Senior futark, rune "Inguz". Fleece: importance in relationships, work, health

Since ancient times, people have endowed symbols with magical meaning. They warned of danger, protected from dark forces, gave people energy to see the future, self-improvement and overcoming life's difficulties. In part, these beliefs have not lost their strength today. One of the ancient symbols is “Inguz” - a rune whose meaning is relevant not only for fortune telling, but also in the creation of certain magic rituals and amulets.

ingus rune meaning


The runic alphabet has a certain order, which is called "futark". The rune "Inguz" takes the 22nd place in it and symbolizes fertility. It is dedicated to the god Freyr, his other names are Ing, Yngwie (hence the name of the rune). A visually duplicated symbol resembles a DNA strand. He is one of the most powerful and positive in the older futark.

In lithotherapy, green agate and fossilized wood correspond to it. The use of the symbol is quite widespread: in creating charms from these materials, as well as in card layouts, conducting magical rituals to attract positive energy to the life of a certain person. The rune is classified as a masculine sign, therefore, it has a special effect on men and women with a strong-willed character.

General interpretation

Oriental healing practices connect “Inguz” with the chakra of the human reproductive function - svadhisthana. The rune is designed to fill its "master" with magical energy for the connection of time, creativity and procreation.

In the scientific world, there is also a place for research of ancient symbols. “Inguz” (rune) is no exception. Selchenok K.V. (professor of information technology) connects the significance with the stage of "rebirth" of a person. The symbol helps to transfer the accumulated experience and strength into a new form: from quantity to quality. Fate, according to the expert, consists of plots. They will be repeated until a person karmically works through them and finds the “right” way out. “Ingus” means getting rid of the pressure of such subjects and continuing the journey in a new quality.

In esotericism, the symbol represents the completion of a business. It indicates that a person has enough strength to cope with what has been started. In the personal sphere, this may be the conclusion of a successful union; in professional activity, it speaks of a new stage of development, career advancement. In addition, the sign of fertility symbolizes the liberation of the mind from empty experiences, positive energy.

In fortune-telling the rune “Inguz”, the interpretation of which depends on the purpose and combination of the symbol, has a fairly wide reading.

ingus rune meaning in love


There are several types of alignment of runic symbols. Each of them includes a certain number of cards. "Random rune" involves the ejection of a single character. Here you should pay attention to the correspondence of the card to the question (goal) of fortune telling. One symbol can indicate both positive and negative development of affairs. Therefore, to clarify, it is necessary to make one more alignment.

In the "three runes", "world tree", "Celtic cross" the number of cards increases, so the emphasis is on combining the symbol with others.

First of all, it is worth considering the “Inguz” (rune), the significance in the relationship of the elements. The symbol itself refers to the earth. In combination with "related" runes means longevity. With the element of fire, it speaks of the need for rest from professional affairs. The air element with "Ingus" advises to comprehend what is happening, to conduct introspection. With the water element, the symbol of fertility predicts creative and professional success.

Let us consider in more detail the options for magical alliances with "Inguz" (rune), the value in divination of the general reading according to the following table.

"Ingus" - "Wird" (empty rune)

For men, this combination indicates stagnation in business (love or professional). For a woman, such an alliance is a negative outlook. He personifies infantilism, Down's disease (in a child) or Alzheimer's (in relatives or in the one who guesses)

Ingus - Fehu

Symbolizes unreasonable fear of an upcoming business, loss of strength

Ingus - Uruz

The need to fulfill obligations

Ingus - Turisaz

The opening of new roads and opportunities. But it can also have a negative value.

Ingus - Ansuz

Impulsive activity, a waste of energy. Tip: focus on the essentials

Ingus - Raido

This combination represents a cyclic union. For example, re-marriage with an ex-spouse or conclusion of a contract with a familiar partner

Ingus - Gebo

Speaks of bad heredity (in relation to the birth of children or the one to whom fortune-telling goes)

Ingus - Vunyo

Thoughtless actions can significantly tarnish the reputation, become an occasion for gossip, compromising meetings

“Inguz” - “Hagalaz” or “Nautiz”

Symbolizes danger: emergency disaster, illness, possibly theft

Ingus - Canyo

Warns of emotional oppression, survival of the team by competitors, envious

Ingus - Isa

Warns of imminent material loss.

"Ingus" - "Hyere"

Talks about the difficulties of the state of affairs. Advises to be patient, as there is hope for belated help

Ingus - Eyvaz

If such a combination falls out in the layout before the start of an important business, then the forecast is negative. Ideas will remain unrealized. And the upcoming contract (project) will bring ruin

Ingus - Perth

It means meditation, deliberate inhibition, laziness in business

“Inguz” - “Algiz” or “Soul”

Negative combination warning of temptation, the upcoming holiday, which will turn into trouble, accident

Ingus - Teyvaz

Symbolizes intrigues, betrayal of a friend. Tip: you should look at your surroundings. In a personal scenario can talk about conflict

Ingus - Mannaz

Favorable alignment. Symbolizes an improvement in the situation of children.

Ingus - Laguz

This combination has a dual meaning. Or the person is overloaded with problems, and he needs to clear an aura. Or he is already going through the stage of “rebirth,” and vigilance and maximum awareness of actions should be shown

“Inguz” - “Dagaz” or “Otal”

Talks about well-being in business, the successful implementation of the plan.

