How to weather the smell of burning from the apartment: effective methods and tips

Even the most attentive and responsible housewives in the kitchen experience unpleasant situations: the food burns in the pan or the towel lights up. Sometimes more serious problems arise. For example, wiring is on or a fire starts. After this, a β€œaroma” that is persistent and heavy for the body appears, which is not so easy to get rid of. How to weather the smell of burning from the apartment? Consider further in our article.

how to weather the smell of burning

First steps

To figure out how to weather the smell of burning from an apartment in 5 minutes, you first need to establish the reason for its appearance. Most often with small problems, the following tips help:

  1. Open the windows and ventilate the room. If the weather outside allows you to leave the windows open for as long as possible, then take this chance. It is fresh air in large quantities that will help to quickly get rid of an unpleasant odor. Draft or turn on the fan. This will increase the air flow and help drive the burn away.
  2. If there is air conditioning in the apartment, the windows can not be opened. Use the air purification function and let it work for several hours until the smell stops bothering you.
  3. As soon as you feel some freshness in the apartment, you can start wet cleaning. Be sure to vacuum the carpets, furniture, if possible, clean the ceiling and walls. Wipe the furniture with a damp cloth, do not forget to wash the floors and windows. The curtains will have to be washed, as they absorb the smell of burning, especially if the trouble happened in the kitchen.
  4. If the source of the unpleasant odor has been eliminated, all of the above methods have been used, but the unpleasant sensations remain, try using a citrus peel. Peel an orange or lemon and spread the zest throughout the apartment (you can put it on a saucer). If there are no lemons or oranges in the apartment, coniferous branches, wood ash will help you. Soda or starch also absorbs odors.
how to weather the smell of burning from the apartment in 5 minutes

Folk remedies against odor

Sometimes even the most severe draft is not able to completely weaken the burnt. In this case, effective folk remedies will come to the rescue. To decide what to weather the smell of burning from the apartment, check your stocks. You probably have a whole arsenal to deal with such problems:

  • Natural coffe. Everyone knows that coffee not only has a pleasant and strong aroma, but also is able to interrupt and absorb foreign odors. First of all, cover the windows and prepare a small pan. A tablespoon of coffee beans need to be fried over low heat. Put them in a ceramic cup or plate and leave them where the odor concentration is highest. After a few hours, open the window and let in fresh air.
  • Lemon. Squeeze juice from citrus and mix with two liters of water. Treat the surface with lemon water. Lay out the citrus peel throughout the room.
  • Activated carbon. Grind a pack of tablets and put black powder on a few saucers. Place them around the apartment. Coal is known for its absorbent properties, so it is also very effective in combating odors.
  • Medicinal herbs. Lavender, peppermint, thyme or sage can be bought at the pharmacy, but even better if they are prepared by hand. By analogy with the previous tools, lay them on plates or newspapers and leave for several hours. Herbs not only absorb odors, but also fill the air with aroma.
how to remove the smell of burning

Purchased Air Purifiers

The main condition for the use of any purchased means is the mandatory ventilation of the premises before its use. Before you print and spray it, make sure that you carefully ventilate the apartment. It is also advisable to do wet cleaning. If you apply the aerosol immediately after the smell, its components will mix with the burnout and strengthen it.

In stores you can find an effective anti-burning spray called Odorgon. Before spraying the product, do not forget to do a wet cleaning. Treat them with walls, furniture and kitchen surfaces. After a day, ventilate the apartment. If there is no proper effect, repeat the procedure again.

The anti-smoking spray eliminates the burning smell well. You can also light a scented candle or use essential oil: boil water in a small saucepan, drip a little fragrant volatile matter and leave it on low heat for half an hour.

If you burned a pan or pan

Everyone who has ever forgotten a pot on the stove knows: the smell of burnt utensils can be unbearable. Particles of food burn to its surface. Most often, it is impossible to wipe the dishes.

