Subtleties of the most popular drink: what is the difference between granulated coffee and freeze-dried.

What is the difference between granulated and freeze-dried coffee? Before answering this question, it is worth studying the basic characteristics of instant coffee.

One of the most popular drinks in the world follows modern trends. With the accelerated pace of life of multimillion-dollar cities, there is no time for brewing coffee and leisurely gatherings with freshly ground and freshly brewed aromatic drink.

In the modern domestic coffee market, instant coffee occupies a leading position (in comparison with grain coffee). 80% of the modern coffee industry in Russia is occupied by sales of instant coffee, which does not require time-consuming preparation.

Brewed Instant Coffee

Types of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is divided into three types, which for the layman do not differ much from each other, however, each of the types (powder, granular and freeze-dried) is produced using a separate technology.

The article considers only two of the highest quality types. So, what is the difference between granulated coffee and freeze-dried coffee, which is better to choose for morning preparation in order to cheer up and enjoy all the same exquisite quality, taste and aroma?

what does instant coffee look like


Powdered and granulated coffee are produced under high pressure, which makes the technology of their production different from freeze-dried coffee.

What is the difference between granulated and freeze-dried coffee? Firstly, production technology. The technology of freeze-dried coffee consists in preparing a coffee broth that is frozen at a very low temperature. The resulting substance is dehydrated under vacuum, and then crushed. This is how particles of various angular shapes are obtained. In terms of composition and other characteristics, this type of coffee is as close as possible to freshly brewed natural.

Granulated coffee has a cheaper technology of impacting ground coffee beans with high pressure and temperatures. They destroy some of the beneficial properties of coffee, including reducing the content of caffeine and essential oils in the coffee mass.

Technology is not the only difference between granulated and freeze-dried coffee. They differ in their effects on the human body. An important role is played by differences in their strength.

Sublimated and granulated coffee. What is the difference

The price indicates the complexity of the production technology, but also the quality of the product, because it is quite difficult and costly to keep all the qualities of the drink close to natural.

Granular coffee, like powdered coffee, is prepared under high pressure, at the end of the process knocking the resulting sand into granules using hot steam. That is, this type is also affected by high temperature.

It is a freeze-dried drink (due to the most careful technology) that turns out to be the most saturated and high-quality. Therefore, the question of which coffee is better: freeze-dried or granulated can be unambiguously answered. Sublimated is better in taste, as well as its health effects.

You can see in the photo the difference between granulated and freeze-dried coffee. From left to right: sublimated, granular and cereal.

the difference between the three types of coffee

How does a freeze-dried drink affect the body

It is believed that during the production process, the freeze-dried drink loses almost 50% of the caffeine contained in natural coffee. Both the benefit and the harm of the drink are expressed equally lower than in a freshly ground drink.

Positive impact

A freeze-dried version of a coffee drink preserves the aroma and composition of healthy oils and other substances that help focus attention. Essential oils inhibit the aging process with moderate consumption of coffee containing high levels of caffeine.

Negative impact

Freeze-dried coffee retains the same concentration of caffeine as natural. A healthy person is recommended to drink no more than 2 cups of such a drink per day.

Different ways of making instant coffee

Selection tips

There are no clearly described rules for choosing freeze-dried coffee, however, you can rely on the basic properties of instant, necessary for a person who cares about his time and his health.

It is best to give preference to glass containers or special soft metallized packaging, which retain all the properties of freeze-dried coffee in a reduced amount. It is better not to take plastic packaging. Pay attention to tightness.

Check expiration date. A product that has been stored for more than 2 years is likely to be full of preservatives that destroy the nutrients in coffee.

If possible, you need to study the state of the coffee pyramids. Each of them should be large enough, not fragmented. Broken integrity indicates broken rules in production technology.

The price also indicates the quality of coffee, as it depends on the number of control stages of preparation of the drink.


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