Blue and gold manicure: nail design. Gold manicure

Another hit of recent seasons was the design of nails blue with gold. Many celebrities and models demonstrate it at fashion shows. This is a luxury option for holiday occasions. It blends sophistication and solemnity. Blue and gold manicures are chosen by courageous girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. Well, consider the most popular applications of golden varnish on a blue surface.

gold pattern manicure

Good combination with gold jewelry

Nail design blue with gold is at the top of the popularity of modern nail art. Such a color combination is associated with ravishing wealth, wealth, luxury of the owner. The blue and gold design is great for gold jewelry. On the blue nail plates, various gold pattern techniques can be applied. In fantasy, the craftswoman is not limited.

The simplest design option for blue and gold nails is to highlight one or two nails with shiny varnish. It should be noted that the blue color has many shades. For spring and summer, bluish tones are more suitable. But in autumn and winter you can use saturated cornflower blue varnish and decorate it with golden elements. Below in the photo you can observe the New Year’s nail design blue with gold.

winter theme

Blue jacket with golden "smiles"

A classic French manicure with white tips has long been replaced by colorful nail art with a variety of stripes. A blue manicure with golden colors of tips or holes is just a masterpiece. Lilies of golden "smiles" can be of various shapes. There may be a double jacket when two are made instead of one golden strip. One can be made thinner and the other wider. Sometimes instead of "smiles" they simply make two golden stripes across or along, like the image below.

with gold stripes foil

Golden Confetti and Sparkles

A great addition to a plain manicure with blue varnish will be glitter, shimmer, confetti. They beautifully complement the magical blue nail art and fill it with a special charm. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it with sparkles. It is not necessary to cover with glitter all nail plates. It is enough to decorate with them only the tips of the nails. It is possible to use shiny elements only on the ring finger or index finger.

blue with glitter

Brilliant geometry

An unusually original design will be a blue manicure with a geometric gold pattern. You can draw various triangles, squares, zigzags, stripes in golden color. Nail design blue and gold autumn blends organically, looks elegant and tasteful. This is evidenced by the photo of our article.

To perform a geometric pattern, a special adhesive tape is used. It can be used in many ways. If you stick it on the nail plate diagonally, you get the original golden rhombus. Adhesive thin stripes help to create any geometric patterns. Sometimes you need to show imagination and cut the stencil out of scotch tape yourself. It will take your time a little, but the effect will be luxurious. Look at the wonderful golden geometry design in the photo below. Here you can observe the application of the color of rose gold.

geometric pattern

We offer you the easiest way to perform a geometric manicure of blue with gold:

  1. Apply blue varnish to all nails, wait until it dries.
  2. Seal diagonally the part of the nail so that a quarter of the plate remains free.
  3. Cover the free part with golden varnish, wait for drying.
  4. Perform a similar procedure on each nail.
  5. Now place the tape on the nail so that the diagonal from the golden rectangle is the same in size, like a chessboard.
  6. Paint the resulting rectangle with golden varnish.
  7. Spend such a stain on all fingers.
  8. Remove all tape.
  9. Fix the result, level the surface with a layer of fixing agent.

Gold patterns on a blue background

Openwork gold ornaments look great on a blue background. It can be original twigs or monograms. You can observe a similar design in the second photo of the article. Wavy golden lines make hands soft and graceful. To prevent defects and irregularities in the nails, first polish the plates well. Apply gold patterns on a perfectly flat surface.

The most popular gold pattern are monograms, curls. You can watch them in the second photo of the article.

use of gold foil

Using embossed foil

A very beautiful golden effect can be made on blue marigolds using transfer foil. This is such material in jars, when applied to plates, the effect of an imprint of irregular shape is obtained. It can be compared to spraying. It is enough to take a small piece of such a foil, bring it to the nails already painted in blue, press down and get an imprint, as in the photo above. For the New Year, golden snowflakes, Christmas trees, and stars are often painted on a blue background.

zebra pattern

Zebra pattern

Today, manicure in the color of animal skins and skin is in fashion: leopard, reptile, zebra. Designing a zebra in golden blue is not so difficult. The base should be a gold varnish, on top of which blue stripes are applied. Here is the staining order:

  1. Cover your nails with a layer of golden varnish. Wait for it to dry.
  2. Take a blue varnish and a thin brush.
  3. Start drawing thin curved stripes. The picture should be random, as in the photo above.
  4. Wait for drying and cover the plates with a transparent fixative.

This striped manicure goes well with plain clothes. It can be a blue jacket, a pencil skirt. The pattern under the zebra on the nails can be supplemented with a similar one in accessories.

Some girls like French manicure under a zebra. Only wide "smiles" are made in this pattern.

Another variant of the golden-blue zebra design can be made by stamping. Specialized stores sell specialty prints in specialized stores that help to clearly and accurately draw all the details.

Also, to perform manicure under a zebra, you can use water equipment. Take a small container, pour water into it. Put a few drops of golden varnish in water, then a few blue. Gently mix the composition to form a striped pattern. Now, in turn, lower the marigolds into the container. Films in the form of a chaotic pattern are fixed on the plates. After drying, cover all this splendor with a transparent fixative.

with golden rhinestones

Golden rhinestones

Blue manicure with golden stones does not give up its fashionable position. Rhinestones can be used both small and large. Especially the blue pebble design is suitable for the cold season. Sometimes it’s quite simple to lay one rhinestone on the cornflower plates at the hole itself. Another option may be plentifully scattered pebbles on the ring finger. Of these, some fashionistas spread the original rows, as in the photo above. Also on the nail plate, you can lay out an abstract pattern, zigzag or crown.

Another trend novelty is the laying of stones in the circle of the nail or across it. It looks like a current, as if a ring were put on a fingernail. For short blue nails no more than three pebbles on a plate are enough. Juicy blue color goes well with golden rhinestones. Just a few golden stones of different sizes will make the design feminine, elegant, luxurious. Do not be afraid to choose this shining option.


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