Moonshine from beer: how to make?

Since ancient times, people around the world come up with various recipes for making homemade alcoholic beverage. On domestic open spaces moonshine became national alcohol. It is made from mash based on sugar, potatoes, bread, sweets. The following describes how to make moonshine from beer, and overdue.

moonshine from beer

We choose raw materials

Many consumers have such an embarrassment that the shelf life of a beer available at home has expired, it is impossible to drink it in any case, but it can be used with benefit. It makes a strong homemade drink with a good taste. In principle, moonshine from expired beer is prepared according to the standard scheme, by distillation. Its taste will delight and surprise the "gourmets" of this drink. In the process, you can use any beer:

  • strong;
  • bright;
  • dark
  • living;
  • can or from bottles.

It is difficult to call the resulting alcohol elite and refined, but a product similar to it from other raw materials also does not shine with a magical aroma and taste. Some craftsmen advise adding yeast and sugar. However, this is hardly appropriate, since beer that has been preserved and pasteurized may not ferment, but simply turn sour. And in the end it will not be a real beer drink, but a standard โ€œpervatโ€ with a mixture of sugar and hop alcohol.

beer wort

Below is a recipe for how to properly distill foamy raw materials to get the desired product.

Where to begin?

In order to make moonshine from beer, you will need five liters of basic raw materials and 500 grams of water (or calculate in appropriate proportions, if the quantity is different). Even an expired foam product has a lot of carbon dioxide that needs to be removed. Otherwise, the acid may get distilled into the moonshine, which will degrade its taste. That is why a kind of degassing should be carried out.

First of all, it is necessary to transfer the beer wort into a distillation tank (it needs to be filled no more than by a third). Then mix with a spoon until the foam on the surface disappears to the maximum. Allow the braga to stand for about an hour in the tank with the lid removed. After that, you can proceed to the main process.

First stage

At this stage, a distillate will be obtained, with which it will be necessary to work further, which will clear the drink of various impurities that worsen the moonshine in the distillation process. This stage does not provide for the division of the drink, as in standard cases (โ€œfirstโ€, base, โ€œsecondโ€). This is due to the fact that due to the specific properties of the mash, sorting is rather problematic.

The distillation tank is connected to the moonshine unit and heats up over low heat. The main thing here is not to rush, because excessive temperature promotes the re-formation of foam. The appearance of the first drops will let you know a strong and sharp hoppy smell.

If we take as the basis moonshine from beer in an amount of five liters, then after the first distillation, about 600-650 milliliters of distillate will come out (fortress - 35-38 degrees). It is recommended to take a drink until the fortress is kept at 30 degrees. To find out the amount of pure alcohol in the product, use a standard alcohol meter.

expired beer moonshine

Second stage

At this stage, improve the taste of moonshine. In addition, the finished product yield is divided into grades (fractions). The strong beer wort obtained before this, or rather an alcoholic beverage, is diluted with water by 1/5. After this, the prepared raw material is poured into a clean container for distillation.

In the process, starting 10 percent of the amount of pure alcohol is merged separately. This fraction contains the maximum number of fusel oils and other impurities, it is highly recommended not to use it. After this, the main product is collected, it is collected until the fortress of moonshine drops below 40 degrees. Depending on the initial strength of the beer, the yield and alcohol content of the finished product may vary. On average, about half a liter of moonshine is obtained, with a strength of 40-50 degrees.

The final stage

To make moonshine from beer better, it is recommended to filter and defend the finished drink. Homemade alcohol can be passed through a charcoal filter or other traditional methods can be used. It is worth noting that the specific hop aroma will still remain. Due to the characteristics of the raw material, the obtained moonshine is difficult to compare with any other drink. For greater saturation and density, it is recommended to withstand the product for a couple of days.

moonshine beer recipe

There are mixed responses from users and authors about this "delicacy." Indeed, he is an amateur, but many like it. Some craftsmen recommend using milk instead of water when mixing the initial mash, others recommend adding yeast and sugar. When deciding to make moonshine from beer, the recipe of which is presented above, remember that it is better not to use too expired beer, and before fermentation it is imperative to remove the foam to release carbon dioxide.


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