The Interpretation and Meaning of the Tarot: Six of Wands

Man has always sought to be able to open the curtain behind which lies the future. Today, there are a huge number of ways that, perhaps, make it possible to predict the course of various events, helping to make the right decision and find the true path. One of the most popular methods for obtaining information of interest is fortune-telling on the Tarot deck. However, in order to understand what the cards are talking about, it is necessary to thoroughly know the interpretation of each. We invite you to consider the interpretation and meaning of the Tarot Six of Wands, which refers to a number of younger Arkans.

What does the map look like

meaning tarot six wands

On the front side of the younger Arcana, which is the Six of Wands, there is a victorious warrior sitting astride a war horse. The warrior's head is decorated with a wreath of laurel leaves, the same decoration is on the staff, which is firmly clamped in his right hand and is located vertically above the ground. In the background, five more rods are seen triumphantly raised upwards.

Sacred meaning

The sacred meaning of the card lies in its colossal energy, which the warrior receives when riding a horse past a jubilant crowd. This is a positive energy that encourages action, creation. It accelerates the regeneration of forces, allowing a person to quickly gain the optimal physical shape and continue the triumphal procession through life. After he is charged with such energy, a new horizon opens for him to realize his own ambitions, and it also becomes possible to motivate other people to lead whole hordes.

This is Arkan leader. To such a conclusion come those who have studied the background of the suit. Ace gives the strongest energy to the very youngest cards - Two and Three, prompting them to action. After a long battle, the Arcana take a breath in the company of their supporter - the Four. With new powers, they rush into battle, which takes place under the sign of the Five. The long-awaited victory comes with the Six, on which a warrior rides on a horse in triumph, who managed to get new allies in the person of former enemies.

The victorious warrior was able to gain tremendous experience and also grow spiritually. He has matured to not only raise people and lead them along, but also become for them a mentor, patron. He is ready to inspire whole crowds, but a new test arises before him - the struggle against his own pride. It will begin exactly at the moment when others begin to turn away from their leader, show their disrespect and envy. All sorts of signs will come at this time, indicating internal fears warning of the presence of enemies.

six wands tarot meaning

Direct entry

As a rule, this Arkan is perceived and interpreted as a favorable sign. He indicates that in the near future it will be possible to realize any undertaking. Man will be lucky, all dreams will come true. But during the fortune-telling, much will depend on the combination of cards that have fallen in one scenario. Tarot value The Six of Wands, which fell in the upright position, may indicate the following:

  • The efforts made by a person in a particular business will bring excellent results, satisfaction and material well-being.
  • Efforts will be noticed and appreciated. Excellence is on the side of the fortuneteller.
  • The ability to find a common language with people.
  • Respect from the immediate environment.
  • Good news.
  • Promotion on a career ladder, representation to a new rank.

the interpretation and meaning of tarot six wands

Inverted Tarot Six of Wands

An upside down card indicates the following:

  • Bad news.
  • Full fiasco in the fight against competitors.
  • Loss.
  • A break up.
  • Failure in any endeavor.
  • Fear of taking the next step, absolute self-doubt. Every day of doubt moves away from the long-awaited victory, which will soon seem completely impossible.
  • Total criticism even from close people.
  • Losing precious time.

Health alignment

The value of the Tarot Six Wands in the scenario for health symbolizes the end of the rehabilitation period, the victory over the disease. In an inverted position - you must be extremely careful. Beware of falling from a height. It is also recommended to eat more fruits rich in vitamins, since immunity is most likely weakened. In the near future, there is a chance that there will be problems with the spine, an allergic reaction will occur or minor injuries will be received.

the meaning of tarot six wands in love and relationships

Situation in the upright position

When guessing at any situation, the value of the Tarot Six Wands indicates a successful result that will exceed all expectations. Absolutely all enemies who stand in the way will be defeated, put to flight or punished. The winner will be able to enjoy the triumph in full, receiving tremendous benefits from the situation.

In the meaning of the Tarot, the Six of Wands says that to win, you will need the help of third parties who will be involved at each stage. As allies, you can use relatives, friends and colleagues.

Since a group of people is shown on the map, this indicates that the situation will be resolved faster when the interests of all participants intersect in it. Each is aimed at obtaining its own benefit, but in general, one global problem is being solved. Also, in the meaning of the Tarot, the Six of Wands says that a fortuneteller can receive a win, for example, a large inheritance.

six tarot wands of the mysterious world

Inverted situation

The inverted Tarot Six of Wands, the value of which is extremely negative, suggests that a difficult period lies ahead. Luck will turn away from the fortuneteller, there will be only doubts everywhere, an acute shortage of funds, a series of various troubles. Because of your own cowardice, you decided not to undertake a business that could help achieve the desired result, gain material independence. Now everything is falling out of hand. You will not be able to get a new job, position or successfully conduct a business meeting with a potential investor.

