Fiat Ducato: dimensions, description, specifications

The freight market is growing rapidly. So, every year more and more commercial vehicles appear. But Fiat Ducato is by no means a novelty, but even an old-timer in the market of commercial vehicles. This car first appeared in the 81st year of the last century. Today, this car is one of the leaders in its class. This is a good alternative to Sprinter and Crafter. What is this Italian? The dimensions of the Fiat-Ducato, description and characteristics are further in our article.


Cars have a bright modern design. Front - slanted LED headlights and a huge grille. The bumper is not painted in body color, which is very practical for commercial vehicles. On the sides - a wide plastic molding. Mirrors have a rectangular shape and provide a good overview. Regarding the quality of corrosion protection, modern Ducato models have good anti-corrosion treatment.

It is worth noting that the Fiat Ducato is going to Yelabuga. Depending on the configuration, the car can be equipped with fog lights or delivered without them.

fiat ducato passenger-and-freight photo

What dimensions does Fiat Ducato have? The dimensions of this vehicle may vary significantly. The Italian manufacturer produces many modifications, among which are:

  • Short base.
  • Medium.
  • Long.
  • Chassis (with the possibility of installing a booth).

Consider each type in more detail.

Short base

This Fiat Ducato has a wheelbase of 3 meters. The length of the body is 4.96 meters. The manufacturer also offers the installation of bodies of different heights. So, the option with a low roof has a height of 2.25 meters, and in more expensive versions - 2.53 meters. The width of the Fiat Ducato is unchanged at 2.05 meters. Depending on the height of the cab, the usable volume of the minibus booth is between eight and nine and a half cubic meters. The carrying capacity of the short-base Fiat-Ducato is 995 kilograms. For what purpose is this car suitable? It is assumed that this Fiat Ducato will be used within the city. At the same time, there are all conditions for convenient loading and unloading. The dimensions of the rear door are 156 by 152 centimeters or 156 by 179 centimeters (depending on the height of the body). There is also a sliding door. It is equipped with a Fiat Ducato minibus. The size of the sliding door is 107.5 by 148.5 centimeters. Furthermore, loading height is 54 centimeters.

fiat ducato cargo-passenger

Middle base

It can be either a passenger Fiat Ducato or a cargo one. The wheelbase in this case is 3.45 meters. The total length of the body is 5.41 meters. Width - still 2.05 meters. The height, as in the previous case, may vary. So, the version with a low roof has a height of 2.25 meters. Other versions are 2.53. As for the usable volume, the cargo area is designed for ten or eleven and a half cubic meters.

The load capacity of the mid-base Fiat may vary. So, the passenger Fiat-Ducato can take on board up to one ton of cargo. But the van is already designed for a load of 1575 kilograms. The dimensions of the rear gate are similar to the previous case. However, the dimensions of the sliding side door are slightly different. So, its width is 54 centimeters, and in some modifications 125 centimeters. The maximum possible length of the cargo compartment is more than three meters (3.12). This allows you to transport already bulky furniture.

Extended version

This modification has the name "Maxi Van". What are the dimensions of the Fiat Ducato bus? The length of the wheelbase is 4.04 meters. At the same time, the total body length is six meters. There is one more modification. Its total length is as much as 6.4 meters.

fiat cargo-passenger photo

At the same time, the rear overhang is extended to 138 centimeters. Height may also vary. So, the version with a low roof has a height of 2.52 meters. And the maximum version is 2.76. The width remains the same and is 2.05 meters. The internal dimensions of the Fiat Ducato are such that they can fit from 13 to 17 cubic meters of cargo. Moreover, the length of the booth is from 3.7 to 4.07 meters.


This is another version of the Fiat Ducato truck. Wheelbase sizes can also be different. So, the total length of the car is 5.94 or 6.3 meters. What is this type of car for? On the chassis can be installed:

  • Onboard body.
  • Tilt.
  • Isothermal.
  • The van is refrigerated.
  • Tanks for transporting liquids (both food and chemical).
    ducato cargo-passenger

It is also possible to install additional equipment (for example, a crane) or equip a double cabin, which will be designed for four passengers. There is a choice and capacity. The total mass can be from three and a half to four tons. However, the latest version already belongs to category C.

The height of the frame and the size of the rear overhang are stable and do not change on all modifications. So, this parameter is 65 and 240 centimeters, respectively.


