How to become a long-liver? Tips from around the world: the secret to longevity

The answer to the question "What is the secret of longevity?" many scientists are looking for. It is known that people leading a healthy lifestyle celebrate their 85th birthday, but how to survive to 100 or more years is still a mystery. However, there are a number of tips that can help you increase your life expectancy.


An important factor that affects the duration of human life and its quality is heredity, that is, the body's ability to maintain the properties and signs of its ancestors. Therefore, if you want to celebrate a century, you have a reason to study your family tree. Find out what ailments your relatives suffered from, whether there were long-livers in the family. You can create a family tree according to the scheme below.

How to become a long-liver

Longevity components

Long-lived people note several important factors affecting the quality and life expectancy. These include:

  • regular physical activity;
  • the right psychological attitude;
  • environment;
  • hygiene;
  • mental activity;
  • proper nutrition.

Longevity Nutrition

If you look at the statistics, you can find an amazing fact: the majority of healthy people whose age exceeds 100 years live in Japan, namely in Okinawa. The secret to their longevity may lie in food. Locals eat a lot of fish, vegetables and grains. They avoid dairy products, meat and eggs. This nutritional system is followed by long-livers Daisy McFadden from the United States of America. Her diet consists of fruits and cereal for breakfast, fish or chicken and salad for lunch, as well as lean meat and steamed vegetables for dinner. Her age has already exceeded the mark of 100 years.

Longevity Nutrition

Nutrition of Japanese centenarians

A special role in cooking among the Japanese is played by the number 5. It is this amount of ingredients that should be part of the dish. 5 ways of processing products, 5 shades of food, 5 tastes should be combined in one dish. In addition, before the meal, the Japanese pronounce 5 sacred phrases. During meals, people think that food heals a person and maintains his health. To the question "How to become a centenarian?" in tips from around the world you can find the following answer: you need to eat the right foods. This is what Japanese centenarians eat:

  • Vegetables. You can cook a huge number of dishes, which include fresh or processed vegetables. In addition, algae rich in vitamin C and iodine are included in the Japanese diet.
  • Soya. This product is also used in different variations. Sauces, soups and cheese are made from it.
  • Fig. Croup contains a large amount of carbohydrates, so nutritionists recommend eating rice. If there is rice boiled without salt, then all toxins and toxins will come out of your body, and the cholesterol level will return to normal.
  • Fish. This product is the basis of many dishes. Regular consumption of fish prevents many diseases and protects people from the development of cancer.

Water mode

Everyone knows that it’s good for your health to drink a few glasses of clean still water per day. How to become a long-liver, drinking liquid correctly? First, you need to listen to your body and not torment it: as soon as you feel that you have drunk enough water in a day, stop. Secondly, review your diet. Refuse any carbonated drinks, including diet drinks. They should be replaced with clean water, juices, milk or tea. It is this advice that American resident Daisy McFadden follows, which we have already mentioned. You can afford a couple cups of coffee or some alcohol a couple of times a week. It will not harm your health, as Dr. David Prince claims.

How to become a centenarian tips from around the world

Pamper yourself

Reflecting on the question of how to become a long-liver, many people present a very strict diet that does not allow you to consume any goodies. However, doctors advise older people to pamper themselves, sometimes eating something tasty. You can eat some chocolate chip cookies, enjoy a cake or a hamburger. That's exactly what Viola Crowson does, celebrating her 100th anniversary. Despite the fact that you need to limit the consumption of red meat and carbohydrates, sometimes you can afford a small portion.

Don't be lazy

To strengthen your health and extend your life, you don’t have to make inquiries on the Internet, such as “Secrets of longevity” or “How to become a centenarian?”. It is enough to lead an active lifestyle and not let laziness take over. No matter how you like to soak in bed or watch TV, force yourself to get up and do something useful. Cook food yourself, clean the apartment or just walk along the street. People whose age exceeds 100 years remain active after retirement. They join charity clubs and help to collect donations for various foundations.