On the personal front, too, one should not count on the favor of fate. Your romantic relationship will end as quickly as it began. Friends will not be able to support you in difficult times, and colleagues will no longer respect. If you are married, then perhaps your partner will be convicted of treason.

The layout for work in the upright position

The value of the Tarot The Six Wands during the alignment of professional activity indicates absolute success. This is a great sign for those who are interested in career growth. Arkan points to good chances to achieve the most incredible goals, recognition by colleagues of your authority. Success in the workflow will not go unnoticed. Higher authorities will definitely pay attention to you by offering an increase or a substantial increase in wages.

The card indicates good luck in all matters related to business. Ahead is the ideal time to end long-term projects, even those that previously seemed impossible. The efforts you make will pay off in full. Unprecedented prospects will open up, an opportunity to expand the business will appear.

The value of the Tarot card Six Wands indicates that a new leader will appear in the team who will be able to motivate his colleagues and make the work process more efficient. He will be able to build his own strategy, determine the role of everyone and become a real leader, who can take absolutely any peak.

For a person in search of a new job, the card symbolizes good luck. The fortuneteller will be able to get exactly the vacancy of which he had dreamed all his life. He will be able to unleash the inner potential, become an excellent specialist. If you intend to go for an interview in the near future, and you receive the Tarot Card Six of Wands - its meaning says that you can cast aside all fears and doubts. Even despite the enormous competition, you will receive the desired position, you will be able to prove yourself from the best side and achieve the location of the future bosses.

For those who have + an important meeting or negotiation, this Arkan also symbolizes success. The fortuneteller will be able to get the maximum benefit, make useful contacts. Ahead of you is waiting for a favorable period for business trips and business trips.

six rods inverted tarot meaning

Inverted work position

The inverted Arkan symbolizes serious obstacles to the cherished goal. Clouds begin to gather over the fortuneteller. Most likely, enormous difficulties will arise at work, as well as a complete lack of mutual understanding with colleagues. Your envious people and enemies become more active, they will make attempts to remove you from your post. If Arkan the Hermit falls out next to the inverted Six of Wands, then this alignment is very dangerous for leaders. As a rule, the map indicates a number of problems that will have to be solved independently.

You should pay attention to the immediate environment. Perhaps one of the employees will decide to disclose some important information that will get to your worst competitors, putting the business at risk.

A flipped card may indicate that your efforts and investments were in vain. You will not be able to get the desired profit, because the wrong strategy was chosen. Arkan does not advise signing securities, or making crucial negotiations. In the near future, it is likely that your business will fail completely. You will become bankrupt.

Tarot Six of Wands: Interpretation and Significance in a Relationship

In the upright position, the card can be called happy. From the side it may seem that the relationship of two loving hearts reigns complete idyll, mutual understanding and infinitely tender feelings. But in fact, such relations are very difficult to call ideal. In love, the Tarot Six Wands indicates that the family has a pronounced winner who suppressed the will of his partner. However, the defeated, as a rule, does not even feel like a victim. He is absolutely satisfied with this role.

In the case of love, the meaning of the Tarot Six Wands can be as follows: this is an indication of the past crisis in the love tandem, that the couple managed to pass all the tests with dignity, to maintain their union. Now there is nothing to fear, because your relationship has become much stronger.

If in the life of a fortuneteller a love triangle has formed, then in the layout it is worth paying attention to the position of the card. The person in whose place this Arkan will be located will emerge victorious from the current situation. It will depend on him a lot in love and relationships.

Significance of the Tarot The Six Wands in the distribution of a lonely person is a good sign. In the near future there will be an opportunity to win someone’s heart, to make or receive an offer. This will not require much effort.

Tarot Card Meaning Six Wands

Inverted relationship

Inverted Arkan indicates a desire to conquer the person you like. However, despite the efforts of the fortuneteller, all his efforts will remain in vain. If we are talking about a married couple, then the card indicates that one of the partners is very complex, because of which it is impossible to reach a compromise in any issue. It may also indicate a complete loss of trust between spouses.

Characteristics of the personality according to the distribution of cards from the Tarot deck of the Mysterious World

The meaning of the Six Wands is the winner. She points to a person who has independently achieved success in life. He is pursued by luck and does not leave a great mood. He is a great speaker who is able to lead the people. He was born with the makings of a true leader.

This person is distinguished by mercy. He enjoys helping those in need. It is easy to negotiate with him, for example, about a charity event. Having material possibilities, he tries to make the life of those around him happy. He is not afraid to part with money, as he is confident in his own abilities and tomorrow.

Do not cultivate pride in yourself

Despite the tremendous opportunities, people who have secured the support of the Six Wands most often remain in the shadows. But there are those who behave excessively pompous, exposing their wealth to the public. They need to feel power over others, to see envy in the eyes of their environment. They do not understand that such actions cripple their own fate, do everything possible so that people turn away from them.


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