing that is created using moving one relative to another layers. Do not forget that the user site is designed primarily for visitors. It should not be a masterpiece of a webmaster who has put all his knowledge into practice. After all, such an approach will only complicate the perception.

parallax effect for the site

How to create a site move

How to make parallax? This question is of interest to so many site creators. It is not necessary to know the intricacies of writing tags. It is very convenient to use special resources on the Internet. Of the large number of available proposals, the following assistants can be distinguished:

  1. Plax is a program that is quite easy to use. She tends to give the page mobility by moving the mouse.
  2. jQuery Parallax Image Slider - The jQuery plugin is used to create image sliders.
  3. Jquery Image Parallax - suitable for the design of transparent drawings. Thanks to its use of PNG, GIFs gain depth by animating with movement.
  4. Curtain.js is used to create a page equipped with fixed panels. In this case, the effect of opening the curtains is observed.
  5. Scrolling Parallax: A jQuery Plugin consists in creating a parallax effect when scrolling the mouse wheel.

cursor-bound parallax

Some more useful plugins

As you know, the most valuable is information. And the greater the number of ways to achieve the desired is known, the closer the probability of obtaining the correct result. Useful plugins used to create dynamics:

  1. jQuery Scroll Path - used to place objects on the specified path.
  2. Scrollorama - jQuery plugin. It is used as a tool for attractive material design. Allows you to β€œrevive” the text on the page due to convenient scrolling.
  3. Scrolldeck - jQuery plugin. It is a great solution used as a presentation for sites designed as a single page.
  4. jParallax represents the movement of layers depending on the movement of the mouse pointer.
  5. Stellar.js - a plugin with which any element is styled with the addition of a parallax scrolling effect.

parallax effect examples

Parallels with cursor binding

Such a parallax looks quite impressive. At first glance, stationary page site objects move as the mouse cursor approaches . It seems to come to life and follows the element being moved.

First, stop at the figure. The necessary image is placed in a frame, while its edges need to be hidden. The method is very simple, and the drawing thus obtained looks quite attractive.

The parallax effect for a site is a wonderful way of design. Its use indicates that due attention has been paid to the creation of the resource. Therefore, you should pay attention to the services or information to read. Such sites look more advantageous against the background of identical, but simply designed resources.


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