How to make a business page on Instagram: the procedure, configuration, design and promotion

"Instagram" has recently become increasingly popular, and many use accounts on this social network to conduct their business, as it is a dynamically developing trading platform. The first thing to do in order to start active sales is to register and follow certain recommendations developed by promotion specialists.

Transfer to a business account

Many users of social networks are interested in how to make an Instagram account a business page. The functionality of a business account is much wider than personal. Real trading on Instagram without this add-on is practically useless.

how to make an Instagram account a business page

Using a commercial profile will allow you to get:

  1. Complete statistics on profile attendance - age, gender, geolocation.
  2. The analytics of each publication.
  3. Ability to use advertising tools from the mobile interface.
  4. Additional contact buttons.
  5. Functional, called Shopping Tags - the ability to place trademarks leading to an online store with photos.

Professionals and people who simply use this social network as a portfolio will be able to live without these functions, but the business of not using it limits their capabilities and reduces their effectiveness.

Account Registration

The length of the text that can be placed in the profile header is 150 characters. They are enough to arrange only the most important information. Placing it in this block, you should save each character. Therefore, before you make a business page on Instagram, you must clearly verify the information that you plan to interest future subscribers.

It consists of:

  1. Descriptions and prioritization of the heading description.
  2. The choice of an avatar that will be the face of the company, entrepreneur, brand.
  3. Create saved stories containing useful content.
  4. Connecting third-party additional applications (modules), if necessary.
Instagram tutorial how to make a page for business

Useful Tips

The main tips on how to properly design a business page on Instagram are:

  1. It’s worth a look how the account with the best competitors is framed. Good ideas can be borrowed.
  2. A good basis for a marketing description is appeal and key benefits.
  3. It is normal to use emojis for emphasis.
  4. Additional clients from the search will be shown by specifying the primary key in the name field.
  5. You should indicate the contacts for communication - direct, instant messengers.

In addition, it is worth considering a useful support service that allows you to get advanced page layout in Instagram for business - Taplink. It is used to create miniature menus from active links without going to external sources.

The service will allow you to integrate the page with e-mail marketing, e-mail services, CRM, Yandex.Metrica. If you buy a premium rate, you can get the functions of an online store, cards, full payment processing.

Drawing up a content plan

Before creating a business page on Instagram, you should create a content plan and stick to it in the future. A content plan should be understood as a consistent design scheme for new publications, presented in the form of a table. It displays goals, ideas, description of future posts, formats, genres, other data.

An easy-to-use form is an Excel document or Google spreadsheet. A content plan should be drawn up taking into account the business promotion strategy that has been selected. It can be mild when publications are made twice a week, or harsh when posts are made once or twice a day.

how to create a business page on instagram

A content plan must definitely exist. It’s hard to imagine how to make a business page on Instagram without even the simplest development guidelines.

Filling out such a table, as well as its subsequent use, is an individual, painful, complex and time-consuming process, but it should not cause discomfort to the performer. You need to plan your activities in a way that is comfortable.

Live content

It is not recommended to excessively get involved in a variety of content and come up with ideas from scratch. Only lively and original content related to the activity. Mediocrity is enough.

For example, if there are no resources for a copywriter and a good photographer, then it is worth at least minimally pumping personal aesthetics to lay out at least decent photos, as well as convey the full value of the service provided.


  1. Find a content plan template on the Internet.
  2. Create your own, unique.

Establishing a content production process

This item is the most difficult. "Instagram" is a visual network, in connection with which the external qualities of photographs are in the first place for the audience. One of the main mistakes of commerce is to underestimate this point. The second most important place is copywriting.

business page on instagram

What frames and ways to get a high-quality picture - everyone chooses for himself. The better the visual component of the content, the higher the engagement of the audience and, therefore, sales.

Many modern girls quite often lead their profiles so cool that many commercial accounts can be envied. They learn how to process photos using guides, spend a lot of time shooting, and try to strive for the ideal. That is why, if you are not left with the question of how to make a page for a business on Instagram, the tutorials on processing photos, using filters and other ways to make a picture memorable will be very relevant.

