Sky gel polish review: a large palette and new types of coatings

Today, more and more masters of manicure and nail design use reliable and durable coatings that last at least 10 days. Such compounds are not toxic and look pretty attractive. Sky gel gel polish is one of these types of popular nail coatings, which has received many positive reviews from manicure masters.

It is based on a three-phase formula for applying the solution, which not only strengthens the liquid itself, but also protects the nail plate. Gel Polish cures perfectly under the influence of rays from an ultraviolet or LED lamp.

Coating benefits

One of the main advantages is the rubber base. This distinguishes Sky gel gel polish from other manufacturers. Such an elastic coating can be in water for a long time, does not dissolve from exposure to various chemical compounds (soap, detergent) and does not crack.

Quality coating

All gel polish options are available in 10 ml vials. This is enough to cover a uniform layer of more than 100 nails. The rubber base does not dry out after prolonged contact with air.

Wide range of colors

The Sky gel-varnish palette has about 200 positions of various shades.

Many shades

In addition, manufacturers produce separate coating lines with unique effects, such as:

  1. CANDY ROCK - 19 deep shades from white to black.
  2. PARTY GEL - 6 colors with sparkle effect.
  3. CAT EYE GEL - 20 shades with amazing iridescent effect.

Additionally, the manufacturer produces PolyGel with a color palette of camouflage shades. It is suitable for any type of coating, it does not have a pungent odor and does not spread much when applied.

You can also use Gel-String to create an interesting volumetric design and lace patterns. It can be applied both with a dots and with a regular brush. The composition has a sticky layer. It allows you to apply various decoration elements and sparkles on top of it. The coating is removed only by sawing.


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