Parkinson's disease: symptoms and causes of its occurrence.

One of the most common diseases in the elderly is Parkinson's disease. The basis of its development is the degeneration of nerve cells (neurons) located in the midbrain. They are called ball ganglia. Under the influence of the disease, close ties in the nervous system are destroyed, the body begins to respond to impulses that are suppressed spontaneously in a healthy person.

What is Parkinson's disease?

Parkinson's disease individual symptoms occur in most people after 50 to 60 years. Both men and women are equally affected by it. This disease affects the nerve cells located in the brain.

In a healthy person, the work of cells consists in the production of a substance - dopamine, which contributes to smooth muscle contraction. With insufficient dopamine, problems arise associated with arbitrary human movements.

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disease that over time makes a person's life worse and worse. Usually, this process can take many years.

Symptoms of a Beginning Disease

As we have already found out, we are talking about a slow but long-term illness that haunts a person throughout his life. Usually, Parkinson's disease, whose symptoms are noticeably manifested already at a late stage, can occur latently.

Scientists identify 8 degrees of the development of the disease, which manifest themselves in different ways: from the absence of visible symptoms to the complete immobilization of the patient. A special scale has been developed for an individual assessment of the state of health.

Parkinson's disease, the diagnosis of which can take place both at home and by a specialist, has the main characteristic symptoms:

  1. The disappearance or slowdown of expression activity
  2. Slow motion of limbs
  3. The appearance of a stoop
  4. Difficulty or complete disappearance of mimic activity
  5. The appearance of speech changes
  6. The appearance of a specific timbre
  7. Gait changes and difficulty controlling posture

If signs of the disease are found, consult a doctor. Only timely professional treatment will help to avoid serious consequences.

Causes of the disease

Clinical manifestations of Parkinson's syndrome appear as a result of past diseases of the nervous system. The causes of tremor paralysis are tumors, vascular diseases of the brain, cerebral arthrosclerosis. Also, the disease can occur as a result of intoxication of manganese oxide or carbon.

I would like to add that the origin of the disease is still not fully understood. Some scientists claim that the following factors influence the development of tremor palsy:

  1. Old age
  2. Genetic Heredity
  3. Brain injuries
  4. Viral infections causing postencephalitic parkinsonism

How to recognize the disease at an early stage?

Parkinson's disease, the symptoms of which cause significant inconvenience, is progressive. First of all, you need to watch your walk. The appearance of slowing down of the movements of the hands and the occurrence of slight trembling may indicate the onset of the disease. Trembling may appear at rest, and during the execution of any actions pass independently. This is especially noticeable during the hand taking an object (cup of tea, spoon, etc.). In addition, trembling tends to pass independently during sleep.

Another important factor determining the development of the disease, as we have already found out, is the disappearance of mimic activity. Even if a person is overcome by inner feelings, he is not able to express it on his face.

Parkinson's disease, the prognosis of which is often disappointing for almost every person, can be effectively treated with timely treatment by a neurologist or therapist.

How to be treated?

There is no clear answer to this question yet. Parkinson's disease, the symptoms of which are different, can be eliminated by daily massage of the elbows and joints. The main treatment that allows you to cope with the disease, the doctor will prescribe, and at the same time, alternative recipes can be used. Let's consider some of them.

Sage treatment. Pour 0.5 liters into a thermos. boiling water and add 2 tablespoons. lies. sage. Insist up to 8 hours. Tincture must be drunk in three doses (after eating) within one day.

Oats treatment. For 1 stack. boiling water will require 2-3 tablespoons of oats. Insist for 4 hours, strain and take inside in small sips.

A lot can be said about Parkinson's disease, but the most important thing that will help in the treatment of a sick person is timely diagnosis at an early stage of development and professional treatment under the close supervision of specialists. Remember, only a competent campaign of doctors will help prevent the disease at the initial stage. Visit a doctor and take care of yourself and your health.


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