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What is special about Julius Meinl coffee? That it is Austrian? But in Western Europe, coffee beans do not grow. They are brought from equatorial countries - New Guinea, India, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Brazil and others. What is the difference between Julius Meinl and, say, Petrovskaya Sloboda? We will talk about this in our article. And at the same time we will tell an interesting story of the penetration of the culture of drinking coffee on Austrian soil. If you are a fan of this drink, you will also learn about the rich assortment of the Julius Meinl House, which has been around for about one hundred and fifty years. Information about the taste of Julius Meinl coffee we got from user reviews.

Coffee Julius Meinl

What good did the Turks near Vienna

Now the capital of Austria is associated with many tourists with the aroma of coffee and delicious pastries. And few people know that the black drink got into the city thanks to the Turkish conquests. In July, one thousand six hundred and eighty-third, a large army of Ottomans took Vienna into a tight ring. The Turks already knew the art of "living beautifully" and took bags of coffee with them even on military campaigns. And then Polish troops with the Ukrainian Cossacks flew in and liberated the city. The Turks fled so hastily that they forgot a few bags. The Poles at first thought it was horse feed. When the horses refused to eat grains, it was decided to simply throw them away. That would have been done, if not for the Ukrainian Cossack Yuri Kulchitsky, originally from Lviv. In his youth, he was in Turkish captivity, so he knew perfectly what to do with the contents of the bags. He roasted grains, ground, prepared aromatic coffee and began to offer it to the crowns - for the first month (as a promotion) for free. But the Austrians did not really like the new drink. Then the ingenious Lviv began to add cream to him. So the famous Viennese coffee was born.

Coffee beans Julius Meinl

History of Julius Meinl

And what does Julius Meinl’s company have to do with the above? When the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire came to be known as the city where they brew unsurpassed coffee, producing countries began to supply green unroasted grains there. In 1862, entrepreneur Julius Meinl opened a small coffee shop in Vienna. He, as a true gourmet and connoisseur of the drink, noticed that coffee from different countries of growth differs in taste. He began to create skillful mixtures - not only Arabica and Robusta, but also "international". Another innovation introduced by the entrepreneur is roasting grains. Previously, coffee was sold in green. The hostesses had to fry it, then grind it. And the mills at that time were tame. Therefore, a cup of coffee brewing ceremony was preceded by a long process of preparing beans. And Julius Meinl coffee was enough just to fill with water and brew. Naturally, the store was a huge success. Representative offices of Julius Meinl soon opened throughout Austria-Hungary.

Espresso Julius Meinl Coffee


After the First World War, the whole Europe drank a drink from Julius Meinl. Austrian coffee Julius Meinl was easily recognizable not only because of its rich assortment and varied roasting and grinding. All packs were decorated with a single symbol, which became the logo of the trading house. This is a Moor boy in a fez hat. The symbol makes us recall another legend of the penetration of coffee into Austria. She is beautiful, but, alas, far from historical truth. Say, it happened to the Austrians to capture a Turkish Moor boy. A bag with unknown grains was tied to his belt. And a shrewd little captive bargained for freedom in exchange for information - how to make coffee. This beautiful story was adopted by Julius Meinl. After all, the fashion for a black drink, the so -called Turkish coffee, gradually grew. The entrepreneur began to open not only colonial goods stores, but also cafe and pastry shops. And everywhere on the windows was a profile of a young Moor in a Turkish fez hat.

Austrian coffee Julius Meinl

Coffee House Assortment

As we recall, Julius Meinl became famous for the fact that roasted grains were sold in his stores, and besides, he thought of making blends. Arabica is much appreciated for its sophisticated taste, chocolate, velvet aroma. A robusta is strong, gives the drink a bitterness, well awakens in the morning. Typically, these two varieties are mixed in proportions of eighty percent to twenty. But the blends of Julius Meinl coffee are not limited to just combining Arabica with Robusta. After all, the origin of the grains is also important - the climate, the soil of the country where they grew. As for the assembly, the coffee house accepts only selected varieties. Of no small importance for the quality of the drink is roasting and grinding. And in this Julius Meinl also excelled. Now his heirs have factories in Austria and Italy, and branded cafe and pastry shops are open in seventy countries around the world. The house produces coffee beans, ground and pods. The company Julius Meinl is not involved in soluble surrogate.

