Application of the Voskobovich method in kindergarten: description and reviews

In Russian kindergartens today, classes are often conducted according to the method of Voskobovich. Developing games are actively being introduced into the program of preschool education and are even recommended for use in preschool educational institutions. Such classes in a playful way develop the child’s creative potential, mental processes and sensory skills, offer children an exciting journey into the world of educational fairy tales. Judging by the reviews, the technique is very effective.

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Voskobovich’s technique in kindergarten is used for the comprehensive development of children's creative abilities. Children who study according to the methodology perform mathematical operations faster than their peers, start reading early, can do creative exercises and think logically, can concentrate and have a good memory.

Voskobovich's technique in children's

The author of the methodology Vyacheslav Voskobovich for many years had no relation to psychology and pedagogy. By profession, he is a physical engineer. In addition to physics, Voskobovich was fond of music, wrote songs for children and adults, was not indifferent to poetry. His own children pushed him to create the technique. In the early nineties it was very difficult to acquire high-quality games for the development of logic, thinking, memory and educational materials. Then Vyacheslav Voskobovich independently developed a series of games and successfully adapted it.

Educational games are universal tools that can be used with equal success repeatedly. Subsequently, a whole educational technique was developed for several games aimed at the comprehensive development of the child. To date, you can get acquainted with more than fifty games and a large number of developmental aids. In Russia and neighboring countries, Vyacheslav Voskobovich’s author’s seminars are regularly held and in kindergartens, the methodology is actively being introduced into the learning and development process.

Description of Voskobovich’s approach

The author is sure that teaching a child should be relaxed and fun, so one of the principles of Voskobovich’s technique is the use of interesting tales. Each game is accompanied by a fascinating story that helps to quickly remember forms, letters, numbers or other information. The child helps the heroes by performing various exercises and tasks in the story. Such methodological developments are a godsend for parents without a special (pedagogical or psychological) education, because, based on the plot of a fairy tale, you can play with your child and perform creative tasks.

But the games should be held to good use. Educational games are multifunctional: in a game form you can teach reading, counting, writing, developing logic, memory, thinking and mental processes. So, the value lies in the ability of the game to educate and comprehensively develop the child. Be sure and the development of creativity. Tales and games according to the method of Voskobovich (“Miracle Crosses”, “Geocont”, boat “Pluch-Plukh” others) help to develop imagination, imagination and creativity. Unconventional tasks of varying complexity form previously creative thinking in children.

Carpet recorder Voskobovich technique

The specifics of educational games

The technique is suitable for classes with children from two years. According to reviews, guys and older ones are happy to deal with benefits. Each task can begin with elementary manipulation of individual elements and end with the solution of increasingly complex tasks. Games necessarily take into account the interests of the child relevant to the age. In addition, during the game process, children make new discoveries and receive satisfaction (emotionally) from independently completed tasks. Game material is diverse, rich, multifaceted and multifunctional.

Most of the games according to Voskobovich’s methodology in a kindergarten or at home are accompanied by teaching aids and illustrated stories in which you need to perform tasks according to the plot or answer questions. The heroes of the tale help the child learn the basics of mathematics or reading, teach mutual understanding and constructive communication. It is important that the children do not get tired quickly, because they have the opportunity to independently choose the load and pace, switch from one task to another.

It is especially important that the application of the Voskobovich method in kindergarten (for beginners, the method is easy to learn, in extreme cases, you can sign up for an author’s seminar and even personally ask questions of interest) does not require restructuring the institution or changing the usual way of life at home. The relationship of the adult child is partnership, that is, the adult position is not assumed to be higher. The child is surrounded by a relaxed, but developing intellectual and creative atmosphere. Due to the support of creative endeavors, there is a feeling of internal relaxedness, and the child does not receive a negative assessment of adults, so he feels external security.

Vyacheslav Voskobovich's technique

Educational games by the method

All games by the method of Voskobovich (a description of the individual is given below) can be divided into several types. Most of them develop logical and mathematical abilities (the Pluch-Pluch boat, the Geocont designer, Voskobovich’s square, Tsifrozirk and others), teach reading (The letter constructor, Reading on the balls, Voskobovich’s Teremki "," Snowman "). Games are accompanied by methodological books with assignments, fairy tales, illustrations and questions. Good heroes (cunning, but rustic I sit, wise raven Meter, funny Magnolia, brave Geo) accompany the child, they teach not only mathematics and reading, but also human relationships.

