How to choose a camping? Anapa Best places to stay

A vacation was created in order to take a break from working days and gain new experiences. However, not everyone can afford a trip to an expensive resort. But you can relax on the Black Sea with minimal financial costs. All you need is to get a quality tent and good mood. And if you can find a fun company, your vacation will be even better! On the sea coast inexpensively allows you to spend time well-planned camping. Anapa is perfect for this.

"Field of Dreams"

In the village of Vityazevo, 12 km from Anapa, there is a car camping that invites visitors at any time of the year. Most often vacationers come here in the summer months. However, in winter there are people who seek to spend some time alone with nature. The camping site “Field of Miracles” is completely flat and guarded around the clock. This place cannot be called completely remote from civilization. Vacationers spend the night in tents, but can eat in the nearest cafes.

camping anapa
There are several dry closets on the campsite. There is a sanitary room. Everyone can wash or shower in normal conditions. Just 20 meters from the campsite there is the popular Olympia water park. There is an opportunity to have fun in one of the nightclubs. In the evening, the life around the Camp "Field of Miracles" is in full swing.

Pioneer Avenue

Camping is becoming increasingly popular due to rising prices. Anapa, Pionersky Prospekt in particular, is perfect for a wonderful pastime on the Black Sea. The camp here occupies more than two hectares and at the same time can accommodate more than 100 cars. There is everything necessary for a good rest, showers and dry closets work. It is possible to bring electricity to the tent.

Anapa camping by the sea
Camping on Pionersky Prospekt is notable for its low cost of stay. For one place you will have to pay only 100 rubles. It is possible to rent a tent, barbecue, fishing equipment. You will have to pay extra for this. An alternative to a standard vacation can be camping. Anapa invites visitors at any time. The coast is long, so there is enough space for everyone.

Car camping on Kalinina street

The camp offers excellent camping in the Black Sea. The beach area is just 150 meters away. Camping (Anapa) has its own parking lot, which is guarded around the clock. In the immediate vicinity is a large promenade with many cafes and entertainment venues.

Camping Anapa Pioneer Avenue
The cost of living starts from 100 rubles per person. If you additionally have to rent a tent or bedding, the price for staying at the campsite increases slightly.

Kotlamskaya Lane

The city of Anapa is rich in many beautiful places. Camping by the sea can be set up almost anywhere on the coast. However, people prefer proven places. The camp on Kotlamsky Lane is popular. It has everything for a quality vacation. In addition, it is one of the most economical places. For one person you have to pay only 50 rubles per day. The camp occupies no more than one hectare. At the same time, more than 200 cars can fit on the territory.

The camping guide offers excellent facilities for families with young children. You can rent a quality tent and bedding. There is a shower around the clock in the camp, there are 10 dry closets. Fans of entertainment can easily get to the center of Anapa by minibus or own car.

How to organize a vacation in camping Anapa? Tourists reviews

It can practically be no different from a hotel camping room. Anapa offers red conditions for relaxation. Camping is a great opportunity to be alone with nature. But experienced tourists say that such a vacation is not suitable for everyone. It should be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions, as well as the lack of a familiar toilet and food. Vacationers note that for children this pastime may seem tedious. It is advisable for families with babies to temporarily forget about vacationing in a tent.

anapa camping reviews
It is rich in beautiful places of Anapa. Camping reviews have both positive and negative. However, such a vacation still has many advantages. The tent is worth choosing in advance. It makes sense to visit several campsites in Anapa at once to choose the most suitable option.

Vacation at the campsite is a huge number of positive impressions and pleasant savings. But people who have health problems should pay attention to more relaxed ways to spend time on the sea. In Anapa there are many sanatoriums, rest houses and boarding houses working throughout the year.


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