SU-155: bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Procedure SU-155

Real estate suffers losses, citizens lose time and money, banks lose capital - this is the essence of the problem of unfinished housing. Construction company SU-155 is at the stage of bankruptcy. The Moscow Arbitration Court has introduced a monitoring procedure in connection with numerous claims of such well-known banks as Sberbank, VTB and others. A similar situation was predictable, since failure to fulfill financial obligations always leads to such consequences, especially in the construction business.

su 155 bankruptcy

The company we are considering is the largest in the market for the construction of multi-unit housing, and in this regard, many questions arise from equity holders, who are least insured against financial losses.

A painful question arose again

The bankruptcy of the construction company SU-155 is on the agenda. This issue is now dealt not only by the court, but also by the Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Mikhail Men. This happened in connection with the numerous appeals of victims from the dishonesty of this company regarding the exercise of the right of citizens participating in shared housing construction to receive real estate after the completion of construction.

The beginning of all this scandal was the appeal of Russian Business to arbitration with a claim for the repayment of SU-155 multi-billion dollar debt, namely the amount of 1.6 billion rubles. It was this lawsuit that caused a wave of panic among equity holders, who were so eager to get their keys to the apartments in the near future.

bankruptcy su 155 will leave buyers without apartments

The hope that after bankruptcy proceedings there will be no liquidation of the debtor, which will have to start, is practically minimal. According to statistics, more than 70 percent of such cases end with the liquidation of the company. However, there is still a chance to carry out the procedure for monitoring and financial recovery of a huge construction giant.

Issues of the company SU-155 do not leave indifferent government agencies

Following the claims of large creditors, claims were also followed by government agencies that defended the citizens' labor rights. In particular, non-payment of wages immediately became the reason for initiating a criminal case against General Director A. Meshcheryakov.

In addition, following these events, the consequences of non-payment of taxes to the budget and, again, another regular criminal case against the owner of the property came. However, in this part, Mr. A. Meshcheryakov was able to fulfill his obligations and paid the budget as much as two billion rubles, which is slightly more than the debt to the initial lender - the Russian Business company. It follows that bankruptcy procedures might not have occurred if financial obligations had been fulfilled in a timely manner and, first of all, before business partners. However, it happened differently.

bankruptcy company su 155

In general, the bankruptcy procedure SU-155 is a multi-level pyramid, each part of which consists of obligations to the parties. Many banks and the state are involved in this business, but most of them are ordinary people, and some of them hold fairly high posts. In general, they can all be called equity holders. These are people who are deceived or waiting in line, but equally dependent on decisions made by senior officials, structures, banks and the developer himself.

The situation with the company SU-155 requires a change in the current legislation

This situation implies a change in bankruptcy law. SU-155 is an indicative example of the defenselessness of equity holders before large financial losses when a construction company is not able to answer for its financial obligations. Entire microdistricts of new buildings that have not yet been started or abandoned at the initial or final stages of construction are an indicative example of those consequences.

All interest holders are only interested in one thing: how is the court with the participation of SU-155 going through bankruptcy, or will everything come to naught again, and will huge investments flow into offshore accounts with non-resident banks?

Banks initiated bankruptcy

Due to the fact that the financial component is involved in the structural component of the Deposit Insurance Agency - Russian Capital Bank, all interest holders have the opportunity to get the keys to their apartments. According to preliminary estimates, which were carried out as part of the financial monitoring of the debt of SU-155, 40 billion rubles are needed for the construction of facilities. They plan to get these funds by selling apartments in those houses that can be completed, as well as at the expense of the sale of assets of the organization itself.

bankruptcy procedure su 155

To overcome this difficult financial situation, it is simply necessary to admit the insolvency of the SU-155 company. Bankruptcy will be announced, and immediately there will be an opportunity to begin the distribution of income from financial recovery measures. This will be the direction of proceeds from the sale of assets and apartments in the construction of unfinished facilities and to cover all other financial obligations.

Bankruptcy SU-155 will leave buyers without apartments

Most interest holders are concerned not when the procedure begins, but when they nevertheless seriously pay attention to their problems, which have been going on for more than a year. Deceived equity holders believe that you should first finish building houses, and then pay with financial institutions.

However, representatives of the Russian Capital sanatorium bank made an attempt to reassure and convince equity holders that subsequent events would benefit such a construction giant as SU-155. Bankruptcy will launch a recovery mechanism, a clear plan will begin to be developed to fulfill financial obligations regarding housing construction, which is currently a priority. Still, you need to consider that taxes have been paid, and it seems like the state, having received its share, calmed down and began to help poor citizens.

