DIY feed pellet mill

Each owner of a personal subsidiary farm seeks to grow his living creatures at minimal cost. Granular feed is one way to achieve this. But if you buy ready-made feed pellets, then they will cost much more than just a loose food product. Therefore, many decide to make a feed pellet mill with their own hands. Drawings are not particularly difficult and will be understood by any breeder.

A few words about the benefits of granules

The higher price of feed in granules in comparison with a similar composition, but loose due to the presence of several advantages. So, granular food is stored longer, easier to transport. It tolerates changes in climatic conditions of storage (temperature and humidity), direct sunlight. In the granulation process, the feed is preserved. In the new state, it is more difficult to penetrate various bacteria and microorganisms.

DIY granulators

Another important advantage of granular feed is balance. In the process of manufacturing granules, the mixture can be supplemented with various nutrients, minerals, vitamins and other additives. For each type of animal, given their age group, you can prepare your own separate version of this type of food. All components are thoroughly mixed and collected in one granule. Due to this, animals are not able to choose from food only what they like. They eat it all together. With the right selection of components, productivity increases to 25%. All these advantages can be obtained if you make a feed granulator yourself.

The principle of operation of the unit

Do-it-yourself granulators work on the same principle as factory granulators. Raw material is poured into the container. Below is a matrix with many holes. Rotating rollers push raw materials through the holes in the die. The pressed mass, which, passing through the holes of the matrix, takes the form of a long cylinder, is cut with a rotating knife into small granules. Through a special hole (window) in the housing, the finished granules are poured out into the prepared container.

DIY feed pellet mill drawings

Necessary materials

Having figured out how to make a granulator with your own hands, you can begin to prepare the necessary details. And the following components are required for this:

  • The frame on which all other elements will be installed.
  • Body.
  • Matrix with prepared holes.
  • Rollers, the surface of which should be serrated.
  • Electrical engine.
  • Gearbox.
  • Axis (shaft).

Having picked up the necessary components, you can begin to assemble the device.

Matrix preparation

One of the main elements of a self-assembled granulator is a matrix. It is a metal disk with holes. Moreover, the holes should have the shape of a cone so that the mixture is denser compressed. For this reason, the matrix is ​​most often bought ready-made. For its manufacture, special machines will be required.

DIY feed granulator

Those who are not afraid of difficulties, nevertheless make the matrix on their own. The basis for it is a metal disk. Moreover, the thickness of the metal should be at least 2 cm, and the diameter should correspond to the diameter of the case. There should not be a large gap between them.

A hole is drilled in the center. Grooves are prepared in it, which ensure a tight fit of the matrix. Further, conical holes are made on the surface of the disk.

Apparatus assembly

As a case, a piece of a metal pipe or a tin bucket is often used (you need to remove the bottom). You can roll a cylinder from a steel sheet. Below set the tray, designed to pour out the finished granules.

The frame on which the equipment will be mounted is made of durable metal. The frame must withstand heavy loads and strong vibration during operation.

how to make a granulator do it yourself

At the bottom of the frame is mounted a gearbox that will transmit rotation from the electric motor to the matrix. It is connected to an electric motor by a belt drive (chain possible).

A matrix is ​​installed in the bottom case, pinch rollers are a little higher. The transmission of rotation is carried out using rolling bearings. They connect the rollers to the shaft.

DIY feed granulator

Grinder granulator

There is another type of apparatus, which is smaller. Collect these mini-granulators with their own hands from a meat grinder. The principle of their action is slightly different from that described above: the feed mixture is pressed into the holes of the matrix due to the rotation of the screw.

Assembling granulators with your own hands from a meat grinder is very simple. It is enough to interchange the matrix and knife. An electric motor can also be connected to this option. This is done through a belt drive. The engine must rotate at high speeds. And the auger, on the contrary, is on small ones. To feed more glued together, create and install a flywheel.

DIY mini granulators

A cover is made to the meat grinder. Knives are installed on the outside of the matrix. Fix them with bolts. The last to mount the engine, pulleys and belt.

As you can see, making a granulator with your own hands is not difficult. The main thing is to choose the appropriate option and find the necessary materials. The result will be granular food that animals (or birds) will surely like. Moreover, the fact that the granules will contain all the most necessary substances is very important. As a result, while saving feed, productivity will increase significantly.


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