Why is a person talking in a dream

The question “why does a person speak in a dream” can be answered in one word - this is doubtful. Another name is the phenomenon of coexistence. This feature has been known to people for a long time, but it is worth noting that to date, scientists have not given an explanation for this phenomenon. Many believe that the ability to talk in a dream is inherited. And this has some connection with sleepwalking. From this feature, according to scientists, mostly men suffer. And this is a rather rare occurrence, since in a dream only 5 percent of those living on Earth can talk.

Why is a person talking in a dream
To understand why a person is talking in a dream, you need to know that only people of a certain emotional state are endowed with this feature. Psychologists studying this phenomenon believe that in this situation a person speaks those words that he uttered a little earlier in reality.

I want to note that in a dream, small children can speak. Parents do not need to worry, because if a sleeping child speaks, this helps to adapt him in the outside world. The baby’s psyche is weaker than that of an adult, and any event can cause him an experience. The child speaks in a dream under the influence of new bright emotions and impressions. But if this feature is also accompanied by nightmares, then it is already worth worrying.

Man speaks in a dream
Many experts who study why a person is talking in a dream confirm all of the above. This feature is harmless. These are just projections of personality consciousness, thoughts, emotional shock. Usually, if they say in a dream, it does not last more than half a minute. But during the night it can be repeated.

When a person speaks in a dream, he usually does not remember this. His speech may be offensive or eloquent, illegible or vulgar. It can be a scream or a whisper, like a dialogue with someone or a conversation with oneself.

Violation of the sleep phase and nightly fears are the main causes of such a phenomenon as somnilocquia. Some people are very difficult to wake up when they speak, then they start to kick and toss and turn. According to psychologists, aggressive behavior during a dream is a reflection of the character of a person in life. Those who are characteristic of this are quite cruel. Yes, they restrain aggression during the day, but at night they completely relax on a subconscious level.

Why does a person talk in a dream? It can also occur due to medications, fever, drug addiction, mental illness or substance abuse.

If in a dream they say
If this problem bothers you, you should seek the help of a doctor. He will suggest a polysomnography or a sleep study. To answer the question of why a person is talking in a dream, the doctor will start a special diary in which for several weeks he will record information about the drugs taken by the patient, drinks that are drunk before bedtime, etc. Thanks to these methods, it will be possible to determine the reason why ailment arose. After that, the specialist will tell his patient what he needs to do in order to get rid of the problem.

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