Mikhail Kuzovlev, who is a representative of Russian Capital Bank, hastened to convince shareholders that the three companies of this developer are in bankruptcy proceedings. The main argument in defense of carrying out such a procedure was a change in legislation regarding shared construction. These changes relate to the priority of the rights of interest holders, which allows them to satisfy their requirements in the first place, and then all other creditors.

And what does the Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities say about this?

At the meeting, the Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities nevertheless once again reminded that it is within the framework of the rehabilitation process that it is necessary to complete the construction of 147 apartment buildings, which are located in 14 regions, and somewhere this represents entire microdistricts. In total, 30 thousand families expect the turn, which suffered from inept business or unstable situation in the country.

bankruptcy of the builder su 155

“Russian Capital”, together with the management of the construction company SU-155, developed a mechanism within three months that can complete the construction of those facilities that were planned to be done initially. For this, a preliminary schedule has been prepared for the sequence of completion of such housing in each region where the facilities of the SU-155 company are located. Bankruptcy is still a priority in this mechanism. When will it be announced?

Bankruptcy SU-155! When will they announce?

First of all, the housing that will be completed includes 11 regions, in which 63 objects of construction in progress are located . In terms of numbers, this amounts to housing for 16 thousand families. However, this is not the limit of opportunities, as banks solve some legal issues. With the increase in opportunities, the number of regions will be increased, the objects of which will need to be completed, as well as the terms of the work will be reduced. Thus, the procedure will be launched for the construction of houses, which are the obligation of the developer to equity holders.

In the process of financial recovery, Russian Capital Bank plans to buy unfinished apartments from the company, thereby investing funds to complete the construction of these facilities. Unsold housing will become the property of the bank, and that, in turn, will transfer the money for them on account of the construction. Thus, it will be possible to complete the construction of many houses.

Control over completion will be carried out on the ground

In order to control the process of completing unfinished new buildings, Mikhail Men ordered in each region to create a working group consisting of representatives of equity holders who will best control the completion of construction. Completion of the first stage will cost about eight and a few billion rubles. The BIN Group of Companies “Triumphal Arch” is the technical customer of this project.

Among the latest news there is one that relates to the filing of claims worth more than 25 billion rubles to the arbitration court. Claims are presented mainly by banks and in large quantities. All of them are filed with the Moscow Arbitration Court.

will bankruptcy su 155

Now the question of whether the bankruptcy of the SU-155 would be appropriate, disappears on its own, since the procedure has already begun, and at least three companies are already involved in it. The first fruits are already appearing: the regions have begun to create their own initiative groups, there is constant monitoring by the state and local governments.

Now we live according to the schedule!

A schedule for the completion of the construction by SU-155 was created and agreed with the Ministry of Construction, which will be implemented with the technical support of the Inteko group of companies, as well as with the financial assistance of Russian Capital Bank.

The largest number of unfinished facilities is located in the Moscow region (65 construction projects). They are most interested in bankruptcy. But why? Indeed, the bankruptcy of SU-155 will leave buyers without apartments, and the city without infrastructure! In order to complete the construction, 15 billion rubles will be required. Among these facilities there are also social projects, such as schools and kindergartens. Only 12 construction projects the state intends to finish in the first place.

You can be interested in promoting the matter on the website of the Ministry of Construction and Housing

On the official website of the Ministry of Construction, you can find out in which queue and which objects will be completed. The SU-155 Internet portal also has construction schedules, which allows equity holders to track their turn in this procedure. We’ll have to wait a little longer, as the construction is completed upon receipt of funds from the sale of apartments in unfinished objects, as well as taking into account technical capabilities.

And again, the question of money!

Many equity holders are worried about how the bankruptcy of the SU-155 will occur. Will they leave buyers without apartments, or will houses be completed first of all? In this regard, a reasonable question arises: money or an apartment? In this case, it should be understood that the bankruptcy of the developer SU-155 requires the adoption of many important decisions. The whole process will take even longer if a lawsuit is filed for a refund with all the penalties due under the shared construction agreement. Currently, work is underway in several regions of the country, and by the end of 2016 it is planned to complete the construction of many previously unfinished real estate objects.

bankruptcy of a construction company su 155

It is important for equity holders to go to court in a timely manner

Bankruptcy of the company SU-155 has led to the fact that deceived equity holders must become in turn to get the keys to the apartment. This is the bankruptcy procedure that has nevertheless begun. To do this, you must contact the Moscow City Arbitration Court with a claim for inclusion in the register of creditors. According to the current legislation, the bankruptcy procedure requires a sequence of actions and procedural presentation of the results. Co-investors must apply for damages and restore their violated rights. Thus, to protect the violated rights of interest holders, it is required to submit documents for consideration in court. The authorities of the city of Moscow know about the bankruptcy of SU-155, and therefore the consideration of this case will not surprise anyone. Today, several thousand families are waiting in line waiting for the rhenium of the court and the keys to their apartments.


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