We make loft beds with our own hands. Advantages, disadvantages and manufacturing process

If the apartment has a problem in the form of a lack of space, then as a solution to it can be chosen comfortable furniture loft bed.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this design is that the space under it can be used for various purposes at the request of the owners. It can be an extra bed, a workplace or a wardrobe. Quite often, the space under this design is used as a children's playground, in the future being transformed into a working one.

However, this piece of furniture also has drawbacks. If the room where this bed is standing has low ceilings, then it becomes impossible to get on its feet or just sit down, and it can also be difficult to put it in order. Such a construction will also not be suitable for small children, since the child will not be able to independently rise and descend from it, and it may not be comfortable for him to sleep there alone. Despite the fact that the specified furniture optimizes the space of the room, its dimensions are quite large and require considerable space.

Assembly process

To solve the problem of lack of space in the room, while saving money, it is recommended to make loft beds with your own hands. This event requires its executor to have knowledge of the carpentry and the ability to handle special tools, as well as be prepared for painstaking work.

Consider how to build a makeshift loft bed. The assembly of this furniture consists of the following steps:

  • Initially, the design of the bed is chosen and, based on this, the required amount of material is calculated. Its standard dimensions are 195x70x185 cm. The lateral bounding rails of the bed must be at least 40 cm high. The frame requires the use of beams with dimensions of 100x100 cm or 80x100 cm, battens, boards of different widths, as well as the use of glue and metal fasteners.
  • To install loft beds with your own hands, their legs-racks need to be fixed with planks for bundles. A supporting structure is also being constructed for the future berth. To do this, nests should be made at the feet of the bed with a depth of 25 mm. This must be done especially carefully.
  • In this design, the base for the mattress needs to be strengthened not only with cross bars, but also with longitudinal rails.
  • When constructing loft beds with your own hands, it is necessary to lubricate the joining glue when installing all the structural details of the joint.
  • A small staircase to the specified furniture is usually attached from its end. In this case, the angle at which it will be tilted should be small, and the steps should be close to each other. Crossbeams of stairs are recommended to be wide and strong.


In order for the loft beds made by yourself to last long, you need to use only high-quality and well-dried materials with a flat surface. This is an important rule in the construction of this design.

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