How to find out how many lives a person’s soul lives?

Before calculating how many lives the human soul lives on Earth, you need to understand what reincarnation is, and by what laws karma acts. Probably everyone experienced deja vu in life. It is noteworthy that people who believe in mystical phenomena associate this with memories from past lives. They subsequently raise the question of how to calculate how many lives the soul has lived.

The answers

As in everything that is shrouded in mystery, there is no definite answer. There are only a few suggestions on how to understand how many lives a soul has lived.

According to one of the available versions, a person has nine lives. According to other assumptions, fifteen reincarnations are possible. However, in the treatise "Bowl of the East", when answering the question how many lives the human soul lives, the figure appears 350. And someone continues to believe that man has 777 earthly incarnations - from the lowest beings to humans.

how many lives does the human soul live on earth

Many are interested in how to find out how many lives a soul has lived. Several tests have been invented to help recall previous incarnations. In addition, there are a number of techniques to restore memories of a past life.

About meditations

The most popular answer to the question of how to determine how many lives a soul has lived is meditation. It is believed that meditation allows you to restore data on past lives in memory. Most often, during it, a person determines whether he was a man or a woman. In the case of more experienced practitioners, it is possible to find out even the appearance of the previous incarnation, the state in which life flowed. Someone will know how many lives the soul lived on Earth, as well as how many more incarnations they have to live.

About lucid dreams

The next commonly used way to understand how many lives a person’s soul lives is through lucid dreaming. According to one theory, a person can sometimes scroll past lives in his night dreams. It is only necessary to achieve sufficient awareness and analyze the dream correctly.

Magic ball

Often, this item is replaced with a mirror or water. But when a practitioner is not strong enough energetically, he receives only blurry pictures. And he does not have an exact answer to the question how many lives a person’s soul lives.


The most difficult way to find out is hypnosis. The thing is that there are very few real specialists. It is important that he knows how to interact with customers so that they do not harm.

how to calculate how many lives a soul has lived

About the laws of karma

The question of how many lives a person’s soul lives is based around the concept of karma, reincarnation. It is important to understand exactly what it is to figure out the number of incarnations. The law of karma is the energy of consciousness, due to which souls are reborn until they balance all cycles.

Man is not perfect, he continues to fall and make mistakes more than once. This must be neutralized subsequently. The opportunity to do this is given by reincarnation. This is how a person balances the number of his positive and negative actions. According to one version, the answer to the question of how many lives a person’s soul will depend on himself. A few lives are enough for someone to go to the next steps. And someone goes round and round in a closed circle, getting the same incarnation in mission.

According to the laws of karma, it is precisely thoughts, actions of a person in the current life that will determine who he will be born in the next life. Presence of human will is also assumed, because it is in his power to choose his thoughts and actions. Sometimes a person needs a very, very many lives to correct mistakes. And the answer to the question of how many lives a person’s soul lives will depend on how he lives his life now.

amazing resemblance

Initially, there are no weak and strong souls - they are created the same, they are clean, like a white sheet. From the moment of creation, incarnating in physical form, the soul chooses its own path. And the countdown of each human act begins. It is impossible to predict in advance exactly how a person will atone for his sins. It is important that the actions are equivalent.

So, if he stole, he will have to make a gift. If he kills someone, in the next incarnation, he gives his life to his soul killed to restore balance.

Belief in the transmigration of souls

Belief in such a cycle is an ancient phenomenon. In the north, tribes believed that souls were reborn into relatives. They believed that in a child, in fact, the spirit of his great-grandfather, and not some extraneous soul.

The transmigration of souls was described in the Hindu scriptures - Vedas, Upanishads. The same theories were among the ancient Greeks. For example, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates expressed the idea that rebirth is possible.

Disputes continue regarding the presence of souls in all surrounding creatures. So, according to Agni Yoga, the human soul only migrates to such creatures. Moreover, it can be both a man and a woman. But, as the proponents of Buddhism emphasize, the spirit initially originates in the body of the animal, and as it develops, it appears in the human form.

how many lives do souls live

In Christianity

Christianity completely rejects such theories. It is known that as early as 543 the theory of the transmigration of souls was criticized by the emperor Justinian. The Council of Constantinople condemned her.

At the moment, there is not a single valid confirmation of the existence of reincarnation. The cases described as evidence are difficult to explain. Everyone decides on their own what they believe.

