The most expensive manicure in the world

What is the most expensive manicure? Modern fashionistas do not save on anything, starting from dresses and ending with manicure. In the modern world, absolutely all stones are used to decorate manicure. Of course, this is not an easy procedure, but it is worth it. For many beauty salons this is a direct income.

History of manicure

Egypt manicure

Manicure (manus cure) was invented by French fashionistas. The process is one of the oldest hand care procedures. The first who tried to emphasize their merits - courage, courage, victory in battles and during the hunt - was the stronger sex. Combat coloring was considered a talisman and thereby expressed respect and support among fellow tribesmen.

In China, long nails were considered a connection with higher powers, usually similar were worn by emperors. In ancient Russia, a special day was allocated for nail care - Thursday. They believed that thanks to this rite, people would attract happiness and luck. In the East, it was considered a sin for the bride not to have long nails, for this purpose they specially wore gloves with tin nozzles that imitate the claws of birds and animals. Also, these gloves were heirloom. In the modern world, accessories with false nails are not inherited, but the manicure process is also an integral part of life.

Apartment Manicure in Tel Aviv

dear hands

The most expensive manicure in the world was made in Israel by Yulia Danilochkina, a repatriate from Ukraine, currently a Russian-speaking Israeli woman, winner of the “Beautiful Hands Contest” contest, which was organized by one of the largest stores of the Israeli Diamond Exchange RDC (Ramat Gan Diamond Center). The competition was incredibly simple - to send a photo of their hands, and they arranged it on a page on Facebook. The prize is a golden ring with a diamond. After the contest, Julia’s life changed, as she had the honor to make the most expensive manicure. And she took this chance.

It is interesting what Anna Perelmuter, a geologist by education, did expensive manicure. Anna is also one of the best masters in this matter, she graduated from the school of professional manicure Yulliaschool, and now teaches design and art painting of nails. The cost of the most expensive manicure was about a million shekels (18 million rubles).

According to gemologist Roman Kushnir, about 100 small diamonds weighing 4.25 carats, more than 30 rubies and sapphires of 0.9 carats, two drop-shaped amethysts of 2 carats and two large white diamonds weighing 2.2 and 1.9 are included in the price carat. Moreover, all diamonds were in a special manicure cut. Master Anna tweezers laid out pebbles one by one, alternating varnish, diamond and tweezers.

diamond manicure

Diamonds are girls' best friends

As a rule, lovers of expensive manicure are Hollywood stars such as Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Beyoncé. Many other celebrities do not neglect it. An expensive diamond manicure can be made in the London Cherish Angula salon. The design of Ices Manicure is a decoration with ten carat diamonds, you do not need to take care of such a manicure yourself, they will do everything in the salon. Katy Perry had already appreciated such a design, walking along the red carpet with diamonds on her nails. The cost of such a manicure is 51 thousand dollars (about 3.5 million rubles).

Golden manicure

golden manicure

Looking at a photo of an expensive manicure, you won’t immediately say that it is made of gold. Jeff Pink, the creator of the famous French manicure and cosmetic line of Orly nail care products, is considered the father of gold manicure . Golden manicure includes a whole range of procedures, ranging from a moisturizing bath for nails. Then follows a massage based on olive oil in a specific technique, and only after all this is applied a golden varnish, which includes real grains of gold. In total, it takes about 75 minutes. Golden manicure is offered by the London Ritz beauty salon, located on the seventh floor in the hotel of the same name. The cost of this procedure is 120 dollars (about 8 thousand rubles).

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires

liquid stones

In the London Day Spa beauty salon, the owner of the Leighton Denne (Leyton Denny) for lovers of luxury manicure offers other options. For example, nails can be decorated with sapphires, rubies and even diamonds if desired. But, to make such a manicure, you should wait a huge queue. Frequent visitors to this salon are celebrities and women of fashion from show business. Not every lover of expensive manicure can afford such a procedure, the cost is 32 thousand dollars (about 2 million rubles).

There is always an alternative

But if you do not have money for an expensive manicure - it does not matter! There is always an alternative. You can use ordinary rhinestones, some of them also imitate gems well. Another newfangled technique is liquid stones. This is a polymerized gel that mimics the play of light. By mixing different stained glass gels, you can achieve a different type of effect with both color and shape.


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