Car wash: a business plan will help in opening

Profitable business is the dream of many. And the development prospects seem to be quite clear. But there are many factors that can interfere. First of all, an entrepreneur is faced with the need to choose a direction. A profitable option is the opening of a car wash. In order to organize everything, you will need money, time and nerves. In addition, you have to draw up a car wash business plan with calculations.

car wash business plan
The number of cars on the road is constantly growing. And every owner of a vehicle inevitably faces the need for washing. And for this, most turn to specialists. Does a car wash generate revenue? A business plan needs to be drawn up only after you are convinced of the profitability of the idea. Meanwhile, dust settles on cars in the summer, dirt in the autumn, and in winter they suffer from road salt. Therefore, you can have income all year round. Manual washing is the ability to serve up to 6 cars per hour. And the average payment for such services is 300 rubles. Dry cleaning costs about 4.5 thousand rubles. Your monthly revenue will be at least 8 thousand dollars. If you subtract from it the costs of technical needs, wages and rents, as a result, net profit will be about two thousand dollars. Is a car wash profitable? The business plan says yes.
self-service car wash business plan

If you are going to build a car wash, you will need to create a project. It is necessary in order to obtain documents that would permit the construction of the building. It is very important to carefully consider the location of your office. The best option is near roads in a densely populated area. You must first check the availability of competitors nearby. Open a car wash without the consent of the relevant authorities will not work. Therefore, you have to get permission. This will need to be done if you intend to carry out construction on the project.

Without equipment, a car wash will not work. A business plan should also contain this information. Need, of course, low and high pressure equipment. You will offer customers pre-washing machines with a spray of various detergents that are softened with water at a sufficiently high pressure. Then washing is done with softened hot water using brushes using detergents. Glass cleaning is carried out under low pressure with demineralized water. You also need to buy cleaning equipment. It will be necessary to connect a car wash system to it, in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological standards.

car wash business plan with calculations
What else is important to know if you want your car wash to be open? The business plan should contain information on staff recruitment. It is best to offer round-the-clock services, the only way you can get the maximum profit. And for this you will need to hire at least six people and one team leader. If we talk about salary, then the best option is a percentage of the work done. You will also need to order a beautiful sign, give ads in the media and the Internet.

Someone thinks that self-service car wash can bring big profit. The business plan is then drawn up differently.

The costs of organizing such a business will pay off in about 7 months. If you will build a building, then the period will stretch for a year and a half at least.


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