If the hostess burned the pan, how to weather the smell of burning from the apartment? Firstly, you need to fill the tank with water and assess the damage caused. In most cases, dishes are easier to throw away than to wash, because the persistent smell of burning will spoil the aroma and taste of the cooked dish. To get rid of the smell, ventilate the room and treat the surfaces using any of the methods described above. You can use lemon water or vinegar, wash the floor with water with the addition of essential oil. Bedspreads, curtains, curtains must be rubbed and thoroughly rinsed in water with a drop of vinegar. Pour clean water into the spray bottle and spray it from time to time in the apartment.

What to do if food burned out?

If you have a burning smell in your apartment due to burnt food, you must first get rid of its remnants. Throw everything in a bucket and dispose of the contents in the trash bin as soon as possible. Ventilate the room, wash all surfaces using lemon water or a solution of vinegar. Do not forget to carefully process the oven (if the food burned there). Wash the tulle and curtains, wash the windows. If the smell of burning is too persistent, use essential oil or prepare a decoction of citrus. Cut the middle lemon into slices and boil it in a pan with water. Such a brew will fill the kitchen with a pleasant aroma, and a cooled broth can be sprayed using a spray bottle.

remove the smell of burning in the apartment after burning food

To remove the smell of burning in the apartment after burning the food, there is another interesting way - this is an imitation of the aroma of home baking. To do this, take a baking sheet and cover it with food foil. Oil the foil, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Preheat the oven to 90 degrees, put the pan there and turn it off after 5 minutes. Leave the pan inside for several hours. Very soon, the kitchen will be filled with the wonderful smell of fresh pastries with cinnamon, and the cinder will leave.

Smell after ignition of electrical appliances

Especially pungent and unpleasant is the smell of burnt wiring or household appliances. Cinder from plastic is absorbed into furniture, walls, upholstery. Even if the fire occurred not with you, but with the neighbors, such a persistent and heavy β€œaroma” for the body is difficult to remove, but possible.

First of all, make sure that the source of unpleasant odor is disconnected from the voltage. In no case should you water the appliances. Open the windows and draft, the wind flow can be enhanced by a fan. If possible, remove the appliance from the apartment and try to arrange general cleaning as soon as possible. If the furniture has soot or soot, use a special tool. Use all of the above methods to cleanse the air.

how to weather the smell of burning from the apartment

How to weather the smell of burning from the apartment? Another good way is air ozonation. Small appliances are on sale that emit particles of ozone known for their cleansing effect. The device will help you quickly and efficiently get rid of bad smell, disinfect the room, fill the air with tangible freshness.

How to weather the smell of burning from an apartment after a small fire?

If improper use of the household appliance or a problem with the wiring leads to a short circuit, a fire may result. Even if the fire is extinguished on time, the persistent and heavy smell for the body will still remain for a long time, since it burns out burning appliances.

Open all the windows and let the apartment air. At this time, carefully inspect items that have been damaged by fire. Choose the ones to throw away. Take them to the trash as soon as possible. Wash things that have been less affected, gently wash away from soot and remove to fresh air.

how to weather the smell of burning from an apartment after a fire

To remove the smell of burning, you need to prepare a special tool. Take a teaspoon of ammonia, a tablespoon of 9% vinegar and 5 liters of water. With the resulting mixture, treat all surfaces in the apartment. You can also use an old sheet soaked in water with vinegar: soak it, squeeze and hang. Water will help get rid of soot, and vinegar will quickly absorb the smell.

If the fire was strong

In the event of a severe fire, you need to put up with the idea that the smell of burning has settled in your apartment for a long time. Of course, this is not a reason to stop trying to get rid of it. How to weather the smell of burning from an apartment after a fire?

how to weather the smell of burning from the apartment burned the pan

One of the most effective ways is overhaul. If there was a strong fire in the apartment, you can not do without it in any case. The affected items must be returned to dry cleaning, and what is burned too much should be thrown away. Be patient and do your best. After some time, there will be no unpleasant odors in the renovated, clean apartment.


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