Basketball backboard dimensions and other requirements

Any basketball court should be equipped with two boards that are installed on racks at its ends. The rings used by teams to earn points are also attached directly to them. An important role is played not only by the size of the basketball backboard, but also by the materials from which it is made. As a rule, unbreakable tempered glass acts in their role . The degree of hardness of the shield should be the same as that of an analogue made of hardwood three centimeters thick. It is allowed to use for creating shields and other materials, the main thing is that they be painted white and meet official requirements.

basketball backboard dimensions

The standard dimensions of the basketball backboard in width and height should be equal to 1.8 and 1.05 m, respectively. In this case, in the first case, a deviation of 3 cm from the accepted parameters is allowed, and in the second - 2 cm. The lower shield line, according to official rules, Located above the site at an altitude of 2.9 m.

The design and dimensions of the basketball backboard also include marking. In particular, at its edges is a rectangle with a width of 59 cm and a height of 45 cm. In addition, an important requirement is that the base of the shield should be located on the same level with the upper plane of the ring. Absolutely all applied lines are made in the form of strips 5 cm thick. If the shield is transparent, then the strips are drawn with white paint, in all other cases - black.

standard sizes of basketball backboard

Installation of boards is carried out parallel to the end lines and perpendicular to the site. Due to the fact that the size of the basketball backboard is considerable, separate requirements are also imposed on the design on which they are installed. In particular, it should be upholstered with soft material (minimum thickness of 5 cm) and should be located at a distance of at least two meters from the end of the playing field. It is important that the racks are clearly visible to competing basketball players, so they are painted in a color that contrasts with the walls of the gym premises. Among other things, these structures are firmly fixed so as not to bend even under the influence of the weight of the players. If there is a displacement of the structure, it should return to its original position in no more than four seconds. Compliance with these requirements improves competition safety.

design and dimensions of a basketball backboard

The official rules of the game apply not only to the size of the basketball backboard, but also to its upholstery. In particular, the sides are covered with soft material 5 cm thick from the bottom corners to a height of at least 35 cm. It should be noted that the so-called indentation coefficient for structures and panels is usually 50 percent. This is done in order to protect the basketball players of both teams from possible injuries and damage.

In addition to indicators such as the size of the basketball backboard, we also note the parameters of the ring that is attached to it. Its diameter is 45 cm (the maximum allowable value is 45.7 cm). The thickness of the metal used to make the ring is from 16 to 20 mm. In its lower part there are hooks that serve to attach the mesh. They should not have sharp edges or crevices - this allows you to protect the fingers of players.


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