All-metal vans: classification and review of the Gazelle "Next"

In the segment of small commercial vehicles, all-metal vans occupy a special place. These machines, depending on the configuration, can be used to transport goods, passengers or used in a cargo-passenger version. Particularly relevant is the use of these machines in urban environments, where in many cases a ban on the movement of large trucks is introduced.

Classification of all-metal vans

In general, in the automotive industry it is customary to distinguish universal and special vans. The former are used to transport various goods without special conditions. These vans protect the cargo from precipitation and mechanical damage, can be with an awning or produced as full-metal vans.

all-metal vans

Special models are usually equipped with refrigeration equipment in order to transport goods that can deteriorate quickly (mainly products). Such transport may be intended for the transport of bakery and confectionery products, clothing, furniture, etc.

Vans manufacturers

In the global automotive industry, all-metal vans of the following companies are manufactured: Citroen FIAT, Peugeot, SEVEL. These are foreign manufacturers. From domestic it is worth noting UAZ, GAZ, MAZ, VAZ. Consider in more detail the representative of the domestic auto industry.

all metal vans prices

GAZelle "Next" all-metal series vans are another step in the domestic auto industry towards European car markets. The car factory did not have cars of this format yet: a good internal combustion engine, a spacious cabin, modern units are used in the configurations. Particularly pleased with the competitive cost of the machine.

Considering all-metal vans, prices for which vary from a million to two or more rubles, I still want to make a choice in the direction of the domestic auto industry. Despite lagging behind global automakers, domestic cars are distinguished by their adaptability to Russian conditions, independence from possible sanctions on components and a comparable price for servicing and repairing a vehicle.

The history of the appearance of the car GAZelle "Next"

Despite the relatively short history of this machine, the GAZelle Next began to be produced instead of the outdated model. Like the previous car, the car made a real revolution and made a full competition to foreign vans, which is confirmed today.

gazelle next all-metal wagon price

Gazelle "Next" appeared before the consumer for the first time in 2012, the next year cars entered the retail sales network. The car noticeably added to all the basic characteristics. This model is being implemented not only in the domestic market of the country, but also outside the Russian Federation. The production of GAZelle Next models for other countries (for example, Great Britain) was established.


Gazel "Next" - an all-metal van, the price of which reaches 1.3 million rubles, competes with the Ford Transit car, the cost of which is almost twice as expensive, that is, more than 2 million rubles. Volkswagen and Mercedes vans will also cost 2 million, while Renault and Peugeot cost about 1.8 million. Today, consumers vote in rubles, so the new GAZelle Next has a chance of success in the version of the CMF (all-metal van) are pretty good. It is hoped that domestic companies will focus on European and overseas manufacturers, absorbing everything that they should strive for: reliability, comfort, relatively inexpensive maintenance during the entire operation period.


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