Game-designer "Geocont"

The designer is presented in the form of a plank with carnations located in a certain sequence. A set of colored rubber bands and a manual containing tasks of varying difficulty are attached to the playing field. Children do not just do boring tasks, they go on a real trip with Geo and help him overcome various obstacles in the Purple Forest by constructing geometric figures. Description of Voskobovich’s methodology (attached to the game) offers schemes of drawings, which should be the result. The game "Geocont" introduces children to the world of geometry, helps to study colors, shapes and sizes, teaches to model, shape according to the model, think outside the box, look for similarities and differences, develops fine motor skills.

geocont game

"Voskobovich Square"

"Transforming square" consists of thirty-two multi-colored triangles that are applied to the fabric base and located at a certain distance from each other. The game is designed for the age group of two to five years (two-color square), and for older children a four-color square is offered. The square can be transformed by creating different shapes. You can collect according to the proposed schemes or invent your own. There are more than a hundred options.

An educational game according to Voskobovich’s technique is accompanied by a fascinating fairy tale “The Secret of the Metra’s Raven” and methodological manuals. Fairy-tale heroes will help solve the child’s tasks: dad Rectangle, grandfather Quadrangle, baby Square and others. The game forms abstract thinking and the ability to navigate in space, instills modeling skills, develops perseverance, memory and attention, creativity.

Puzzle "Miracle Crosses"

Voskobovich’s technique and game is a multifunctional tool for the development of mathematical abilities. The game is represented by a frame with different inserts that differ from each other in color and shape. All figures are divided into parts. First, the child is invited to collect the fragments into a single whole, and as the first successes appear, tasks become more complicated. For example, you can offer to collect various images of objects. For clarity, the kit includes an album of figures. “Miracle-crosses” form the concept of the whole and the part of a child, help to master shapes and colors, develop the ability to analyze and compare. During the game, the child learns to use schemes to solve certain problems.

The ship "Plush-Plush"

In the process of playing with a bright boat with sails that can be worn on wooden shafts, tactile sensations and fine motor skills develop. On the base of the toy, numbers from one to five are applied. On the mast you need to attach a certain number of flags, having previously sorted them by size and color. Playing with the boat, the child will meet the sailor the Frog and the captain Gus, who will talk about their fascinating adventures. This multifunctional game, which is used as part of development according to the Voskobovich method, introduces the child to different colors and forms initial mathematical skills. In addition, in the process, skills are formed for sorting objects, taking into account their color and quantity.

gonziki voskobovich technique

"Math baskets"

"Mathematical baskets" will help to consolidate the skills of counting, explain the composition of numbers, teach you how to perform simple mathematical operations and compare with numbers. In addition, in the course of the assignment, fine motor skills develop. During the game, the child helps fairy-tale heroes to put mushrooms in baskets. It is necessary to find out who collected more and who is less, how much mushrooms should be put so that the basket is full and so on. In the author’s manual, more than ten different games with "Mathematical Baskets" are described.

Game-lacing "Daisy"

“Chamomile” will help to compose and read new words, develops fine motor skills, reading skills, quick wits and enriches the vocabulary. Using a tight lace, you can compose about two hundred words. For young children, the material is used simply as a lacing to develop fine motor skills of the hands.

The manual "Folding"

A colorful methodological guide will introduce the child to consonants and vowels, and will also allow you to master the principle of adding syllables. During the game, many characters will meet, with whom you can learn songs and poems. The game comes with a disc with songs that you can periodically listen to. In the process of training various analyzers are involved: auditory, visual and tactile. The manual improves memory, develops mindfulness and perseverance.

