How to make a chandelier with your own hands: photo

Creative people should use the skills and impulses of imagination in all areas of life. The interior of the apartment is no exception. A chandelier assembled with your own hands is an opportunity not only to show your talents, but also to significantly save the budget by arranging the interior.

What can a chandelier be made of?

In general, you can create a lampshade for a lighting device from a wide variety of materials, even those that seem unsuitable. A chandelier assembled by yourself (photos of interesting options are presented in the article) are most often created from such materials:

  • Plastic. At the same time, even plastic bottles and utensils can become the main raw material for creating an unusual lampshade.
  • Wood. If a person plans to make a wood chandelier with his own hands, he may need professional tools, as well as some wood working skills.
  • Threads. There are a lot of ready-made ideas, following which you can make a chandelier with your own hands at home from ordinary threads or yarn.
  • Cardboard is also a popular material for creating a lampshade for a lighting fixture. The main thing is that the sheets are strong, and the cutting device is sharp.
DIY Secrets to Making a Chandelier
  • Old musical instruments. This option will especially appeal to those people who cannot imagine their life without music. If an old drum or saxophone is found in the pantry or garage, then they may well be put to use. A similar appearance of the lighting device will create a thematic and unusual atmosphere throughout the room.
  • Kitchen appliances that are in the drawer will also help create a do-it-yourself chandelier that will delight residents and surprise guests.

Therefore, the material can be any. The main thing is to create this interior item with a soul.

Plastic bottle chandelier

This may surprise some, but even from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, you can create an incredible lampshade for any room, house or apartment. Before you make a chandelier with your own hands from this material, you should prepare the following parts and tools:

  • Plastic bottles of the right size and in the required quantity, depending on the chosen product design.
  • Cutting tool. It can be a clerical knife or sharp scissors that can cut plastic.
  • Stencils, according to which you can cut the desired shape or a ruler with which to measure the desired diameter and height of the parts.
  • Marker for marks of cut points.
  • Decor elements (if any are planned).

Having freed up space for work and having prepared all the materials and tools, you can begin to create an unusual lampshade. To facilitate the work, you can prepare a photo that will be used as a template. The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. First you need to cut the necessary parts from plastic bottles. There are several options. You can cut the bottom of a plastic product, it looks like a flower, or the main part is to make a neck with a hill to create the illusion of a candlestick.
  2. Then, on the pre-prepared form of the lamp itself, use hot glue to fix the form to the ceiling or attach it to the ropes (if the main part is the bottom of the plastic bottle). When creating complex plastic compositions, carefully glue all the elements that form the desired shape.
  3. After the main work, it remains only to fix the chandelier on the ceiling and screw in the bulbs.
    What to consider when creating a chandelier with your own hands

Wooden chandelier

If you have the skills to work with wood, then a design from this material, presented in the form of a lighting device, can be a great idea. To work, you will need:

  • Directly the material itself from which the lamp will be created.
  • Fasteners. They may vary depending on the design of the product.
  • The device for processing wood (if the raw material is not prepared for use).
  • Materials for coating the surface of the finished product. It can be paint if it is planned to modify the natural look of wood or varnish to cover the surface.

Having prepared all these materials and tools, you can begin to work. The sequence of creating a do-it-yourself chandelier from a tree is as follows:

  1. First, you need to carefully consider the appearance of the future lighting device. You can print a photo of the suitable option from the Internet or create a template yourself in a special program.
  2. Then you can start creating the elements you need to build. To do this, measure the details of the desired width and length, cut them out using a special device for wood.
  3. After that, you need to process and trim each element.
  4. The next stage is the assembly of the lampshade form for the chandelier with your own hands. It is important to carefully fix every detail, because wood is a rather heavy material and can carry a danger in case of improper assembly.
  5. The final step in creating such a lampshade is decoration. You can paint the surface, open it with varnish. And you can leave everything in its original form, introducing a piece of nature into the interior.
DIY wood chandeliers

Such a chandelier looks impressive and helps to equip an environmentally friendly space.

DIY Chandelier

To make a lampshade from such a material is very easy. It is enough just to have a little perseverance and desire to create a masterpiece from the most ordinary threads. The sequence of work is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to prepare the form by which the lampshade will be created. Namely, a balloon, a box or any other base on which the threads will be wound.
  2. Choose the thread of the required thickness and in the required quantity, based on the planned size of the lampshade. These threads in a chaotic order or in a certain geometry, wrap around the base.
  3. Each new turn should be carefully greased with glue.
  4. When the whole form is prepared, leave it for a while until the glue completely dries.
  5. Then carefully cut the inside (balloon or box) so as not to damage the threads, and remove the base from the structure.
  6. The final step is to paint the product in the desired color.
thread chandelier

Such a lampshade gives space comfort and warmth.

Chandelier from old musical instruments

If an old drum or pipe is found in a closet, pantry or garage, they can be used to create an interesting interior item. No difficulties in the collection process of such a lighting device will arise.

How to make a chandelier from musical instruments

Simply acquire reliable fasteners and install a ceiling in the interior of an unusable musical instrument. Such a lampshade for a chandelier will delight everyone who will be honored to see it.

DIY lampshade from kitchen appliances

Probably in every apartment and house there are kitchen appliances that are stored for special occasions or simply lie idle. But you can create the most unusual and creative lighting fixtures from them. Depending on the invented design, such materials and tools may be useful here:

  • The kitchen appliances themselves from which the lampshade will be created.
  • Fasteners or durable adhesive.
  • Tools for screwing individual elements of the product.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. First, you need to fix forks, spoons, cups or other devices used to create a lampshade with your own hands separately to the base.
  2. Then you can paint the finished structure in the desired color and open it with varnish. If desired, appliances can retain their original appearance.
  3. After complete drying, the structure can be fixed on the ceiling.
DIY cutlery chandeliers

Such an item will make a spark in the interior of the room and will please the owners with its originality.

Cardboard chandelier for the room

Before you make a chandelier yourself out of cardboard, you need to carefully consider the design of the product that you want to get at the exit. This will require:

  • Strong and thick cardboard.
  • Scissors or clerical knife.
  • Glue or thin screws with screws.
  • Paint.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. First you need to draw stencils on which the shape will be cut.
  2. Then, based on these stencils, a drawing is applied to the cardboard and the desired shape is cut out.
  3. Parts of the future lampshade are interconnected according to a previously thought-out scheme.
  4. The last step is to paint the surface in the desired color.
What materials can be made into a chandelier

The lampshade will turn out original and unusual even despite the simplicity of the material.

What to consider when creating a chandelier from improvised materials

When a person creates a lighting device for his own apartment or house, he must take into account the following facts:

  • The color scheme of the product. It should fit into the overall picture of the interior.
  • The lampshade style should also fit into the space and look harmoniously against the background of other objects.
  • It is also important to act in concert and slowly. This will create a high-quality and beautiful lighting device, which will not be any different from those that are presented in stores.

In any case, a home-made piece of furniture will allow you to show your imagination, add a piece of your soul to the space of an apartment or room.


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