Rhine cruise on a boat - description, features and reviews

The mighty Rhine river is a symbol of Germany. She is born in the distant Alps, in Switzerland. And it flows into the North Sea near Amsterdam. But it is the German banks of the Rhine that are inscribed on the UNESCO List as the natural and man-made heritage of mankind.

What does it mean? That not only steep cliffs, cliffs and terraces enchant travelers of the Rhine. They are literally studded with ancient castles and picturesque vineyards. Behind each turn of the river, new views open up. And it is best to contemplate them on board a comfortable ship.

And to also learn interesting stories about castles and the surrounding area, you should go on a cruise along the Rhine with a Russian-speaking group. You can start the journey from distant Basel, where the river becomes navigable, and end it in Amsterdam. Or follow the same road, but in the opposite direction, rising to the headwaters of the Rhine.

But there is an opportunity to do only a fragment of a long journey, for example, from Cologne to Koblenz. In this article we will talk about various travel offers on this beautiful river.

River Rhine Cruises

What a traveler needs to know

The Rhine never freezes, therefore, the period of navigation along the river is all year round. Of course, during the cruise, I want to walk along the open deck of the ship and even, if possible, sunbathe in the solarium. For this reason alone, prices depend on the time of year.

They are highest in the summer months, as well as from the period of Christian Christmas (25.12) and on New Year's. The cost of Rhine cruises drops in winter and late fall. The price of cruises depends on the route.

To prevent passengers from choosing a route from point A to point B, companies organizing round trips along the river provide for stops in the opposite direction at other ports. There is an opportunity to swim not only along the Rhine, but also along its major tributaries - Main and Mosel.

The waterways of Europe are interconnected by canal systems. Therefore, cruise river liners can begin their journey in Budapest or Bucharest, on the Danube, and complete it at the mouth of the Rhine, in Amsterdam. The price of the cruise also depends on the comfort of the vessel, the services on board and, of course, on the class of the chosen cabin.

One day river walks

In addition to the huge liners, many tourist motor ships run along the Rhine, on board of which you can also make an exciting journey. Their route is designed in such a way as to complete a circle in a day. After all, there are no passenger cabins on board such ships.

But the rest of the ships are quite comfortable. They have an open deck and a spacious lounge with panoramic windows. On board is a chic restaurant. On some ships you can take an audio guide, including in Russian. In the reviews, tourists characterize such cruises on the Rhine by boat as an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with small German towns, such as Urpel or Linz.

After all, large liners can only moor in specially equipped ports. Thus, their passengers can only see medieval castles, but not visit them. Travelers recommend going on tourist steamboats up the river - for example, from Bonn to the legendary Lorelei rock.

Throughout the year, the Rhine in Lights holidays are held in different coastal cities. It is best to watch the illuminations and fireworks from the side of a smartly decorated flotilla.

Rhine Walking Cruises

Short cruises

Do not consider a tourist ship as a solid floating vehicle? Do you want to fall asleep at least a few nights and wake up to the splashing of river waves? Then you should go on a full cruise.

This may be a segment of some grand voyage. For example, from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam or from Strasbourg to Basel. But if you want to return from sailing to the starting point of the trip, then you need to choose the appropriate cruise on the Rhine.

Comfortable liners Alina and Amelia depart from Cologne, marked with five anchors, which corresponds to the level of service of 5 stars. They follow south to Koblenz, and then turn back. The whole tour lasts three days (two nights).

The cost of the cruise includes full board on board and access to entertainment infrastructure. At the moment, you can order tours only in November, and even the "suites" have already been sold before the end of the year.

In low season, a cabin with a non-opening porthole on the lower deck costs 209 euros (15,120 rubles), and with a balcony - 319 (23,136 rubles). In the New Year period, prices increase, respectively, to 280 Є (20,380 rubles) and 350 euros (25,385 rubles).

Traveling as part of a Russian-speaking group

During a cruise along the great Rhine River, you can not only see, but also hear a lot of interesting things. It will be a pity if all this information about the history of medieval castles or the ancient legends of the Nibelungs passes by your ears, because you do not know English or German.

Such tourists should look for appropriate Rhine cruises. Russian groups embark on a 4-day journey from Strasbourg (France) aboard the Leonardo de Vinci. The gastronomic adventure tour starts on October 30th. Passengers make stops in Reynaud, Alt-Breisach, Markolsheim (Germany) and arrive back to Strasbourg.

The word "Gastronomic" in the name of the tour allows us to judge that the emphasis in the journey is on savoring French cheeses, rainewine and Moselle wine. Such a cruise costs from 61,640 rubles per person.

It is possible to choose another route with Russian-speaking groups, lasting six days, a week, from eight to 28 days. Let's consider them in more detail.

Cologne to Strasbourg Cruises

Circular routes for 6-7 days

There is nothing better than celebrating New Year on board a cruise ship. The Russian group sets off on December 30, 2018 aboard the same Leonardo de Vinci. Rhine Cruise "New Year's Magic" begins and ends in Amsterdam (Holland).