Teremki Voskobovich

A unique educational model is used to prepare for early reading. Judging by the reviews, this is a very interesting technique. "Teremki" enrich the vocabulary, develop fine motor skills, creative abilities and mental processes. In a playful way, a child learns to combine letters into syllables and convert syllables into words. The manual includes twelve multi-colored towers on which sounds are written. Each cube is equipped with an arch or window for vowels. To combine letters in a syllable, you need to enclose a certain chest in the corresponding tower and sing the formed syllable. This manual, which is used as part of training according to the method of Voskobovich, is accompanied by a detailed instruction with a description of the games.

voskobovich technique description

"Magic Gonziki"

A fun game develops acting talent, fine motor skills, attention and memory, and can also help in remembering the names of all fingers. This is good psychological help: a child can put on Gonzik and answer adult questions not on his own behalf, but on behalf of a fairy-tale character, talk about Gonzik's problems (in fact, the problems of the child himself). Games with fairy-tale characters are offered a lot of this and Voskobovich’s good technique. Gonziks will help memorize rhymes, memorize and repeat actions, develop fine motor skills. The game is suitable for children from two to seven years.

Carpet "Casket"

A special place in the Voskobovich’s methodology is taken by the carpet artist - this is a unique author’s manual, which is spared from many of the shortcomings of the blackboard. The carpet adheres well to the contact tape, which allows you to securely fasten the visual material, and the original elements (pockets, ropes, mugs, clips) ensure the dynamics of classes. The manual provides scope for the activities of teachers, suitable for group and individual lessons. Assignments are grouped by age. For each age, the methodological manual provides various tasks for the development of memory, attention, thinking, creative abilities, there are tasks in mathematics, teaching literacy and developing speech.

classes on the method of voskobovich

The carpet recorder includes the playing field itself from carpet (1.2 mx 1.2 m), on which the grid is applied. Special clips are included in the kit so that the mat can not only be placed on the floor, but also hung on the wall. Five multi-colored ropes from the contact tape, twenty-five Velcro, ten empty multi-colored cards, cards with letters and numbers, ten cardboard cards with funny letters and the same number with interesting numbers-animals are offered.

How to play

Classes according to the method of Voskobovich should be held only after preliminary preparation. An adult should first familiarize himself with the guidelines, and then offer the child a game. According to reviews, in the process of classes, children are usually concentrated, prefer to do something with their hands and speak little. Therefore, during classes according to the method of Voskobovich in kindergarten, it is necessary to ask the children what everyone does, why they chose such a figure, you can ask them to come up with their own plot or retell a fairy tale task.

When working with play materials, the child is often in the same position for a long time, but such static does not bring benefits. It is necessary to take into account age-related features and in time to distract children from prolonged sitting, take breaks, perform warm-ups. But at the same time, games require perseverance, which not everyone likes and can do. Therefore, it is not necessary to exclude an individual approach and features of children. Every ten minutes you can change activities: complete tasks, take a short break, then return to tasks.

Pros and cons of the technique

Many children's institutions have quite successfully tested the methodology of Voskobovich - this is confirmed by numerous positive reviews. Children usually complete all tasks with interest and great desire. The positive results of the use of authoring developing games in the educational process were not long in coming. The disadvantages of Voskobovich’s methodology are the fact that manuals, games and teaching materials must be purchased in specialized stores. It is impossible to make author’s games yourself

Usage Results

The application of the Voskobovich method in kindergarten (for beginners it can be the simplest games, and later you can move on to a developing environment and complex tasks) and at home it promotes the development of attentiveness, memory, attention, creativity, thinking, observation, develop the child’s interest in cognition and research activities. Thus, the harmonious development of a logical and emotionally-shaped beginning is ensured, initial knowledge about the world is formed, and fine motor skills develop.

Voskobovich methodology principles

Studies conducted in the preschool educational institution working according to the Voskobovich method showed that there are a lot of guys with high and very high intellect in the teams (the gradation is as follows: intelligence is below average, average, normal, high, very high and excellent). Parents reviews are also positive. Children 5-6 years old are able to compare and analyze, concentrate on complex mental operations and bring the matter to its logical conclusion. Three-year-olds distinguish and name colors, they know geometric shapes, can navigate on a plane, have no problems with counting and begin to read earlier. The issue of readiness for school is resolved. Children who have played enough in preschool age go to school with pleasure and study for the sake of learning. As a rule, guys do it well, motivated and with interest.


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