Some tips on how to paint nails in different colors

For many women, the procedure for staining nails is not particularly difficult, but the art of manicure requires the right approach, especially when the young lady, following the latest fashion trends, wants to look perfect and beautiful. And today, men like the fairer sex with multi-colored nails. At the same time, not all ladies know how to paint nails in different colors. Most people consider a similar design of manicure fresh, bright, perky.

how to paint nails in different colors

However, there are several options for resolving the issue of how to paint nails in different colors.

One of them, in particular, implies the use of several shades of varnishes at once. At the same time, each color should differ in saturation and contrast against the background of others. They primarily include: turquoise, scarlet, blue, green.

Considering the question of how to paint nails with different colors, it should be emphasized that purple, lime, red varnishes form an equally bright palette of colors.

As an alternative to a bright rainbow manicure, you can offer a variant muted in terms of the color palette. It implies similar contrasting shades. At the same time, varnishes are already not so shiny, and matte colors do not have such brightness - they are replaced by a neutral range of colors, including: faded yellow, pale blue, pale lime.

how fashionable to paint nails

So, how to paint nails in different colors?

To do this, you need a toothpick or a standard needle, as well as a varnish of 3-4 colors. The coloring matter should be applied to the nail so that it is the background for the pattern. After that, without waiting for the varnish to dry, immediately decorate the nail with a needle using a needle, which can be made in the form of flowers, plexus lines, gratings - it all depends on your imagination. This design option will be especially interesting for those who want to know how it is now fashionable to paint nails.

After drawing, it is necessary to dry the nail and use a fixative. The procedure for staining with a needle is mastered in about two hours. If you want to get the most colorful nail design, then you need to master the skills of water manicure. In this case, you will also have nails of different colors.

nails of different colors

To do this, you need a wide cup filled with water. This procedure should be done without delay, otherwise the varnish on the surface of the water may curdle. Pour a few drops of varnish into the water and use a toothpick to spread the varnish over the surface of the water. Dip your hand in a container of water, after which you should remove the rest of the coloring matter with a cotton swab. Only then can you take your hand out of the cup. Clean the varnish formed near the nails and on the fingers with acetone.

At the same time, following the beauty, a woman should not forget about her own health, since in some cases the use of nail polish is contraindicated for women. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, acetone, toluene can cause an allergic reaction and adversely affect the health of a pregnant woman.


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