We are preparing an autumn ball for high school students

Autumn has always been loved by young people for the brightness of landscapes and holidays, which are most often arranged at this time of year. The blessed time is famous for a surge of physical and creative activity in people of all ages. Autumn ball for high school students is a traditional event that is held in any school where they care about the self-realization of the younger generation. This colorful holiday is usually organized in October to be able to use natural materials in the design of the premises and costumes.

autumn ball for high school students

Features of the preparatory phase

In order for the holiday to be held at a high level and leave the most vivid impressions with the audience and participants, the scenario of the autumn ball for high school students must be carefully thought out. It is necessary to take into account age-related features and provide the necessary amount of time for the contestants to prepare. In educational institutions where there is a well-functioning system of work, all educational collective affairs are already listed in the work cycle, so classes are prepared in advance, involving the parent community and the leaders of school circles in joint creative activities. An autumn ball for high school students will be more interesting if its script consists of three parts: information, competition and dance.

Information block

script for the fall ball for high school students
This part consists of information about the upcoming event: the purpose of the event, the participating classes, the jury. All these data can be voiced by the presenters at the very beginning of the holiday or decorated as a program. Traditionally, an autumn ball for high school students is held for students in grades 8–11, who demonstrate their abilities in the intellectual and creative sphere. Most often, each team is represented by one couple, which competes with other contestants for the victory.

Competitive block

This most interesting part of the program consists of simple tasks that are performed by participants on the stage. For example, a quiz with questions:

- Why are balls and weddings traditionally held in the fall? (end of agricultural work)

- What famous writer and poet managed to sing this season of the year more colorful than others? Give examples? (A.S. Pushkin + quote from any famous poem)

When the autumn ball is being prepared, the senior classes can find their opponents any riddles and puzzles on a given topic. Such a competition is held between the fans while the contestants change clothes.

One of the traditional tasks at such events is a costume contest from improvised materials. In such suits, autumn themes and a pronounced environmental focus are welcome.

Dance block

For such a competition, audio cuts are prepared from various melodies and songs, which include classical and modern works. Couples on stage continuously dance, trying to move to the beat of the music. An autumn ball for high school students must certainly end with a general disco, at which the results of the contest are announced and diplomas and gifts are presented.

high school ball


When summing up, the titles Mr. and Miss Autumn are usually awarded and crowns of bright leaves and fruits are awarded. It is better if, in addition to the decision of the official jury, the results of the audience vote are announced. As prizes, participants can be presented with crafts made by students of middle and lower grades.

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