DIY garden swing

We try to spend most of our free time in the warmer months on the infield, enjoying the fresh air and silence. Therefore, you should definitely take care of arranging a corner for relaxation. And if you have children, then about the playground. One of the main attributes of any site was a garden swing.

With your own hands, you can make every game element, piece of furniture for relaxation, arrange flower beds and convenient paths. Let's look at how you can make a garden swing with your own hands. To do this, you can use any improvised material that is available.

The simplest garden swing with your own hands

We need a strong rope, a plank and a tree with a strong branch located parallel to the ground at a sufficient height. We select a suitable board for sitting. Its size will depend on the purpose of the swing. A small rectangular piece of board is suitable for the baby. We drill a hole in each corner, stepping back from the edges three centimeters.

Cut two pieces of thin rope and throw them over a tree branch. We insert each end into the seat hole on its side. We knit in pairs, forming a loop from each segment, while aligning the edges of the seat in height. If desired, you can paint the seat or varnish it.

DIY garden swing from an old tire

In this case, the tire is used as a seat. The manufacturing principle is very similar to the previous one. We make four through holes in the tire. Throw the rope thrown over the branch through the holes made and tie the ends. If you don’t want to cut the tire, you can simply pass through the center hole and tie it. In this case, each end of the rope is fixed personally.

DIY swing for children

This model is suitable if there are several children in your family or you are ready to rock your child. We need a long sturdy board, a small thick block and a few blocks. Put the log on its side. We attach one bar tightly to it on each side so that they lie on the ground with one side, and we nail. This will fix the block and will not allow him to ride.

Divide the board into two equal parts and make a mark. We lay it on a log so that their center coincides. We enclose our crossbar on each side with small bars, not allowing it to move to the sides. At the end of the board we measure out thirty centimeters and fasten the bracket, which will serve as a handle. The seats are painted in bright color or varnished.

But what to do if there are no mature trees on the site, and you really want to assemble the hanging garden swing with your own hands? In this case, it is necessary to make side racks with a crossbar yourself, using a thick bar or pieces of metal pipe. The method you choose will depend on your carpentry or welding skills. We will consider the manufacture of lateral triangular supports from timber.

For one structural element, we need two long segments and one short. We take two large beams and fold them in such a way that we get the big letter β€œL” with small horns. We drill a through hole and fasten the parts with a bolt and nut. After this, we impose a short section of the beam, getting the capital letter β€œA”. Using the bolts we connect the parts. The crossbeam will give strength to our lateral support.

Having made two parts in this way, we dig them into the ground, placing them parallel to each other. If you want to give the structure more strength, then additionally concrete the legs of the side racks. On the finished side supports we lay the crossbar. It can be a metal pipe or bar. The horns will not let her slip. We fix it with the help of bolts, firmly screwing it to the side racks.

We produce a swing seat in the form of a bench with a back. To attach it to the crossbar, we use a thick chain. You can simply throw pieces of chain over the crossbar, fixing their ends on the back and seat of the bench, or hang the swing from the rings.


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