Books of Ivan Okhlobystin: laughter through tears

Ivan Okhlobystin is known not only as a great actor and unique screenwriter, but also as an interesting writer. Today, his books are very popular among readers throughout Russia.

About creativity

The books of Ivan Okhlobystin are unique in their genre. They contain elements of both fantastic and comic genres at the same time. In addition, the author philosophizes a lot in his works, thereby giving ground for reflection to all readers. The most interesting thing is how Ivan Okhlobystin quickly gains popularity precisely as a writer.

books by Ivan Okhlobystin

His books are already known to so many readers today. But what is the highlight of Okhlobystin's work?

The meaning of books

By highlighting the global problems of mankind, in his books, Ivan Okhlobystin still manages to convey them to the reader with a laugh. This suggests that the life position of Okhlobystin is extremely ironic, because he perceives all world difficulties solely from his position, which also shows the other side of the world.

In addition, the author always describes some kind of drama, tragedy. However, the description does not drive the reader into apathy, but, on the contrary, changes his view of the situation, making him smile at how lyrical heroes foolishly talk about certain difficulties and vicissitudes of life.

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The Book of Secrets by Ivan Okhlobystin

In this work, Ivan discusses how a person becomes mature and experienced. The author calls the soul a great mystery and mystery in man. It is throughout life that it is formed under the influence of experience, events that occur with a person, with family difficulties of previous generations. In addition, the writer compares the formation of a person with the events that the Bible tells about: each stage of the life path can be attributed to any historical stage. It is very important, as the author notes, to understand. After all, each person at first was a small and stupid child. As he gets older and more and more wrong on his way, he gains experience and begins to understand things more serious and correct. The author himself says that at the very beginning of the journey each of us committed very rash and sometimes completely stupid things. This is due to the fact that at that time of his development, man set himself specific goals that change over the years. The general perception of the world is also changing. It is this riddle - why do we change our view of things over the years, why our soul "absorbs" the surrounding events into itself - is trying to unravel Okhlobystin in his work.

Reviews about the "Book of Secrets" by Ivan Okhlobystin are positive. Because the things that the author writes about really affect every reader.

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New books by Ivan Okhlobystin

One of Ivanโ€™s latest books was the work โ€œSongs of the Constellation of the Hounds of the Dogsโ€. The prose, written in satire, seemed to many critics to be similar to the works of Gabriel Marquez. That is exactly what they are now talking about the book of Ivan Okhlobystin - a work of the Russian Marquez.

The work surprises with its number of storylines. The events of the book of Ivan Okhlobystin tell about the life of several people living far from megacities. The life difficulties that heroes encounter and the ways to solve them can cause the reader not only laughter, but also tears. Everything that the author writes about, each of us constantly passes in his everyday life, because the heroes are such simple people who live their days in the hope of the best, rejoicing in simple things and not asking the Almighty for anything great.

This book by Ivan Okhlobystin is very fond of all readers, because it contains a real life drama, which is albeit absurd, but very common among ordinary people. Reading reviews of the work, you can see that the book is truly magnificent, it is like something crazy and crazy, which in the past was absolutely primitive.


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