Want to open a restaurant? Business plan will help

Want to open a restaurant? A business plan is the first thing you need to think about. Investors are now interested in these kinds of projects. If you evaluate future investments roughly, then at least one thousand dollars will need to be invested in one square meter of area. The average payback period of such an institution is from one and a half years to two.

restaurant business plan

If you want to open a restaurant, you need to start a business plan only after you decide on the concept. Institutions are now divided into fast foods, middle-class and elite. You can open a bar, coffee shop, cafe, a large restaurant. It all depends on whether you have a certain amount. Naturally, you need to understand that an elite restaurant will feature a wide assortment, the highest level of comfort, sophistication of the interior, and high prices. The cost of services in a medium-sized institution is lower. But the menu remains varied. As for fast foods, there, as a rule, self-service and a certain set of dishes.

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Search for premises

If you decide to organize a restaurant, a business plan should describe in detail all your actions in this direction. Traditionally, they begin with the search for premises. Rent now costs from $ 200 per square annually. If we talk about the territory of business centers, then the price increases five times. It turns out that choosing a sleeping area, you will spend from 3 thousand to 16 monthly. Literate people recommend conducting marketing research for a particular room. This means that you need to study the flow of people, the competitive environment, the availability of parking, ease of access, circle of potential customers and other details. This is very useful information. Not understanding the situation in the market, you should not even think about opening a restaurant. A business plan covers all the results of such studies.

The choice of cuisine

The technical equipment of the restaurant largely depends on the dishes of the peoples of which country you will be offering customers. The institution should have a certain orientation, otherwise it will remain invisible in the stream of similar faceless places. Restaurateurs usually, based on the type of cuisine, indicate a thematic focus: home, car, sports and others. Exoticism in our country, despite the popular opinion, does not find proper popularity. But the business plan of the restaurant of Russian cuisine will certainly be successful.

restaurant opening business plan

When you open a restaurant, you can’t do without obtaining many permits and licenses. This is the main point that scares beginner businessmen. You need to start with the conclusion of a lease, and all will end with obtaining permits from the local administration, sanitary epidemiological station, fire service and so on. The list goes on. Please note that the paperwork will take at least a couple of months. You will have to pay about $ 1,000 for all kinds of information.

Staff is the key to success

The first ones you need to find are a chef and a manager. The success of any restaurant is based on these people. Please note that staff work must be well paid. You must carefully select a team: from the manager to the cleaning lady.

Important Nuances

Equipment is also not worth saving. Good reviews get Italian manufacturers and English. Equipment manufactured in Russia, unfortunately, is of the lowest quality. A decent amount will go to promotion. Advertising is now expensive.

If the business plan for opening a restaurant is written competently and successfully implemented, then the profitability of the venture can reach 50 percent.

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