Do it yourself. Wooden toys as a way to make money

To date, the market for children's products is oversaturated with toys from low-quality, harmful materials. The main producer of such a product is China. This supplier has long squeezed competitors from other countries and has become almost a monopolist in the field of toy production. Since China offers toys at a low price, Russian manufacturers were forced to leave the battlefield. However, today the population begins to understand that children need not cheap toys, but high-quality and environmentally friendly ones. That is why many people come to the conclusion that they need to make wooden toys with their own hands. Or maybe not just make them for your children, but set up a small production?

do it yourself wooden toys


What is needed to produce children's wooden toys even in small batches?

First, you need a room. It is desirable that there are at least three rooms: for wood processing, painting, assembly and packaging of finished products. But this is ideal. In reality, at first you can get by with a garage or a summer house.

Secondly, you have to acquire woodworking machines and some other equipment. At first, enough chisels and drilling, milling, grinding and edge banding machines. You can decide what specific machines are needed after you decide on the assortment.

Thirdly, in order to make wooden toys with your own hands, you need equipment for painting. Here the choice is only for the master. The main thing is that all materials are environmentally friendly and not harm children.

Fourth, you need equipment for packaging products. But this is in the future. For now, you can simply purchase boxes of suitable sizes and pack products yourself.

Fifth, the staff. 2-3 people are enough to start production. Then, when the assortment and scale of production increases, additional workers can be hired.

Requirements for wooden toys

When making toys yourself, you must follow a few rules:

  • Toys should be made easily. For example, a pyramid. To make such a toy is extremely simple, because they were invented a very long time ago. A rod is attached to the support, rings of different sizes and colors with holes are put on it. The top of the pyramid is crowned with a ball. Everything, the toy is ready for sale.
  • Toys should not have small parts that a child can put in his mouth. The consequences of violating this rule can be very sad for the manufacturer and fatal for the baby.
  • All products should be bright, elegant and beautiful. Only such toys can attract the attention of buyers and will delight children.

Advantages of wooden toys

russian wooden toy

These items for games have their undeniable advantages:

- Wooden toys are environmentally friendly and safe.

- Wooden toys are strong and durable.

- This is a traditional Russian wooden toy.


First of all, pyramids come to mind, various labyrinths of wood for the smallest, cubes, rocking horses. It is advisable to make the cubes not too small so that children can build castles from them, not for dolls, but for themselves. Of course, in this case it is necessary to choose a lighter material, such as thin plywood, or even lighter. After all, large wooden toys will be too heavy and unsafe for the child.

You can make simple swords and shields for boys, cars, prefabricated houses for dolls.

large wooden toys

Street toys

If you decide to make wooden toys with your own hands, do not forget about outdoor toys. Various playgrounds, houses, slides, swings will be in steady demand. Although the market is filled with plastic counterparts, the buyer is not satisfied with the quality of such towns and corners. Wooden products will serve the child for more than one year, enabling the child to spend time outdoors with benefit and pleasure. Of course, street platforms and towns are produced only on order, as different customers need different sets of these sets. Yes, and you can give the customer the opportunity to independently choose the color of the product - this will be a nice bonus.

As street toys can be considered sports corners. Of course, such children's wooden toys are bought not only for the street - they fit perfectly even in small apartments, giving the child the opportunity to throw out the accumulated energy.

children's wooden toys

Toy drawings

Drawings of wooden toys by a master or business owner can well draw on their own. As long as no complicated things are performed, there is nothing complicated in this. More complex playgrounds for the street are made according to individual drawings, based on the age and growth of future users.

If there is a need for a drawing, you can always contact a specialist who, for a reasonable price, will do all the necessary calculations.

drawings of wooden toys

Children love wooden toys, especially if their parents created them, and the children also helped. In order to make wooden toys with your own hands, it is not necessary to be a joiner. For example, anyone can make a wooden duck.

To do this, you need a piece of wood with a thickness of at least 2 cm, a template, a saw or a jigsaw, paints, a printer, nail files, a template, sandpaper.

- Print on the printer an image of a silhouette of a duck.

- Cut the image, lay it on a tree and circle it with a pencil or pen.

- Cut along the contour with a jigsaw. All sections must be carefully treated first with a rough nail file, then with sandpaper. This is done so that the child could not get splinters.

- Together with the child to color the duck. After the paint dries, you can varnish the duck so that the color lasts longer.

- You can leave the toy in this form, you can cut it into several parts to get the puzzle. In this case, all slices must be processed again.

- You can drill holes and put the duck on the wheels, making a gurney for the baby.


Wooden toys made by hand can bring joy not only to your children, but also to complete strangers who can receive reliable, safe and interesting toys. If we approach the matter wisely and with soul, then the work will bring not only moral satisfaction, but also quite tangible material profit. The main thing is to correctly calculate all the pros and cons of such an event. To minimize risks, you can order a business project for a professional who not only shows the advantages and disadvantages, but also calculates the profitability and payback period of production.


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