Summer manicure: palm trees and the sea

How beautiful is the tropical landscape at sunset - the sky shimmering with all colors, the bright sun near the horizon and dark palm trees. This picture can be repeated on the nails, and it is easy to do. First, a gradient manicure is done. Palm trees are drawn on top of this background. After the whole work is fixed with the top. You can perform this design in the varnish technique, and with the help of a gel. The article will consider the option with gel polishes.

Where to begin?

We always start with hygienic manicure, then the coating lays down beautifully and durable. Then choose a color scheme. The ombre technique allows you to attract many shades, so that our background will be picturesque. Three colors are usually used: light, dark and intermediate. But for a summer manicure with palm trees, you can do more.

Options for shades to create the background:

  1. Red + pink + purple.
  2. Turquoise + lilac + pink.
  3. Pink + orange + yellow.
  4. Blue + cyan + turquoise.
  5. Orange + pink + lilac.
  6. Bleached Yellow + Pink.

palm manicure

Some shades can be mixed on a palette of primary colors. So the following tones are obtained:

  • Blue + white = cyan.
  • Cyan + Yellow = Turquoise.
  • Red + Yellow = Orange.
  • Red + White + Blue = Pink.
  • Pink + blue = lilac.
  • Red + white + yellow = self.

What you need to cook:

  1. Several bottles of colored varnish and one black.
  2. Fine pore sponge. It will be varnished.
  3. Thin brush.
  4. Palette. It can be replaced by a small glass.
  5. Alcohol.

Making a background for manicure with palm trees

First of all, nails are painted in the main background color. This is the lightest of all on the palette. Then the dispersion layer is removed and a gradient is applied with a sponge.

To do this, the color series, which will be present in the ombre, is laid out in advance. Drops of gels are applied to the palette, the desired tones are mixed and gently applied with a brush to the sponge. It will look like a striped rug.

Then the sponge gently presses against the nail. This can be done more than once, the gel will not freeze without a lamp. When the result is satisfactory, you can send your finger to the lamp for drying. Only after all the nails are prepared can we do our manicure with palm trees. The photo shows the process in detail.

manicure with palm trees photo

How is ombre made?

Memo how to make a gradient. Sequencing.

  1. A manicure is done.
  2. The lightest tone of the gradient is applied.
  3. Several tones are applied to the palette in the sequence that will be present on the nail.
  4. Blurred border.
  5. The gel is collected on the sponge.
  6. Printed on a nail.
  7. The sponge moves a little higher and is imprinted again.
  8. The sponge moves a little lower and is imprinted again.
  9. A brush dipped in alcohol wipes the rollers.
  10. The gel is polymerized.

Now you need to add the cloud and gulls. The cloud may be yellow-white or pink-yellow. The main thing is that it is not bright and does not merge with the background.

Draw a palm tree

With a thin brush, paint over the corner of the nail with dark beige. This is a piece of shore. A palm tree cannot grow in the sea. You donโ€™t need to go too much on the nail, itโ€™s enough just to indicate the land area.

With black gel we draw a trunk, four branches and polymerize in a lamp. And so with every finger. After we draw leaves on the branches. Each stroke starts almost from the point where the trunk branches. If you draw everything at once, the gel will spread and will be ugly. Thin lines need to be polymerized immediately.

summer manicure with palm trees

When the palm trees are ready, you can draw a glare along the trunk with white gel and add a couple of glare to the foliage. Cure and top coat.

French manicure

Palm on nails can be painted on a jacket. In this case, the tone of a smile will serve as the sea. To do this, first modeling or gel polishing is performed, and then only those nails where there is no design are covered with a top. The rest is wiped with alcohol to remove the dispersion. A cloud is drawn, gulls and an island on all nails and polymerizes. Then palm trees are drawn or pasted.

manicure palm on nails

In the photo there is a manicure with palm trees, which is made on simulated nails. Pink smile very successfully imitates the sea. Sparkles give the impression of glare on the water. A yellow cloud and silhouettes of gulls complete the picture. A smile could be done in blue, blue, red or purple. The main thing is not in white.

Way for the lazy

You can simplify this manicure. Palms can be glued. There are water stickers on sale. And do the background like this:

  1. In the cuticle, paint the nail with blue gel and bring it to the middle of the nail.
  2. Put the brush almost vertically and with strong pressure bring it to the free edge. This achieves a minimum coating layer.
  3. Put a brush with a pale blue gel (you can pre-dilute it with white on the palette) in the middle of the nail, move it slightly to the cuticle and, without taking the brush off the nail, bring it to the free edge. First, on one side of the marigold, then on the other. In the middle of the nail, the gels form a fuzzy border.
  4. Place your finger in the lamp to dry and repeat the process with the following. So do all ten nails.

Now you need to remove the dispersion layer with alcohol and stick the palm trees. When the stickers are dry, cover the product with top.

Try it, and you will surely succeed!


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