"Broncholitin" in bodybuilding. How to use it as a fat burner?

Broncholitin is very popular among athletes who want to quickly get rid of subcutaneous fat. In bodybuilding, this drug is overgrown with legends. What did athletes like about the usual cough syrup, which is dispensed in any pharmacy without a prescription? This is to be understood in this article, and also to understand whether the drug really has fat-burning properties or is it another placebo.

broncholithin in bodybuilding

From a pure source

It's no secret that the most powerful fat burners in the post-Soviet space were products containing ECA - ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin. However, in 2013, the Russian government equated all sports nutrition containing ephedrine with narcotic substances, and the product disappeared from store shelves. Naturally, athletes began to search for drugs containing ephedrine and its derivatives at its core. A solution was found - the desired substance was found in cough syrup under the name Broncholitin. In bodybuilding, among athletes, instantly appeared a lot of recipes that can help burn fat in a very short time.

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Serious approach

Judging by the numerous reviews of athletes in the media, relevant questions are still about how effective Broncholithin is in bodybuilding, how to take and what results can be achieved. Uncomplicated answers that have no clinical evidence in the world are questioned by many users. Advisers labeled "anonymous" recommend immediately before training 60 ml of Broncholitin, 200 mg of caffeine benzoate and 300 mg of aspirin. All of these drugs are in the pharmacy and are sold over the counter. Recommendations for such recipes are accompanied only by positive reviews of those who have tested the effect of the mixture on themselves and felt a surge of energy during the training, forcing their body to work to the limit.

bodybuilding broncholitin for energy

And if you think with your own head?

Returning to the recipe recommended by the media for an ECA of its own production, a sane person should have a lot of questions that can always be answered in any medical reference book. Yes, and it’s easy to guess for yourself, having school knowledge of chemistry, biology and physiology.

  1. Caffeine. Increases physical performance. Stimulates mental and mental activity, and also eliminates drowsiness and fatigue.
  2. Aspirin. Anesthetic and antipyretic that can prevent a feeling of exhaustion.
  3. "Broncholitin". Ephedrine hydrochloride, glaucin and basil oil reduce discomfort, having a beneficial effect on the bronchi with heavy coughing.

It is completely incomprehensible why in a mixture of ECA "Broncholitin". In bodybuilding, caffeine is more interesting for energy. In theory, ephedrine is able to enhance the action of other components, and also causes a psychostimulating effect on the central nervous system.

High-calorie products for weight loss - a novelty or a placebo?

Describing how effective "Broncholithin" in bodybuilding, reviews do not contain any information about the calorie content of the product. But the instructions say that in one 125 ml bottle contains 45 grams of sugar. This is 180 kcal! Accordingly, when taking half a bottle, 90 kcal of fast carbohydrates enter the body , which are converted to glycogen and are used by the body to generate energy. Caffeine prolongs the workout until the glycogen stores are depleted, starting the lipolysis process, and aspirin relieves fatigue. Ephedrine enhances the effects of caffeine and aspirin. How complicated it is! Maybe it makes sense to remove from the chain of "Broncholitin"? In bodybuilding, as you know, with a decrease in the calorie content of the diet before training, glycogen reserves will disappear during the warm-up process, and lipolysis will begin much earlier.

bodybuilding broncholithin as a fat burner

Do it yourself, not everyone can create a wheel

Most manufacturers of sports nutrition do not advertise the full list of components of their branded mixtures, which, by starting the lipolysis process, contribute to the loss of fat mass in an athlete. Limited to the publicity of known components and their action, the manufacturer hides the contents of the product from customers. The usual protection against falsification, which is not limited by law. Trying to recreate a proprietary blend at home, most athletes are limited to three well-known components, believing that Broncholitin in bodybuilding as a fat burner is important in this process. However, a completely logical question arises: "Why hasn't any research institute in the world provided test results for Broncholitin as a fat burner?"

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To summarize

Any athlete who wants to use Broncholitin in bodybuilding to lose weight can become a victim of the incompetence of many athletes in the field of medicine who recommend using the drug for weight loss. After all, the government of the Russian Federation uses the information received from the Ministry of Health on all drugs and their components. And if ephedrine in its pure form was attributed to psychotropic substances, and its derivatives (ephedrine hydrochloride) are ignored, then they do not affect the central nervous system. Another placebo for people looking for easy ways to solve their problems? And if the drug really works, then there are also side effects from its use - diseases of the cardiovascular system, glaucoma, prostatic hypertrophy. There is always something to think about. The main thing is to do it with your own head, because as a result, your own body is at risk, and not those people who recommend unverified methods.

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