How to make a whistle from a tree yourself?

A whistle made of wood is a fun children's toy. The process of its manufacture can cause interest in both a child and an adult, especially since making it yourself is quite easy. At the same time, not everyone knows how to make a whistle. Although this activity does not take much time and effort. There is also no need for any special tool. All you need is a regular knife.

Branch selection

A whistle is best done from brittle willow twigs. But do not destroy a living tree. Many branches can be gathered next to it. Twigs with a thickness of not more than one centimeter are best suited. With them you can easily remove the bark with a knife.

Having collected enough branches, it is worth choosing the only one from which you will make a whistle. To do this, find the most equal branch without knots and damage. Only 5-8 centimeters of a clean and even area on a branch will be enough. Pay attention to the bark: it must be perfect. The presence of kidneys will not be an obstacle - they can be simply removed.

how to make a whistle

After choosing a branch, you can trim the excess part on one side, before starting a smooth section. Measuring from him 5-7 centimeters, make a circular incision. It will make a slot resembling a ring. It should not be too deep, just cut through the bark, hitting the wood.

Remove the bark

It is necessary to separate the bark. We roll the stick on the table, pressing on it. You can tap the handle of a knife. This will weaken its structure, and it will be much easier to separate it from the branch.

After tapping it is necessary to remove the bark with a rotational movement. It is important that she does not suffer. The bark should take off easily. If necessary, then repeat the tapping on the branch. After removal, you will receive a cylinder from the bark. After laying 1-2 cm, make an incision in the form of a semicircle.

Make a whistle

It is important to prepare all the details. A small cylinder should be cut from the β€œbare” branch, not more than 1-2 cm long. The side should be cut from this cylinder. The slice should be wedge-shaped - this will allow you to adjust the sound.

wood whistle

We begin the assembly. Place the cut round log with a wedge-shaped neck in its original place - in the cylinder from the bark. You need to place it until the cut is made by the narrower side.

The whistle is ready

Having figured out how to make a whistle, you should begin to test it. But the whistle should not only be tried, but also adjusted the sound. Press the free end of the tube from the cortex with your fingers, after which you need to blow into it as much as possible. As a result, we hear a whistle. Of course, it may not work the first time. Everything can be adjusted. Cut off a piece of the remaining branch and insert it into the free end of the tube from the bark. Moving it forward and backward, you can adjust the strength and frequency of the whistle.

Not recommended for use at home. After all, the sound of a whistle is extremely distinct and strong. The best option for fun with this toy is a country house or cottage.

whistle sound
Now you know how to make a whistle from a tree yourself. By analogy, you can make a more complex version of the whistle - the flute. To do this, you need a stick of the same thickness, but of a greater length - 10-12 cm. We also remove the bark and get a cylinder from it. Here, instead of one round cut, 3-4 cuts are necessary. By plugging the open end of the tube with a wand, you can adjust the sound timbre with translational movements. Covering the holes with your fingers, you can play simple but pleasant melodies.

Having learned how to make a whistle, you can make it quickly and in the shortest possible time. After all, this requires only the right branch and a simple knife. This skill is especially useful for adults who want to please their children with such a toy. Having spent quite a bit of time and energy, you can please the child by delivering him a lot of positive emotions.


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