Nail bonder - what is it? Benefits and types

It’s not an easy job to do manicure. Rhinestones, drawings, various techniques and application techniques - this is only a small part of what every craftswoman should know and be able to. Like everything in our lives, manicure is actively developing. Therefore, in order to keep up with competitors, you must constantly improve your art, as well as be aware of new products.

primer and nail bonder

It is no secret that among clients there are adherents of ordinary manicure. It is a simple painting in a specific technique with the application, for example, of a picture or sticker on a nail plate. Modern design options allow you to realize any fantasy, just the experience and skill of the master is enough.

It is sad, but not all the fair sex can boast long nails, due to various circumstances it is not possible to grow them. For such women, they came up with a nail extension procedure, which has undergone quite a lot of changes since its inception.


Today it is absolutely safe and painless, and the materials used are non-toxic. To create the right manicure, it is customary to use all kinds of gels, for example, a nail bonder. What it is? Both a novice and an experienced craftsman will answer this question without difficulty. Buy a tool is not difficult. After all, it is sold in specialized cosmetics stores. Moreover, the variety of manufacturers will allow you to choose the right brand.

nail polisher what is it

So what is a nail extension bonder? This is a special tool that allows you to connect the nail plate with artificial material used for building, or shellac. That is, this is a kind of glue designed to create a basis for the further work of the master.

It should be remembered that the gel should be applied with a special brush and very carefully in order to avoid getting the product on the cuticle. Otherwise, you have to start all over again.


It is important to remember: the better the β€œglue”, the more competent and more beautiful will be a manicure that will please its owner for a long time. To prevent peeling, to create a protective layer - all this can be done by a nail bonder. What is such a useful and excellent tool, you can understand if you know about its main advantages:

  1. Ensuring maximum adherence to surfaces.
  2. The property of "double-sided tape" determines the smooth coupling of the plate and artificial material.
  3. The presence of a sticky gel structure allows you to distribute the product evenly throughout the nail.

Primer does not replace the bonder

By the way, newly-made masters can not always correctly answer, why do we need a nail bonder. The lack of professionalism, the desire to save on materials or the banal lack of the ability to use this tool leads to the search for analogues, as a result of which the primer is often used in the building process.

What is a nail bonder for?

In fact, this tool acts approximately the same principle - it improves the adhesion of the plate to artificial material. However, it should be remembered that the main goal is aimed at preliminary preparation of the nail for further coating. The differentiated chemical composition of the product is aimed at performing different functions. You can not use one remedy separately from another, since the built-up gel will quickly peel off, and the client will no longer come. Therefore, do not forget that the primer and the bonder for nails are not interchangeable.

which nail bonder is better

However, there are adherents of the theory of unity of the mentioned tools both in composition and in application functionality. Not taking into account the organoleptic characteristics of cosmetics, many argue about the need to choose only one type of gel for carrying out manicure procedures. Everything would be fine, but only the preparatory β€œprimer” provides the primer, and the bonder for the nails makes the bonding work. What it is - the mandatory alternation of operations, it is easy to figure out if, for example, you do not use the base when applying "glue". The consequences of such work will lead to exfoliation of the built-up gel.

Types of Bonder

For a successful result, it is necessary to consider what material is used and what properties it has. To understand the full picture, you should know the main types of bonder:

  1. Acid. As a rule, it is popular when applied to oily or damaged nails. It is used when choosing acrylic as the main coating and is designed for longer wear. Not suitable when using clear varnish, because it leaves a yellowish tint.
  2. Acid free. Designed for nails "normal" structure, very popular in use.

what is a bonder for nail extensions

Unlike a primer, a bonder requires drying in a special lamp for 3 minutes.

Popular cosmetic products

Which nail bonder is best? The following brands are most popular among manufacturers:

  1. American manufacturer In'Garden. This tool acts on the principle of double-sided tape, providing adhesion. It does not contain acid, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the nails.
  2. Bonder Gel (-IBD-). It has a sticky base that provides long-term and stable connection of any gel with nail plates.
  3. Brand EzFlow. Again, an American cosmetic product with a high price and excellent quality.
  4. Orly Nail Bonder Treatment is a quick-drying base that leaves a rubberized layer on the surface of the plate. Allows you to protect your nails from chipping and create a neat appearance.
  5. The universal bonder Infinity Bonder (NI-102) of the NUBAR brand is among the top 5 largest manufacturers of cosmetics thanks to the latest formula that does not contain harmful substances.
  6. New - Japanese CBF Gel. With absolute transparency of the structure, it is suitable for absolutely any building, it will create excellent hardness of the coating. 30 grams of money will cost about 600 rubles.

Other brands

A variety of brands will allow you to find your own nail polisher. What it is and how to use it, it will be easy for anyone to master - both a novice and an experienced salon worker, and reasonable prices will ensure uninterrupted work to bring the fantasy to life.

What is a nail extension bonder?

Despite the fact that the United States occupies the first place in the production of cosmetics, European products, for example, the German brand Planet Nails, create worthy competition for them. By the way, the Russian cosmetics of the Domix company, which is both decorative and natural, have been very popular recently.


Now it’s clear why a bonder is needed for nail extension. We also examined different types of such a tool. Everyone will be able to choose a suitable bonder.


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