About the nature of things

Proponents of the theory argue that the main evidence for the existence of reincarnations is nature, in which everything is cyclical. The grain from which the tree grows appears. It gives the world energy, after which it dies, decomposes. But it never disappears without a trace - in its place new trees grow. And it is believed that a person develops according to the same law. And his life is a legacy of past incarnations.

Memories of past lives

The evidence of the existence of reincarnation is often given the stories of those who, in the course of meditation or other techniques, managed to recall what was in its previous incarnation. So, during regressive meditations, as eyewitnesses say, people change very much. Someone sees himself in an unknown place, in unusual clothes, begins to speak an unfamiliar language, sees the surrounding events. When they are taken out of this state, they are in complete shock from the experience. It is believed that these are the memories of past incarnations.

Samsara, the cycle

Someone finds answers to eternally tormented questions during regressive meditations and memories of past lives. So, if a person is born in a family where there is a dictator, he often encounters such personalities in life, then during meditation it may turn out that he was lazy in past incarnations, did not work out his development. And now he needs to work for two. For this reason, there are now people around him who constantly push him. And this is the best that could be given to such a person in life.

Main ideas

In addition, it is believed that if a person died unexpectedly, most likely in the previous incarnation he committed suicide.

The break between reincarnations can last several days or years. At this time, the soul is trying to realize its own destiny and voluntarily return to life. The more chaos in the previous incarnation, the more time it takes for the soul to rest.

Usually, rebirth is carried out in the same environment, to the same people with whom the relationship was not completed. So, if a person in a previous incarnation did harm to someone, now he will be a child of the same soul, and now he will experience the same evil on himself.

how to understand how many lives a soul has lived

The true destiny is best clarified at the turn of 21, 33 and 36 years. At this age, you need to pay attention to the difficulties that have arisen, to those who caused the pain. There are answers.

If a person is creative, sexually active, he goes the right way.

You can try to find the answer to the question of how many lives the human soul lives, in numerology and in astrology. It should only be understood that such information will not be absolutely accurate.

There is a belief that memories of previous lives are erased during childbirth. Thanks to which a person does not come into the world tired, exhausted. Nevertheless, deep in it is the memory of the past. If you listen to intuition, you can look into these memories without resorting to meditation.

Documented cases

It is not particularly difficult to detect documented evidence of a past life. Often people abnormally “remember” events that were not in current life. And those who experience this usually consider it to be a memory of previous incarnations. This occurs among people of different cultures, in different parts of the world. Doctors have a different opinion on this matter - they believe that these described phenomena should be attributed to a completely different area. But the townsfolk consider them memories of past lives.

According to Buddhist teachings, not all souls return to Earth, but only those who want to solve a problem through this.

The author of The Power Inside, a psychiatrist, Alexander Cannon, described his story. Over the years, he refuted the theory of reincarnation by arguing with clients.

But over time, he noticed one surprising thing: people repeatedly told him the same story, despite the fact that their personal beliefs underwent changes.

The most distinct stories of past life in children. While in adults these are usually fuzzy memories full of vague forebodings.

Sometimes a person has deja vu - when he first sees a person, but feels that he was familiar with him earlier. There are stories when stories of reincarnation were confirmed by witnesses, as well as documented. To the smallest detail, a person described where he lived, with whom he communicated. The story was accompanied by a new model of behavior, and checks confirmed the authenticity of the person’s story.

Sometimes a child has birthmarks that are associated with the death of the person with whom he was identified. For example, the color of the skin in that part of the body where the bullet went can be changed. The hand that a person lost in a previous life may be underdeveloped.

how to know how many lives a soul has lived

Reincarnation stories

For example, the case of the Burmese girl Ma Ting is known. She stated that in a past life she was a Japanese soldier who died during World War II. In this case, the differences in the culture of the two personalities are obvious. It is curious that during her mother’s pregnancy, she often dreamed of a Japanese cook, with whom she had been disconnected for a very long time.

When Ma Ting was born, she had a birthmark in the inguinal region. Since childhood, she was afraid of airplanes. In childhood, the child said that he wanted to return "home". It turned out that the girl wanted to go to Japan. She said that she was a Japanese soldier, that she was killed by machine gun fire from an airplane. The car had two tails. And later it turned out that just such a design was in one of the aircraft models that were used in that war. The girl could not know anything about this.


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