During the tour, passengers will get acquainted with the sights of Cologne, see the charming medieval castles, towering on both banks of the Rhine - from Bonn to Koblenz.

The liner will make stops in Ruedesheim and Cohen, will go into the winery valley of the Moselle. On the way back, passengers will visit Dusseldorf. And such a cruise costs, if you book it in advance, from 60 and a half thousand rubles.

New Year Rhine Cruise

Rhine River Cruise on Allemania

All liners making tours provide their passengers with high quality service. Some ships have a swimming pool, while others have saunas. And of course, there are restaurants and bars everywhere. Multi-deck river liners are floating hotels with an All Inclusive program on board.

Guests are entertained by the animators program. The motor ship Alemania has a heated pool, a sauna, a cinema, and a library. In addition, the stern of the promenade of this ship is fully glazed.

This allows you to enjoy the views of the Rhine even in wet, rainy and windy weather. And this feature of the ship is very relevant. After all, a tour for the New Year is intended for the Russian-speaking group. “Alemania” leaves from Dusseldorf on the evening of December 27th.

Stops are provided in Koblenz, Manheim, Strasbourg, Speyer, Mainz, Boppard, Bonn and Cologne. The ship returns to Dusseldorf on January 3. The tour program also includes a bus excursion to the Neckar River Valley, to the glorious city of Heidelberg.

The price includes a New Year’s menu, three meals a day, a welcome cocktail, a captain’s dinner, access to the pool, gym and other infrastructure on board.

8-day non-circular trip

On the same ship "Alemania", a cruise along the Rhine can be made (though not in the Russian-speaking group) from Amsterdam to Basel. The whole trip lasts 8 days (7 nights). On the way, the liner makes stops in Cologne, Koblenz, Rüdesheim, Manheim, Speyer and Strasbourg.

Cabins on Alemania 3 * are divided into two classes. The 12 square meters “Standards” are located on the lower and upper decks. In the first category - a window that does not open is a porthole. The standard double room on the upper deck has a large window.

Junior suites, which are located on Upper Desc (24 sq. M.), Are equipped with French balcony windows. All rooms have air conditioning with individual remote control, TV, telephone, bathroom, hairdryer. For guests of the “suites” filled minibars are provided. The cost of such a tour starts from 67 thousand rubles.

Rhine boat cruise reviews

Mosel Tours

We have already mentioned that during cruises on the Rhine you can get acquainted with other navigable tributaries of the river. The comfortable ship “A-Rosa Flora” invites you to take a fascinating 6-day trip around the Moselle and Main.

The “Magic Fairy Tale of Europe” cruise starts from Cologne and arrives there too. Passengers head up the Rhine to Koblenz, and then along the Moselle and Main to Frankfurt, making stops along the way also in Rüdesheim and Strasbourg. Prices for such a tour vary depending on the season.

Now you can book a summer cruise. Cabins on the lower deck with a porthole will cost 1,200 euros (87,000 rubles). Suites with balconies for the summer are already sold out. In the low season (November), you can book an economy class room for 750 euros (54,395 rubles), a cabin with a balcony - for a thousand, and a suite - for 1,350 euros (98,000 rubles).

Rhine and Moselle Cruises

On North

River cruises on the Rhine can be made not only in the upper river. If you want to get acquainted with the Benelux countries, then you can book a tour to the mouth. They are regularly made from Cologne by A-Rosa. Her ship "Silva" 4 * explores the lower Rhine in great detail.

The liner floats along the river, and enters Horn, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ghent, Ternezen, Antwerp and Nijmegen. Such a cruise lasts 8 days and costs from 91,050 rubles per person.

A cheaper tour is offered by the same company on its A-Rosa Aqua 4 * liner. It lasts 6 days and costs from 55 500 rubles in the low season, and from 77 800 rubles in the high season.

“A-Rosa Aqua” in its trip to Northern Europe calls at the ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf.

Rhine and Danube Cruises

For Russian tourists who want to enjoy a river vacation in full, we offer a grand tour that lasts more than one week. On June 20, the Trans-European Passage cruise starts from Vienna.

This 11-day trip will allow passengers on the River Navigator to see Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Würzburg, Miltenberg and Mainz. The journey ends in Strasbourg.

There is an opportunity to continue traveling aboard this ship, and drive an extra week to Amsterdam, bypassing the ports of Speyer, Mainz, Rüdesheim, Koblenz and Cologne.

Rhine Cruises reviews

Mega Grand Tours

21- or 28-day cruises along the great rivers and stunning canals will allow you to see several European countries at once. A Russian group departs from Bucharest on June 10 aboard the River Navigator.

For three weeks of travel (and 236 thousand rubles), passengers will see Vidin and Belgrade, the Iron Gate and Novi Sad, Budapest and Osijek, Bratislava and Vienna, Passau and Regensburg, as well as Nuremberg, Würzburg, Bamberg, Miltenberg, Mainz and Strasbourg.

Those who find this not enough may pay 80 thousand rubles and continue the journey to Amsterdam. Reviews characterize such Rhine cruises as an unforgettable tour for a lifetime. Not a single passenger regretted the money spent on a long trip.

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