Ingus - Berkana

Warns a woman about a difficult birth. Advises close medical supervision

It should be noted that different esoteric sources sometimes give different interpretations of the same runic alignments with "Inguz" (rune; meaning). The Space Explorer (electronic journal), for example, reads positively the connection of this symbol with the Turisaz rune. Whereas in other sources in this situation there is an indication of the trauma of the future. In this case, you should beware of fast driving, altitude, temporarily postpone flights and movements over long distances. The probability of an accident is increased.

rune ingus interpretation

Inverted "Ingus"

Curious is the fact that “Inguz” is a rune whose meaning does not depend on the position of the symbol due to its symmetry. In any scenario, it most often carries a positive sign, the hope of success. If a person is purposeful, then a favorable combination will only triple this energy and guarantee the successful completion of business. If in the situation there is danger, then the fortuneteller must be as attentive as possible to himself and in making important decisions.

The alignment of love

In personal fortune telling, there are several interpretations that “Inguz” (rune) can give.

The meaning in love and in relationships with loved ones can be interpreted as follows:

  • More often than not, a symbol is a reliable messenger of a new relationship. Close emotional and sexual contact in this case will bring both partners joy and mutual satisfaction.
  • If the person who guesses is already in a relationship, then Ingus speaks about the stability of this union, which will certainly lead to a happy marriage.
  • For married women, the loss in the layout of this rune symbolizes pregnancy. And the health of the unborn child should be interpreted in terms of neighboring symbols.

However, the “Ingus” (rune) meaning in divination of love can give a negative. For example, to warn about the emotional stress of a partner, tiredness from uncertainty. Therefore, it is worth preparing for a serious conversation. Empty excuses that it takes time to “grind” the characters will not work here. Runa advises to weigh all the pros and cons and complete the process started with a marriage or a break.

inguz rune meaning in divination of love

Career alignment

The significance of the Ingus rune in the fortune-telling job-career symbolizes change. And about what quality they will be (positive or negative), again, it should be judged by the neighboring characters. To keep the situation under control, it is necessary to correctly calculate all changes in the process.

Sometimes a symbol speaks not of an urgent, but of a long-standing problem that was not completely resolved at one time and now requires a logical conclusion. This may be accompanied by emotional shake-up and certain financial costs.

Fundamental changes may also concern cooperation with old partners or suppliers. In this case, there will be only two options: a break or a transition to a new level. The main thing is that the initiative comes from a person who is wondering. Thanks to the positive energy, Ingus can attract investment, develop the ability to persuade and influence other people. However, do not forget about the negative side of this magical flow.

the meaning of runes inguz in fortune-telling work career

Health alignment

Despite the personification of fertility and profit, which is usually carried by the Ingus rune, its significance in health is ambiguous. So, she warns a healthy person about possible difficulties and trials (illness, trauma, surgery) in the future. Pregnant women (or those who are just about to become pregnant) should have a thorough examination of the fetus and the body as a whole with the loss of a symbol in the scenario.

If the alignment is done to a sick person, then Ingus testifies to changes in the condition. Perhaps this is a warning, and it is worth turning to more gentle medical practices (traditional medicine, immunotherapy, homeopathy). A positive or negative interpretation depends on the symbolic environment of the rune.

For healthy people who make a breakdown for the future, “Inguz” (rune) can be defined in several versions. The value in its diagnosis sometimes echoes with the sphere of relations and career.


In addition to fortune telling, the runic symbol of fertility is used as a talisman to attract positive energy to life. You can make it only using natural materials. After all, the runes from the moment they appeared were associated with nature. For such amulets, stones, clay or wood are ideal.

A magic talisman with such a symbol gives strength and zeal to its owner, the ability to perceive and process a huge stream of information. However, it is worth remembering that the rune carries positive energy, therefore it helps only people with clean and good intentions. Otherwise, the ancient symbol can behave insidiously.

It is noted that “Ingus”, the rune (meaning in love), helps to harmonize relationships, overcome difficulties of misunderstanding, smooth out conflicts, make the right decision in marriage. For single people, this symbol can play a fateful role in attracting a worthy partner.

inguz rune meaning in fortune telling

As for the creative sphere, the Ingus (rune) value is always positive here. The symbolic talisman releases a stream of creative energy. Success, sharp creative growth and development await a person.

In physiological terms, a person under the influence of a symbol improves memory, increases endurance. In the spiritual sphere, a connection is established with the "subtle" world, higher powers.

  • Warning! The amulet with the symbol "Ingus" is a continuous source of energy. Constantly working in such a stressful, debilitating mode is harmful to the body. Therefore, the talisman should be used only in special cases, to achieve high goals.

Birth under the rune

Astrologers distinguish two signs of the zodiac, which corresponds to the rune "Inguz". This is the second half of Aquarius and Taurus (according to Selchenko K.V.). A person born during these periods has unquenchable energy. It is difficult for him to sit in one place. The movement continues until something global is done.

In order to harmoniously realize in life, such a person must constantly reveal his potential, look for something new. Under the auspices of the Ingus runes, it will be difficult to go through life surrounded by constant underestimation, opposition to one’s own views. Happiness is guaranteed only by utility to society and demand.

inguz rune meaning in a relationship

Tarot cards

In Tarot cards, the “Inguz” rune has something in common with the Jester. He personifies the union of two people, halves of one whole. In this regard, “Ingus” (a rune whose meaning is associated with the love sphere) has a similar interpretation. However, the Jester card is a symbol of zero, the beginning of a new period of life, and a runic symbol indicates the quality of completion of a business, project, transition to a new level of relations.

In the Crowley Tarot deck, Ingus corresponds to the 14th Arcanum. Its main meaning is art, an alchemical synthesis of two principles. Again, an indication of the energy of uplift in creativity and the love sphere.


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