Coffee beans Julius Meinl

The assortment of the house allows you to purchase both pure Arabica or Robusta, and their blends. When buying coffee beans, you can preserve its aroma for a long time by subjecting it to grinding just before brewing a drink. Julius Meinl's Italian factories specialize in espresso mixes. The drink has a rich foam and a soft creamy taste. Espresso Special - coffee for those who do not like sourness. The grains were grown in Brazil and subjected to wet processing, which allowed them to retain all the essential oils. Also, Grand Espresso Celezion, arabica of dark Italian roasting, does not acidify. Melange "Zumtobel Kraftig" is characterized by a wonderful aroma and rich taste. Vienna arabica roast from Brazil and Central America Espresso Wiener Art has a delicate chocolate flavor. Elite arabica varieties from New Guinea and Colombia were used for the Jubileum blend. Fans of stable foam and creamy aftertaste can recommend “Espresso Creams” and “Hotel Espresso Auslis”.

Coffee beans Julius Meinl reviews

Ground coffee Julius Meinl

Naturally, all grain blends are also presented in a form ready for brewing. But there are also mixtures that are sold only ground. A classic Viennese breakfast is one of those. This is the perfect drink for morning coffee drinking - rich, aromatic, invigorating. Vienna Enjoyment Breakfast is also strong, but it goes well with cream. Those who appreciate sourness and astringency can recommend “Vienne Melange” medium-sized roast. And for those who do not like these qualities in coffee, Grand Espresso is suitable. The elite blend of alpine arabica varieties “Premium Aroma Fez” is suitable for special occasions. Coffee Julius Meinl President is also an exclusive melange. Arabica from Brazil, Colombia and the countries of the Isthmus of Panama are used for it. The drink is aromatic and high in caffeine. This brand is available in the form of whole grains.

Ground coffee Julius Meinl

Tasting coffee from around the world

The Julius Meinl company allows you to try drinks whose grains were grown in distant corners of the globe. So we can feel the regional features of coffee. "Tanzania Kilimanjaro" - arabica with a sweet fruity taste and a delicate smell. "Costa Rica Tarraz" - the same type of coffee, but with a wine taste and rich aroma. “Guatemala Zhenyuin Antigua” - arabica with a citrus flavor, the aroma of smoke and flowers. "Ethiopia Mocha Sidano" - a drink with a wine and chocolate aftertaste. And finally, “Brazil Decaffinato.” This drink can be consumed at night. It is suitable for those who are contraindicated in caffeine.

Espresso lovers

The Julius Meinl House piously honors Austrian and Italian traditions. But he also keeps up to date. More and more people are becoming appreciators of coffee made in machines with the Easy Service Espresso system. This machine allows you to make a tasty drink no worse than a skilled barista. Modern coffee makers are bought by both private citizens and companies for their offices. For such machines, pads are used. This is coffee, packaged in a special "pill". The whole process of preparing a drink takes a minute - while boiling water under pressure passes through a finely ground mixture. This is much faster than brewing coffee beans. Julius Meinl (reviews for capsule pods express unanimity) produces two samples. These are the Grand Espresso and the Decaffinato.

Coffee Julius Meinl president

Special mixes

Many people enjoy drinks with a variety of flavors. This is used by coffee syrup manufacturers. But what about those who consume this drink without sugar? For them there are specialized and flavored blends of Julius Meinl coffee. Reviews highly praise the drink, which has a delicate lemon aftertaste. And, unlike citrus coffee syrups that don't get along with milk, you can add cream to it. A lot of flattering reviews about the brand "Linea Casa Fruhtuk." The name can be translated as "Homemade breakfast." This coffee has a light roast and a pleasant caramel flavor. King Hadramaut is also popular. Selected grains of one hundred percent Arabica from Ethiopia and Kenya give the drink shades of dried fruits and spicy spices.

Brand Reviews

What do gourmets say about Espresso Julius Meinl? The lion's share of reviews - laudatory. Grains (if it is not ground coffee) of the same size and roast, which is good for the taste. The goods are packed very high quality. On vacuum bags there is a special valve that allows you to store coffee without access to air, which makes its aroma unsurpassed. A wide range of houses allows everyone to choose a product to their liking: with bitterness, sourness, velvety chocolate or caramel flavor. Julius Meinl delights coffee lovers with mixtures for cezve, espresso machines, sophisticated bar machines and other equipment available to fans. As for the price, some varieties are indeed expensive. At the same time, the lucky ones who have tasted the drink, assure that there is, what to pay for. But there are also varieties that belong to the more democratic segment - 700 rubles per kilogram. In any case, many users write that they buy coffee at the Julius Meinl house for holidays and special occasions.


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