If the page has a weak shell, its fate will be deplorable - it will be scrolled, involvement will be lost, a smart tape will simply eat it. Before the new algorithm appeared, it was possible to lead your page through the sleeves and still be shown in the subscribers' feed. Not now.

Fixed stories, live broadcasts, stories, video content - all these attributes are inherent in successful commercial profiles and provide an answer to the question: how to make a business page on Instagram profitable.

For business, Instagram will never be 100% friendly, but everyone has the power to become enjoyable, valuable to the target audience, while earning much more than sloppy competitors.

  1. Clothing sale - professional photography by the photographer, stylish calculations, models. Increased attention to frame processing and color reproduction.
  2. Cosmetics sales - application results, tasty and interesting promotional items.
  3. Corporate blog - do not be afraid to show life, you need to be original and courageous.
how to make a page on instagram for business

In any case, careful planning, production and preparation of relevant and high-quality content, packaging and word processing, communication messages are necessary.

This also includes the use of one style when maintaining a business account.

It is worth noting that the use of auto-posting services allows you to extend the life of a specialist and relieve nervous tension. The best tool in this category is SMMplanner. You can post up to 50 posts per month for free.

Using smart automation

There are inexpensive additional services that at times increase the effectiveness of the considered social network while maintaining a business page on Instagram. There are a lot of them, but you should pay your attention to Zeus. It contains three main functions, in addition, he is able to do smart mass follow.

A full set of automation costs 600 rubles for each month for one account. The price is quite affordable if we consider such services.

page design on instagram for business

The main systems are: answering machine, mass follower, mailer.

  1. The first smart thing is a tuned answering machine in direct for active and new subscribers.
  2. The next useful feature is a bot that sends out offers. With it, you can hook not only your audience, but also someone else's - competitors. People will receive direct offers.
  3. The third is mass follow-up on the main activities of the selected competitors. He replaced the obsolete subscription to the collected base.

Mass-clicking and mass-following schemes can be used to attract the initial audience. It must be remembered that this method is not entirely clean, the social network does not approve of it. Application at the initial stages is justified as a necessity for the growth of the client base of a business page.

Service Functionality

The main functionality of the service:

  1. Attracting new subscribers.
  2. Engagement of dialogs with new subscribers (the system provides the opportunity to receive the first important touch, which can go to the initial offer).
  3. Distribution of scripts, for example, to active subscribers.
  4. Formation of bases for direct mailings.

Audience formation, promotion

Do not spam potential subscribers, cheat them. They must be brought voluntarily. To buy through Instagram, to know how to design a page on Instagram for a business is beautiful, not enough. Investing in impressions and calculating the margin of advertising is normal.

A small influx of live audience in certain segments will allow a competent choice of hashtags, and for free. But as on the main channel, you should not rely on them. It is important to remember the appropriateness of their use - people actually use them for search.

Budget ways to drive an audience are: mutual PR and mass-following services. Targeted advertising will require medium-sized investments. The most effective, but also the most expensive ways to attract are: influencing marketing, advertising integration through niche experts, media, bloggers.

how to arrange a business page on instagram

Audience stimulation

To stimulate the audience, you should:

  1. Ask questions, get feedback (and growth in smart tape).
  2. Take mini-actions to encourage subscribers to make decisions.
  3. Create long-term involving special projects.
  4. Launch live broadcasts to close the questions of those in doubt. Subscribers trust experts and living people more than logos.

There will be no increase in feedback - there will be no correction of content strategies and, accordingly, growth.

Analysis of the situation, the introduction of a new

It is important to evaluate monthly engagement rates. They should reach 2-3%. A better 5-6%. To correctly calculate, you need all activity indicators (save, comments, likes) to divide the total number of followers and multiply by 100%.

Help in the analysis LiveDUNE - a service that evaluates the dynamics of development. It is also important to monitor competitors, trends, introduce new ideas and chips.

In the article, we examined in detail how to make a business page on Instagram commercially viable.


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