Physical activity

Do not forget about sports. Exercise every day to keep yourself fit. Pay great attention to your legs, arms, and back. On the Internet you can find special programs drawn up by experienced trainers for the elderly. Remember: not only exercises, but also daily activities strengthen your muscles. Try to go for short walks, climb the stairs and carry bags of groceries, garbage bags and linen to the laundry yourself. According to statistics, more than 40% of people who have reached the age of 100 regularly go for walks. Among them is Elmer Easton, who is 102 years old.

Walking in the fresh air is useful not only because of physical activity. People who spend most of their time in the four walls are deficient in vitamin D. This can lead to serious illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and immune system problems. Claudia Fine - a specialist in working with older people - claims that sunlight has a beneficial effect on a person’s mood.

Secrets of longevity or how to become a long-liver

Mental activity

To maintain mental activity and prevent dementia in old age, train your brain activity. Solve crosswords and maths regularly, take part in quizzes. If you know how to play any musical instrument, practice at least twice a week. All this will help you stay active.


In addressing the issue of how to become a centenarian, a person’s environment plays a large role. Married people who communicate with relatives, according to statistics, live longer. One of the reasons is the spouses support each other, care about the health of the second half. However, not only romantic relationships are important, but also friendships. According to the survey, more than 80% of centenarians communicate with relatives and friends daily.

To live a long and happy life, you need to find the meaning of your existence. 100-year-old people need constant communication with representatives of the young generation. If they educate grandchildren and great-grandchildren, betray their knowledge and experience to them, then they feel their value, and this creates a positive attitude.

Spiritual activity

Again, according to statistics, 60% or more centenarians meditate or pray every day. They go to church once a week and seek the opportunity to meditate in a relaxed atmosphere. Doctors agreed that spiritual activity prolongs life.

What is the secret of longevity


How to become a long-liver? You need to lead a healthy lifestyle, engage in physical activity and avoid negative emotions. Another important factor affecting life expectancy is personal hygiene. For example, you need to use dental floss. A huge number of bacteria live in the mouth and cause intestinal problems. Some of them, when they enter the circulatory system, can cause not only heart failure, but also micro strokes that provoke the development of dementia.

Positive attitude

Psychiatrist Gary Kennedy is convinced that optimistic people have better health. This is due to the fact that depression leads to various diseases and the gradual extinction of personality. Indeed, 100-year-old people are trying to drive away bad thoughts from themselves. According to the long-lived woman Daisy McFadden, she looks pleased because she keeps away from unpleasant places, people and things.

Active longevity

Academician A.A. Mikulin lived for more than 90 years, as he led an active lifestyle. He believed that a lack of motor activity leads to problems with blood vessels. Leonardo da Vinci said the same thing, who claimed that the elderly die from a lack of oxygen supply to the brain as a result of vasoconstriction. Therefore A.A. Mikulin compiled a system of active longevity, in which he shared several ways of how to quickly restore the functioning of blood vessels.

Active longevity

Firstly, you should regularly walk or jog. You need to walk briskly, with a straight back, confidently touching the ground with your whole foot. As a result, muscles contract well. In addition, it helps to cleanse the body of toxins. After a walk, be sure to take a cool shower to help you feel alert.

Another useful exercise is vibro-gymnastics. It is performed as follows: a person stands on his toes, tearing off the heel from the floor by only 1 cm, and then abruptly appears on the surface of the entire foot. As a result, the whole body shakes, and the blood receives an impulse for faster upward movement. Exercise is performed 30 times.

The Hunza Tribe

A tribe of centenarians lives between India and Pakistan. They live in isolation from the whole world, they do not have the Internet and houses with a heating system. However, the territory of their residence is called Happy Valley. Why is this happening? The fact is that the hunza are distinguished by good endurance and high ability to work. And most importantly - the average life expectancy of the Huns is 110 - 120 years. Until their death, they are engaged in farming and hiking in the mountains.

Longevity Tribe

They sleep on a solid stone surface, and this has a beneficial effect on the condition of the musculoskeletal system. For 10 months they live in the fresh air. Wash themselves in cold water, do not use soap, shampoos and powders and any other chemicals. They lead a healthy lifestyle - do not drink alcoholic beverages and do not smoke. In addition, they eat right, eating only homemade food in small quantities. Perhaps this is precisely the secret of their longevity.


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