Design of yellow nails: options, photo

This season is replete with various fashion trends. One of them is a manicure in sunny colors. The design of yellow nails will dilute gray everyday life and bring bright notes to everyday life. Solar marigolds will also be relevant on warm spring and summer days.

yellow nail design


Now consider the general rules of manicure in yellow colors:

  1. Length. It must be remembered that the design of yellow nails is relevant only for short or medium length nails. This requirement is fully consistent with fashionable manicure trends. Long yellow nails look vulgar and unattractive.
  2. The form. The most preferred shape is an oval or rounded square. Yellow manicure does not go well with sharp nails. An almond-shaped form is acceptable, but only on narrow nails.
  3. Decor Yellow varnish goes well with additional decor: beads, rhinestones, bright, contrasting accents, interesting patterns. You can use several types of decor in one design.

yellow nail design pics

Color combination

So that the design of yellow nails looks harmonious and fashionable, when creating it, you need to take into account the features of color combinations.

The yellow palette is conditionally divided into two groups: cold and warm colors.

  • Cold shades of yellow blend beautifully with other cool colors. You can safely use blue, blue, green, mint, purple and lilac tones.
  • Warm shades of yellow are usually combined with a warm color palette. These include beige, orange and red.

Monochrome and achromatic yellow manicure

For those who prefer a concise design in manicure, a monochrome version is suitable. Yellow has a huge palette of shades. Bright, flashy tones are suitable for relaxing. Calm pastel shades of yellow are useful not only for romantic natures, but also for office workers. Additional decor elements will help to somewhat soften the excessive minimalism of monochrome design.

nail design with yellow flowers

Achromatic manicure in yellow implies a combination with white, gray and black shades. These neutral tones can completely transform sunny nail art. Adding white or light gray will make the design of the yellow nails tender. Black and dark gray accents can ennoble a frivolous manicure or make it aggressive.

Complement black with yellow nail design: photo ideas

Black varnish took a strong position in fashionable manicure trends. The combination of any varnish with dark elements has long been a popular way to make an interesting accent and diversify the design of nails. Yellow with black with the right selection of shades look harmonious and noble.

Such a manicure can be performed in bright summer traditions, adding simple patterns or funny drawings. For warm sunny days, a yellow manicure with black stripes, polka dots or with cat faces is perfect. Decor in the form of lace or complex abstract patterns will make the design more sophisticated. This option for designing nails will go well with a formal attire.

nail design yellow with black

Yellow and orange

An equally successful option is a combination of yellow and orange varnish. These shades are especially relevant in the spring-summer period. They cause persistent associations with sunbeams, flowers and fruits. One of the popular ways to use yellow and orange in nail design is to use a gradient. A smooth transition from one tone to another looks interesting and attracts the views of others.

Yellow nail design with the addition of orange patterns and elements looks juicy and attractive. A popular variation of the combination of these two colors is imitation of fruit.

yellow nail design photo

Yellow and blue

The warm season is a great occasion for experimentation. You can combine catchy colors and create a unique nail design. Blue and yellow, for example, blend well. But you need to remember an important rule: warm or cold shades of these colors should be used only together with the same warm or cold tones.

For summer manicure options, combinations of bright yellow with rich blue shades are suitable. In spring, the sky-blue tone looks fresh with delicate yellow.

Another feature of the manicure in blue and yellow colors is that only one of these shades should be dominant. In this case, the design looks harmonious and not overloaded.

nail design blue with yellow

French in yellow

Fashionable now colored French manicure looks very special in yellow performance. It is characterized by a variety of forms of a smile. Interesting options are zigzag, triangular and square. The direction can also be non-standard, vertical or diagonal. A smile can be outlined on the free end of the nail or at the base. Perhaps a combination of two smiles.

The jacket can be bright, with additional decorative elements instead of a classic smile. If the French manicure is made in gentle pastel colors, then it looks on the nails naturally and naturally.

yellow nail design

Not too successful yellow nail design - this is a classic jacket with a black smile. Visually, the elements of such nail art will be perceived separately from each other.

Yellow manicure with a pattern

Spring and summer versions of manicure are full of bright colors and drawings. The yellow design was no exception. This color can be a great backdrop for abstract sketches, floral patterns, and ethnic ornaments. Nail design with yellow flowers fits perfectly into the fashion trends of the season. An excellent choice would be, for example, transparent natural nail art with delicate pastel yellow flowers.

yellow nail design pics

Manicure at home

A beautiful yellow nail design can be done on your own. Only a minimal set of tools for nail art and free time are needed. In the absence of proper skill, you should choose light shades of yellow for the manicure. With a combination of such tones, minor flaws will be almost invisible.

Using a thin brush it is easy to make a fashionable striped design, and with a dotter, polka dot manicure.

An interesting effect on the nails can be achieved even without the use of additional tools. For example, you can paint your nails with different shades of yellow and get a smooth transition of color. The option with the usual alternation of two shades is very simple, but it looks interesting, especially if you add jewelry in the form of rhinestones.

Stylists have prepared a pleasant surprise - this season yellow varnish does not have to be combined with an outfit of the same color. One or more accents in accessories is enough. Or you can achieve a combination of color in clothes with a tone that complements the yellow tint in a manicure. Experiments, unexpected combinations and vivid images are welcome.

nail design yellow with black

Yellow manicure is fashionable, relevant and very diverse. Design in this color is suitable for almost any situation with the skillful choice of shade and decor.


Now you know how to make a yellow nail design. Photos of some ideas for clarity are presented in the article. We hope that the information was useful and interesting to you.


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