Sequin manicure: fashion ideas

Most of the fair sex pay much attention to the appearance of their hands, namely, manicure. In nail art there are more and more all kinds of interesting new products and tools that allow you to create the most unusual, stylish and fashionable designs. For a long time, manicure has become part of the image, and it is also picked up like a wardrobe? depending on the mood, season, clothes and the relevance of the situation. Sequin manicure is one of the most popular spring or summer nail designs, which, nevertheless, can suit both a young girl and an adult woman, both an avid party girl and an office worker.

sequin manicure

Fashion manicure

Brilliant or multi-colored scattering on nails - it always looks bright and unusual. After all, it’s not for nothing that manicure with sequins has been at the forefront of fashion for more than one season and not even its first year! And in every season of the year - its own nuances, color solutions. Any manicure studio that you contact will offer you a huge selection of nail designs with sequins.

By the way, if you still think that sequins are always shiny small circles and that’s not it! They can be glossy or matte, golden, silver or all kinds of bright colors, similar to small candies. They are also called confetti, they look especially good on light nails. In addition, they create the feeling of a summer manicure. And shiny sequins will make the manicure festive.

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At the same time, they can be covered with a nail as a whole, or part, or used for French manicure. But then the sequins should be very small. If we talk about color preferences in the season, then these are either pastel shades or deep, juicy burgundy, wine, classic red, black and white. But bright summer shades are in trend.

Sequin Nail Art: Design Options

Sequins as an element of creating a fashionable manicure makes it possible to experiment with designs, as it involves a large number of colors and their combinations, sizes, gloss or lack thereof, imitation of precious metals such as silver and, of course, gold. Of course, if you don’t like to do manicure yourself or if you don’t succeed at all, a manicure studio will always offer you its services.

But still, every time to create a new design of manicure with sequins on their own and thanks to their imagination is an exciting occupation. Gold sequins look most advantageous against the background of blue tones, as well as lilac, green, black, red and burgundy. Multi-colored confetti sequins are best combined with the base varnishes of delicate pastel shades.

sequin manicure design

A sequin manicure looks great both in classic French manicure and in reverse, in the moon, with a gradient, on just one nail or all. It can be diversified by dropping on several sequins of thick tops so that a drop forms, so the manicure will look voluminous. Design options depend only on yours or the master of imagination and wishes. In any case, do not be afraid to experiment, create your own unique designs, or use ready-made ideas developed by nail service masters.

How to glue sequins

The basis of any manicure is cleaning, removing the cuticle, giving the nails the desired shape. At the same time, if you do manicure yourself, make sure that all nails are not only the same shape, but also the length. Different-sized nails create a messy impression and spoil the overall impression of even the most interesting and fashionable nail design.

After you put your nails in order, the time comes for the manicure itself, namely, the time to glue sequins! To do this is quite simple: first you need to cover the nails with a base, that is, varnish of the selected color. Then apply a thick layer of the base and, without waiting for it to dry, with a brush or tweezers, apply sequins. You can arrange them as you like: randomly, in a certain sequence in the form of a picture, different sizes, gradient and so on. After that, let the base layer with sequins dry thoroughly, now cover everything with top and dry.

how to glue sequins

Such a manicure with sequins lasts longer and best if gel polish is used. With the usual two to three days later, confetti can begin to fall away. On the bends of the nail, sequins are the worst kept, so consider this when applying. Especially if you are just learning to do such a manicure.

Sequins Confetti

They are also called kamifubuki, they can be either in the form of familiar circles, or in the form of flowers, stars, hearts. For sale are sets of matte or glossy confetti sequins, uniform or mixed in shape and size. A variety of colors makes it possible to create a variety of designs.

If you like restraint and moderation, apply such sequins to the base of pastel colors, placing a small amount on the nail plate, on one or all nails at once. Moreover, the base varnish can be glossy, matte, and even a chameleon. Blue-gold sequins, applied in the form of a crescent moon on one or two fingernails, look gorgeous on a black background.

black sequins

Multi-colored sequins in combination with manicure of bright colors, for example, yellow, look juicy and summer-like. If you love all that is flashy and striking, you can cover all nails with confetti. If you have already adapted to working with sequins, you can lay out certain patterns on your nails.

For colored confetti, a light background is preferable, so the picture will look sharper. Nails with sequins in one manicure can be combined not only with simply varnished, but also with other textures, for example, with caviar manicure. That is, when instead of sequins, small beads are laid out on the nail. Sequins in the form of squares can be laid out restrained geometric patterns.

Gold on the nails

Festively, but moderately restrained, gold sequins on nails always look relevant and bright. Coat your nails with varnish of blue or lilac color, and on top apply golden sequins of different sizes. You can also make the manicure deep green, and completely cover one nail with gold sequins. Gold sequins on dark red, burgundy or almost brown nails look beautiful, in the autumn, but still warm.

gold sequins

Fashion white nails

White is the favorite for many years now. After all, what else could be better than the basis for a design involving various small colored details, if not a clean white sheet on which you can draw anything you want. In addition, on the nails this color always looks fresh.

White manicure with sequins gives room for imagination: after all, against such a background, shiny and matte confetti, drawings or chaotic drawing of sequins look great. The combination of gold and black kamifubuki on a white background looks original. Stylish manicure can be done by painting all the nails with white varnish, and on one on a transparent base apply only sequins.

white sequin manicure

Voluminous manicure

Those who want to add even more originality, you can try to make a drip or volumetric manicure. The bottom line is: first, hygienic cleaning is performed, as usual, the nails are given the desired shape, after which the selected color is applied as a base. Then, in the chosen way (pattern, randomly, gradient or otherwise), sequins are glued. And then for each sequin separately, you need to drip a thick layer of the top in this way. To get a drop. By the way, such drops can be done simply on varnish, you get the effect of wet nails.

Black sequins: from gothic to monochrom

In the upcoming season, the Gothic style takes the leading position. And what else is so combined with it, if not black? And black sequins will be a great addition. They can be glued to red or blue nails, adding drama manicure in the desired style.

Well, if you don’t like the gothic style, give preference to black and white classics: black sequins on a white background look restrained, but no less stylish. In addition, such a manicure is suitable for almost any clothing, which means that your image will always be perfect.


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