Very often, the modification of the chassis is equipped with an onboard platform. It is made of aluminum and does not rust. So, the height of the sides is 40 centimeters, and the width of the platform is 2 meters. The volume of the body may be different, depending on the length of the machine. The volume is from six to eight and a half meters.


For this car, a multi-Jet turbodiesel engine is used. This is a four-cylinder engine located transversely relative to the body. Among the advantages of this engine, reviews note high elasticity, throttle response and power. When the car is empty, the car easily moves off second gear. The power unit is characterized by direct fuel injection and has an intermediate air cooler (intercooler). There is an injection control system with a "Boshevsky" controller.

Unlike the popular “Common Rail”, the MultiJet system has a special, more aggressive injection algorithm. This allows you to increase the maximum power of the power plant and at the same time reduce the noise level during operation. Also, the MultiJet powertrain is less picky about fuel quality. And the fuel itself burns completely in the cylinders. This ensures high efficiency and performance of the internal combustion engine.

fiat ducato

The working volume of the power unit is 2.28 liters. Rated power - 130 horsepower. At the same time, the engine torque is 320 Nm.

As for the transmissions, the buyer is offered a six-speed mechanical gearbox with hydraulic shutdown and single-disk clutch. Torque is transmitted to the front drive wheels. By the way, the same box is offered for the new Ford Transit minibuses. Reviews note that the presence of the sixth gear in this box allows you to confidently accelerate to high speeds while saving fuel. So, the maximum speed of the car is 150 kilometers per hour. And fuel consumption is 8.4 liters. But on the highway, the car will save only if the speed of the car does not exceed 110 kilometers per hour. The fuel tank itself is designed for 90 liters of fuel. According to reviews, the box is clearly switched and does not make any noise.


The car has a modern and comfortable interior. for the driver there is a four-spoke multifunction steering wheel with the ability to adjust, as well as an informative instrument panel with an on-board computer. The latter shows all the information about the trip - average speed, instantaneous and total consumption. On the center console is a digital multimedia display, at the bottom there is a climate control unit. Under the console - two cup holders. Also in the cabin there are niches for various little things everywhere. These are shelves, glove compartments and more. The gear lever is located on the panel, which is very convenient. Firstly, the driver does not need to pull his hand to change gears. Secondly, the lack of leverage in the middle of the floor frees up space. Moving around the cabin is much easier.

fiat ducato photo

The driver's seat has the ability to adjust not only the back and pillows, but also lumbar support. Depending on the configuration, the car can go with a single or double passenger seat. The latter option can be transformed, thus forming a compact table.

Doors slam without a loud noise, like on cars. No creaks or rattles are heard in motion. By the way, the ceiling height is 1.9 meters. Therefore, tall passengers will feel very comfortable.


If we talk about the Fiat Ducato minibus, the body itself is the carrier in it. It is welded from high-strength steel grades. But the chassis has a full frame. But the suspension scheme in both cases will be the same. That cargo, that the passenger-and-freight Fiat Ducato has an independent front suspension on MacPherson struts. There is a beam at the back, since the drive of everything is front. It is suspended to a frame or to a body by means of semi-elliptic springs. Also, a stabilizer bar and hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers are used here.

Test drive cars

How does the Fiat Ducato behave on the go? Passenger or passenger, or just cargo, it does not matter - this car is controlled like a passenger car. Steering - a rack with the hydraulic booster. Surprisingly, the car holds the road very well, both at speed and in corners. On the Fiat you can comfortably go on a long journey. The machine swallows bumps well, especially if its back is loaded. Management is commendable.

About car reliability

Regarding the reliability of the suspension, there is no difference assembled by Fiat Ducato in Elabuga or Italy. But still on our roads, the chassis is less hardy than on the roads of Western Europe. So, after ninety thousand steering tips can fail. Bearings serve about one hundred and twenty thousand. Stabilizer racks wear out after sixty thousand kilometers. But I must say that spare parts for Fiat Ducato can be found in any store in the city. They cost, of course, more expensive than on the GAZelle, but nevertheless the Italian car is more reliable. By the way, these same spare parts for Fiat-Ducato can be delivered independently. The main thing is to have a standard set of keys and tools.

passenger and freight fiat

To summarize

So, we found out what dimensions the Fiat-Ducato booth has, the technical characteristics and features of the car. In general, Fiat Ducato is a good commercial vehicle, which is suitable for operation not only in the city, but also at longer distances.


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